Bugfix [#27157] keyframing a constrained bone does not work as before
[blender.git] / intern /
2011-07-16 Joshua LeungBugfix [#27157] keyframing a constrained bone does...
2011-07-14 Joerg Mueller3D Audio GSoC:
2011-07-13 Joerg Mueller3D Audio GSoC:
2011-07-12 Joerg Mueller3D Audio GSoC:
2011-07-12 Joerg MuellerMerging trunk up to r38329.
2011-07-12 Campbell Bartoncorrection to cursor enum and make GHOST_SystemX11...
2011-07-12 Mitchell StokesCMake fixes for r38303 (splitting up the outliner code).
2011-07-09 Campbell Bartonfix for using uninitialized value in gpu_shader_material
2011-07-09 Campbell Bartonghost multi-test builds again, now uses BLF font library
2011-07-08 Brecht Van LommelFix #27891: IK stretch gives inaccurate results. Tweake...
2011-07-07 Joerg MuellerMerging trunk up to r38193.
2011-07-06 Joerg MuellerMerging trunk up to r38167.
2011-07-05 Brecht Van LommelFix #27865: weird mouse warping with continuous grab...
2011-07-05 Brecht Van LommelPatch #27829: fix X11 compile problem due to missing...
2011-07-05 Nathan LetworyFix compile for msvc (broken in r38119)
2011-07-05 Joerg MuellerMerging from trunk up to r38119.
2011-07-05 Brecht Van LommelFix #27855: crash on enabling high resolution smoke.
2011-07-03 Campbell BartonCMake file to build ghost tests again.
2011-07-01 Campbell Bartonfix for building headless
2011-06-27 Brecht Van LommelFix part of #26850: Cocoa OS X game player was not...
2011-06-27 Campbell BartonMinor warning cleanup & fix
2011-06-25 Brecht Van LommelGHOST Cocoa: some changes to Y coordinate conversion...
2011-06-24 Benjy CookBugfixing and modification to ensure functionality...
2011-06-24 Joerg Mueller3D Audio GSoC:
2011-06-23 Brecht Van LommelGHOST Cocoa: move y origin top/bottom conversions out...
2011-06-23 Joerg MuellerMerge with trunk r37757.
2011-06-23 Campbell Bartoncmake option to build without an audio library.
2011-06-23 Joerg Mueller3D Audio GSoC:
2011-06-23 Joerg MuellerMerge with trunk r 37746.
2011-06-23 Campbell Bartonfix for building on arch linux with ffmpeg version:
2011-06-21 Joerg MuellerMerged with trunk r37717.
2011-06-21 Joerg Mueller3D Audio GSoC:
2011-06-21 Joerg Mueller3D Audio GSoC:
2011-06-21 Joerg Mueller3D Audio GSoC:
2011-06-21 Joerg Mueller3D Audio GSoC:
2011-06-21 Joerg Mueller3D Audio GSoC:
2011-06-21 Joerg Mueller3D Audio GSoC:
2011-06-21 Joerg Mueller3D Audio GSoC:
2011-06-21 Joerg Mueller3D Audio GSoC:
2011-06-21 Joerg Mueller3D Audio GSoC:
2011-06-21 Joerg Mueller3D Audio GSoC:
2011-06-20 Joerg MuellerMerge with trunk r37677
2011-06-18 Campbell Bartonrename cmake include/libraries to conform with suggeste...
2011-06-18 Campbell Bartonadded FindSndFile cmake module to replace inline checks.
2011-06-16 Joerg Mueller3D Audio GSoC:
2011-06-15 Joerg Mueller3D Audio GSoC:
2011-06-14 Joerg Mueller3D Audio GSoC:
2011-06-14 Joerg Mueller3D Audio GSoC:
2011-06-14 Joerg MuellerMerge with trunk r37475.
2011-06-12 Daniel GenrichElbeem / Fluidsim update:
2011-06-05 Joerg Mueller3D Audio GSoC:
2011-06-05 Guillermo S. RomeroSVN maintenance.
2011-06-04 Campbell BartonCMake option 'WITH_HEADLESS' to build blender in headle...
2011-06-03 Joerg Mueller3D Audio GSoC:
2011-06-03 Joerg MuellerMerge with trunk revision 37149.
2011-05-31 Campbell Bartonfix for recent cmake changes
2011-05-31 Campbell Bartoncmake maintenance
2011-05-29 Joerg Mueller3D Audio GSoC:
2011-05-29 Joerg MuellerMerge with trunk r36987.
2011-05-28 Campbell BartonDisabling xinput wasn't done completely.
2011-05-28 Peter Schlaile== FFMPEG ==
2011-05-28 Peter Schlaile== FFMPEG ==
2011-05-27 Peter Schlaile== FFMPEG ==
2011-05-26 Peter Schlaile== FFMPEG ==
2011-05-24 Brecht Van LommelFix for mingw 64bit fix.
2011-05-24 Brecht Van LommelAttempt to fix mingw 64 bit compile error.
2011-05-23 Brecht Van LommelFix #26728: crash with load/save on Mac, on files that...
2011-05-12 Sergey SharybinForgot to close clipboard when lock fails.
2011-05-12 Sergey SharybinFix #27359: Pasting long text crashes blender
2011-05-12 Brecht Van LommelFix #27279: IK bone rotation limits set to 0 disabled...
2011-05-10 Nathan LetworyApply patch from Ryakiotakis Antonis as posted on ML
2011-05-10 Nathan LetworyMingW apparently doesn't know about RIM_INPUTSINK,...
2011-05-09 Nathan LetworyRevert rename of r36578, breaks scons compile.
2011-05-09 Guillermo S. RomeroSVN maintenance.
2011-05-09 Campbell Bartonminor cleanup, no functional changes.
2011-05-09 M.G. Kishalmifixed scrolling lists with the mousewheel for some...
2011-05-09 Campbell Bartonset svn end of lines to native
2011-05-07 Dalai FelintoPatch [#26799] embedded blenderplayer not receiving...
2011-05-06 Brecht Van LommelCode cleanup: remove source/kernel module, this wasn...
2011-05-04 Dalai FelintoPatch [#26799] 2.5x blenderplayer (BGE) anti-aliasing...
2011-05-03 Campbell Bartonchange ghost/x11 toggleConsole to use dummy function...
2011-05-02 Campbell Bartonfix for building windows/mingw
2011-05-02 Nathan LetworyAlso add build fix for OSX (not-tested, so OSXers,...
2011-05-02 Campbell Bartonx11 builds again.
2011-05-02 Nathan LetworyFix [#26981] Command window is not opening in 2.57.0
2011-04-30 Campbell Bartonwhitespace edits for bpy api, split some really long...
2011-04-28 Campbell Bartonrename duplicate header defines & remove unused var.
2011-04-23 Campbell Bartonquiet some clang warnings & fix for bugs in exceptional...
2011-04-21 Campbell Bartonconverted more mixed tab/space indentations to tabs...
2011-04-21 Campbell Bartonwhitespace only, no functional change mixed tabs/spaces... v2.57a
2011-04-18 Joerg MuellerFix for [#26990] Loading file w packed audio crashes
2011-04-15 Campbell Bartonfix [#26937] Radio button text truncation should start...
2011-04-12 Sergey SharybinFix crash for Intel G45 video cards
2011-04-11 Sergey SharybinFIx crash when opening User Preferences even with NVidi...
2011-04-10 Joerg MuellerFix for [#26652] "Audio Muted" in Time Line Editor...
2011-04-09 Nathan Letworydoxygen fix
2011-04-09 Nathan Letworywhitespace
2011-04-09 Sergey SharybinFix crash for Windows+Intel video card configuration
2011-04-05 Campbell Bartonadd option WITH_BUILTIN_GLEW, so linux packagers can...
2011-03-30 Campbell Bartonincludes for building with gcc 4.6 on fedora.