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2004-05-11 Rob HaarsmaHere's a polish translation... done by Piotr Kiec....
2004-04-26 Rob HaarsmaCroatian translation added, thanks go to Tomislav Corak...
2004-02-25 Rob HaarsmaHere's the Russian translation of Blender's interface.
2004-01-27 Rob HaarsmaThanks to Li Jun (oyster), here's a Simplified Chinese...
2004-01-27 Rob HaarsmaHere's Frank´s (José Silva) tiny contribution to Blende...
2003-09-08 Jiri Hnidek- added czech translation (cs.po)
2003-05-13 Rob Haarsmaadded Dutch and Catalan preliminary translations.
2003-05-12 Rob Haarsmaremoved obsolete files
2003-05-12 Rob Haarsmaadded French and Spanish preliminary translations.
2003-05-12 Rob Haarsmaadded .blenderdir/locale and preliminary translations.
2003-05-11 Simon Clitherowrenaming vera.ttf to .bfont.ttf (Part 2) :)
2003-05-11 Simon Clitherowrenaming vera.ttf to .bfont.ttf
2003-05-10 Rob Haarsmaadded GNU font Vera.ttf as default font.
2003-05-04 Rob Haarsmawheee! the all-feared 'bin' directory is here.