fixing msvc6 project debuggin
[blender.git] / projectfiles / blender / imbuf / BL_imbuf.dsp
2005-11-28 Jens Ole Wundfixing msvc6 project debuggin
2005-11-23 Jens Ole WundMSVC6 projects
2005-11-21 Jens Ole WundMSVC6 project file service :)
2004-04-19 Simon Clitherow- updated MSVC 6 projectfiles with the glue removal...
2004-01-09 Kent MeinAdded support for outputting bmp's
2003-12-04 Martin PoirierProjectfile fix for new png.c file
2003-07-26 Simon ClitherowMSVC 6 debug target finally fixed! (yes, really!) :)
2003-04-28 Rob HaarsmaAdded Quicktime support for OSX and Windows.
2003-03-12 Simon Clitherow- updated MSVC project files to suit the lib dir move...
2002-11-11 Maarten GribnauFixed the MSVC project files. They now build both the...
2002-11-11 Maarten GribnauFirst round of updates to project files. There is a...
2002-10-12 Hans LambermontInitial revision v2.25