Fix memory leak in GHOST Event Manager.
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2015-12-27 Jörg MüllerFix T47064: Change Audio defaults to 48 kHz
2015-12-27 Campbell BartonBMesh Path Select: Face Stepping Option
2015-12-27 Campbell BartonBMesh: BM_loop_share_edge_check utility func
2015-12-27 Bastien MontagneSplit id->flag in two, persistent flags and runtime...
2015-12-27 Campbell BartonBMesh Path Select: Add checker-select options
2015-12-27 Campbell BartonBMesh: extract int/bmesh element access funcs.
2015-12-27 Campbell BartonWM: add checker_interval utility functions
2015-12-27 Campbell BartonMove generic operator props into own file
2015-12-26 Alexander RomanovOpenGL: stipple support added to basic GLSL shader
2015-12-26 Sergey SharybinCMake: Fix errors building by MinGW
2015-12-26 Campbell BartonBMesh: add checks for duplicates in a face
2015-12-26 Campbell BartonBMesh: check at least 2 edges in each loops vert
2015-12-26 Campbell BartonCleanup
2015-12-25 Bastien MontagneMinor cleanup.
2015-12-25 Bastien MontagneMOD_UVWarp: switch from OMP to BLI_task.
2015-12-24 Campbell BartonCleanup: use enum for bmesh_elem_check
2015-12-24 Campbell BartonBMesh: remove doubles fix/optimization
2015-12-24 Campbell BartonBMesh: BM_verts_from_edges utility function
2015-12-24 Campbell BartonAdd STACK_CLEAR macro
2015-12-23 Brecht Van LommelFix a few warnings with Apple LLVM 7.0.2.
2015-12-23 Brecht Van LommelFix T47051: cycles viewport textured shadeless draw...
2015-12-23 Campbell BartonFix weld edges into faces splicing verts that shared...
2015-12-23 Campbell BartonFix weld edges into faces - eternal loop
2015-12-23 Campbell BartonRemove BLI_buffer calloc option
2015-12-23 Campbell BartonFix BLI_buffer_reinit not clearing static flag
2015-12-23 Campbell BartonFix error in BLI_buffer_reinit
2015-12-23 Campbell BartonFix bevel RNA enum/boolean mixup
2015-12-23 Campbell BartonMath Lib: clamp closest_to_line_segment_v# when segment...
2015-12-23 Campbell BartonFix issue w/ transform orientation & vert selection
2015-12-23 Campbell BartonRemove feof check for file reading
2015-12-23 Campbell BartonDisable calculating manipulator while transforming
2015-12-23 Campbell BartonAdd BM_vert_edge_pair utility function
2015-12-23 Campbell BartonFix error in BM_vert_is_edge_pair
2015-12-23 Campbell BartonTypo in last commit
2015-12-23 Campbell BartonSelect Linked: only use seam delimit for faces
2015-12-22 Brecht Van LommelFix T47003: OpenGL draw missing selection highlight...
2015-12-22 Bastien MontagneGet rid of OMP in MOD_build.
2015-12-22 Campbell BartonView3D: measure smoothview angle comparing quat angles
2015-12-22 Campbell BartonView3D: Rotate around selected support for view-roll
2015-12-22 Campbell BartonFix T31605: Nupad ignores Rotate around selection
2015-12-22 Campbell BartonFix error orbiting out of camera + orbit-selected
2015-12-22 Campbell BartonView3D: use c99 compound literals for smoothview params
2015-12-22 Campbell BartonRename mesh operators
2015-12-22 Campbell BartonFix bad selection after symmetrize
2015-12-22 Campbell BartonBMesh: store stackdepth as an index
2015-12-21 Dalai FelintoCycles-Bake: Fix Uninitialised value created by a heap...
2015-12-21 Campbell BartonUI: fix minor glitch copying small float value
2015-12-21 Campbell BartonBLI_storage: Split text/binary version of mem-from...
2015-12-21 Campbell BartonFix T47023: Boolean w/ empty mesh didn't transform
2015-12-21 Campbell BartonCleanup: remove unused file
2015-12-21 Campbell BartonCleanup: warnings (msvc)
2015-12-20 Bastien MontagneNewDepsgraph: Fix typo tagging wrong flag.
2015-12-20 Campbell BartonCleanup: invalid comment & style
2015-12-19 Bastien MontagneFix T47016: curve tilt value in N (redo) panel to much...
2015-12-19 Bastien MontagneFix shadowing var in own previous commit.
2015-12-18 Porteries TristanBGE: Fix unconverted character max jump value from...
2015-12-18 Bastien MontagneAdd a void 'user_data' memeber to Outliner's callbacks.
2015-12-18 Sergey SharybinOpenSubdiv: Avoid having bad-level call
2015-12-18 Bastien MontagneFix T47009: Value typing issue in pie menu.
2015-12-18 Campbell BartonFix T46946: EdgeSlide via G-G disables 'Correct UV'
2015-12-18 Campbell BartonAdd wrap argument to cycle wm utility funcs
2015-12-18 Campbell BartonFix T46998: Console zoom doesn't update scrollbars
2015-12-17 Campbell BartonFix T46959: sys.meta_path reset on on exit
2015-12-17 Campbell BartonCleanup: quiet warning
2015-12-17 Campbell BartonTransform: bend-mouse-input error initializing
2015-12-17 Campbell BartonBMesh: split-by-edges minor fixes
2015-12-17 Campbell BartonBMesh: add BM_face_share_vert_check/count
2015-12-17 Campbell BartonBMesh: partial-connection could make duplicate edges
2015-12-17 Campbell BartonRevert "3D Cursor: Add option to lock it in place to...
2015-12-16 Campbell BartonBMesh: support connecting single-edge island links
2015-12-16 Campbell BartonBMesh: utility function to split off wire edges
2015-12-16 Mike Erwincleanup: C99
2015-12-16 Jorge BernalBGE clean up: use float version of trigonometric functions
2015-12-16 Jorge BernalBGE Ketsji clean-up: double-promotion warnings
2015-12-15 Julian EiselTemp workaround: Object mode pie glitches since 'Edit...
2015-12-15 Sergey SharybinCompositor: Expose track velocity via the Track Positio...
2015-12-15 Campbell BartonCorrect own error in knife edge-net cutting
2015-12-15 Campbell BartonCleanup: math lib naming
2015-12-15 Campbell BartonCleanup: math lib naming
2015-12-15 Campbell BartonCleanup: consistent naming for closest_to_line api
2015-12-15 Campbell BartonBMesh: split-py-edge now splices verts into edges
2015-12-15 Campbell BartonFix split-py-edge assuming valid face indices
2015-12-15 Mike ErwinOpenGL: remove utility functions that take doubles
2015-12-15 Mike Erwinuse float (not double) for font matrix
2015-12-15 Brecht Van LommelFix T46936: cycles GLSL should not draw outlines for...
2015-12-15 Brecht Van LommelFix T46951: invalid OpenGL mipmaps when using high...
2015-12-15 Julian EiselFix 'change path' opening file browser with wrong filte...
2015-12-14 Bastien MontagneUsual i18n fixes, and cleanup: fix 'randomise' -> ...
2015-12-14 Joshua LeungGraph Editor: "Add at Cursor" options for Insert Key...
2015-12-14 Joshua LeungFix: NLA Mapping should not apply to keyframes of Drive...
2015-12-14 Campbell BartonBLI_storage: util function BLI_file_read_as_mem
2015-12-14 Jorge BernalBGE Physics clean up: double-promotion warnings
2015-12-14 Jorge BernalBGE Scenegraph clean up: double-promotion warnings
2015-12-13 Campbell BartonCleanup: unused args
2015-12-13 Joshua Leung3D Cursor: Add option to lock it in place to prevent...
2015-12-13 Joshua LeungRemoved duplicated define
2015-12-13 Joshua LeungDopesheet: Mirroring GPencil keyframes now works again
2015-12-13 Joshua LeungDopesheet: IKEY (Insert Keyframe) operator now works...
2015-12-13 Antony RiakiotakisFix yet one more Intel driver with crappy dfdy support...
2015-12-13 Campbell BartonBMesh: split-face by edges support isolated edges