[blender.git] / projectfiles_vc7 / blender / src /
2005-10-10 Joseph Gilbert-ProjectFile .NET update
2005-09-22 Joseph Gilbertupdate to .NET project files
2005-09-16 Joseph Gilbertupdate to .NET projectfiles
2005-09-14 Joseph Gilbertupdate to .NET projectfiles
2005-08-02 Joseph Gilbert_.NET projectfiles update_
2005-08-02 Joseph Gilbert_.NET projectfiles update_
2005-07-31 Erwin Coumansupdated vc7 projectfiles so they work with bullet
2005-07-14 Joseph GilbertAdded drawarmature to src project
2005-07-10 Joseph GilbertRemoved ika files from projectfiles for armature update
2005-06-24 Joseph Gilbert- update to add lorem.c dependency
2005-05-16 Joseph Gilbert- updates to MSVC7 projectfiles for recent (and past...
2005-03-18 Joseph Gilbert- adds /GR to compiler options for generating run time...
2005-03-04 Joseph Gilbert-msvc7 project file needs to update the /src project...
2005-02-20 Joseph GilbertMSVC7 update and freetype2 source
2004-11-09 Nathan Letworyupdate msvc7 projectfile for bfont.ttf.c
2004-10-06 Nathan LetworyAdded new files for outliner view in OOPS window
2004-09-30 Nathan Letworywrong name!
2004-09-30 Nathan Letworyadd editmesh_undo.c and windowTheme.c/h so everything...
2004-09-19 Nathan LetworyUpdate project files to compile and link with newest...
2004-04-07 Nathan LetworyMajor update for Visual Studio .Net project files....