Modified MSVC intern projectfiles - XCOPY doesn't need the /E option.
[blender.git] / intern / keymaker / key_internal.h
2003-01-03 Kent MeinAdded the following prototype to get rid of another...
2002-12-26 Kent MeinWooHoo me again ;)
2002-11-25 Kent MeinYes I did it again ;)
2002-11-01 Kent Meinmoved key.h to blenkey.h
2002-10-31 Kent MeinUpdated calls to #include "blenkey.h" to be #include...
2002-10-30 Kent Meinfixed spacing in the headers to get rid of some warning...
2002-10-29 Kent MeinFixed // comments in c files (changed them to /* */ )
2002-10-13 Hans Lambermontkey loader library