Revert last merge from trunk
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2008-09-19 Andre Susano PintoRevert last merge from trunk
2008-09-16 Andre Susano PintoAdded SSLevels options to all shrinkwrap modes (before...
2008-09-15 Andre Susano Pintosvn merge -r 16231:16536
2008-08-22 Andre Susano Pintosvn merge -r 16215:16231
2008-08-21 Andre Susano Pintosvn merge -r 16174:16215
2008-08-18 Andre Susano PintoImplemented a find_nearest with heaps. This reachs...
2008-08-18 Andre Susano Pintosvn merge -r 16077:16174
2008-08-15 Andre Susano PintoSimpledeform origin is no longer attache to parent...
2008-08-14 Andre Susano PintoFixed bug related to some missed rays-hits.. just a...
2008-08-14 Andre Susano PintoAdded subsurface levels option to normal projection.
2008-08-13 Andre Susano PintoFixed problem of "lack of normal information"
2008-08-13 Andre Susano Pintosvn merge -r 15988:16077
2008-08-13 Andre Susano PintoFixed a typo
2008-08-13 Andre Susano PintoFixed compile for windows
2008-08-13 Andre Susano Pintofixed a bug related with "cullfaces" option on shrinkwrap
2008-08-12 Andre Susano Pinto*Added documentation mainly at shrinkwrap.c
2008-08-11 Andre Susano Pintosvn merge -r 15988:16055
2008-08-11 Andre Susano Pintopreparing to merge trunk (those files were sent to...
2008-08-07 Andre Susano PintoMoved bvhtree_from_mesh api to its own files
2008-08-07 Andre Susano PintoAdded several comments to BLI_kdopbvh
2008-08-06 Andre Susano Pintosvn merge -r 15908:15988
2008-08-06 Andre Susano PintoFixed non_recursive BVHbuild with openmp
2008-08-05 Andre Susano PintoJust a tmp commit about bvhtree build
2008-08-04 Andre Susano PintoShrink BVHNode by 16bits
2008-08-04 Andre Susano PintoMade shrinkwrap variables be initialized when declared
2008-08-04 Andre Susano PintoSimpleDeform modifications:
2008-08-04 Andre Susano PintoFixed double inflation in case of co_moving points
2008-08-03 Andre Susano Pintoadded openmp support for bvhtree build (max processes...
2008-08-03 Andre Susano PintoAdded shrinkwrap as a constraint.
2008-08-01 Andre Susano Pintosvn merge -r 15688:15908
2008-07-25 Andre Susano PintoFixed simple deform strech/squash function
2008-07-25 Andre Susano PintoConverted shrinkwrap to a DeformOnly modifier
2008-07-22 Andre Susano Pintosvn merge -r 15590:15688
2008-07-22 Andre Susano Pinto*BVHTreeFromMesh api changed.. it now stores all inform...
2008-07-21 Andre Susano PintoFixed a bug relative to editmode..
2008-07-21 Andre Susano PintoMade shrinkwrap modifier work when target or cutPlane...
2008-07-19 Andre Susano PintoFollowing the same optimization as bvh raycast:
2008-07-18 Andre Susano Pinto*Added "kept" mesh above surface option on shrinkwrap...
2008-07-15 Andre Susano PintoThere was a problem with the last merge :S
2008-07-14 Andre Susano PintoImproved build time on BLI_kdopbvh
2008-07-13 Andre Susano Pintosvn merge -r 15392:15551
2008-07-13 Andre Susano PintoAdding the Cullface option on normal projection of...
2008-07-11 Andre Susano PintoAdded sphere cast (tought it doenst seems to solve...
2008-07-09 Andre Susano PintoAdd raycast ability for BLI_kdopbvh
2008-07-04 Andre Susano Pinto*Added vertex groups on simple deform
2008-07-04 Andre Susano PintoAdded modes Squash and Strech to SimpleDeform (need...
2008-07-02 Andre Susano PintoAdded lower and upper options on all modes of simple...
2008-06-30 Andre Susano Pintosvn merge -r 15292:15392
2008-06-27 Andre Susano PintoModifications on simple modifier
2008-06-24 Andre Susano PintoAdding initial SimpleModifier (bend,taper,twist)
2008-06-23 Andre Susano PintoChanged the style on shrinkwrapModifier_copyData.
2008-06-23 Andre Susano PintoFixed bug.. on shrinkwrap_copyModifier
2008-06-23 Andre Susano PintoAdded shrinkwrapModifier_isDisabled api function
2008-06-20 Andre Susano Pintosvn merge -r 15202:15292
2008-06-20 Andre Susano PintoAdded cut-plane option.
2008-06-17 Andre Susano PintoAdded merge option to shrinkwrap when using projection...
2008-06-11 Andre Susano PintoMerge from trunk
2008-06-03 Andre Susano PintoReason of last commits kdopbvh tree is now on trunk.
2008-06-03 Andre Susano PintoMerge from trunk
2008-06-03 Andre Susano PintoRemoved BLI_kdopbvh
2008-06-03 Daniel GenrichCollision commit code cleanup for nicer compile
2008-06-03 Daniel GenrichCollisions: Commit of collision cleanup, put kdop-bvh...
2008-06-03 Joshua LeungA few compiler warning fixes. Those in BME_customdata...
2008-06-03 Joshua LeungBugfix #13603:
2008-06-03 Peter Schlaile== REDCODE ==
2008-06-03 Campbell Bartonincrease the level you can zoom out (andy's timelapse...
2008-06-02 Peter Schlaile== REDCODE ==
2008-06-02 Peter Schlaile== RED one (redcode) ==
2008-06-02 Geoffrey Bantle-> More Bmesh Custom Data stuff
2008-06-02 Joshua LeungAdded missing newline for error print in Py-button...
2008-06-02 Joshua LeungCompiler warning fixes (unused vars).
2008-06-01 Geoffrey Bantle-> Fix for last few commits
2008-06-01 Geoffrey Bantle-> Beginning of Custom Data support for BMesh
2008-06-01 Geoffrey Bantle-> New memory allocator for Bmesh
2008-06-01 Campbell Bartonfunctionality fix
2008-06-01 Peter Schlaile== FFMPEG ==
2008-06-01 Campbell Bartonbugfix (typo) [#13587] Python API Material.sssFront...
2008-06-01 Geoffrey Bantle-Fix for bug #13067
2008-06-01 Campbell Bartonbugfix for own error
2008-05-31 Daniel GenrichMerging revisions 15020-15073 of https://svn.blender... cloth
2008-05-31 Campbell Bartonbugfix for own error
2008-05-31 Campbell Bartonbufgfix for [#13584] SIGSEV in fluid bake with large...
2008-05-31 Campbell Bartonbugfix
2008-05-31 Campbell Bartonbugfix for own error, introduced when running scripts...
2008-05-31 Andre Susano PintoAdded culling on normal projection.
2008-05-30 Andre Susano PintoMerge from trunk
2008-05-30 Willian Padovani... == PyNodes ==
2008-05-30 Kent MeinThis is patch [#9057] Updated doc string to match curre...
2008-05-30 Kent MeinThis is patch [#9053] More concrete makesdna reporting
2008-05-30 Martin PoirierFix crash with hidden bezier handles
2008-05-30 Campbell Bartonbugfix
2008-05-29 Martin PoirierTransform Orientations
2008-05-29 Daniel Genrich-= Collisions =-
2008-05-29 Joshua LeungAnother bugfix for Fill Bone Between Joints. Changed...
2008-05-29 Joshua LeungFill Bone Between Joints:
2008-05-28 Janne KarhuBug fix: [#13268] Crash when creating a new particle...
2008-05-28 Campbell Bartonbugfix for own bug. mousewheel while playing in the...
2008-05-28 Brecht Van LommelFix for bug #13224: vertex parenting didn't work correc...
2008-05-28 Brecht Van LommelFix for bug #13230: particle mirror could fail on some...
2008-05-28 Brecht Van LommelSmall fix for last AO sphere sampling bugfix, didn...