This is a fix for game engine bug #6667
[blender.git] / source / gameengine / GamePlayer / ghost / GPG_ghost.cpp
2007-06-27 Kent MeinThis is a fix for game engine bug #6667
2007-01-08 Tom Musgrove= game engine fixes=
2006-04-03 Erwin Coumansmade some gfx debug code win32 specific
2006-02-13 Erwin Coumansgameplayer will use blender materials automatically
2006-01-10 Ton RoosendaalTuesday merger of bf-blender into orange branch.
2006-01-06 Erwin CoumansSorry to break the cvs-closed status, so if you really...
2004-12-01 Kester Maddock.scr patch (from Raymond Penners)
2004-11-07 Jean-Luc Peurièreskip process serial number argument on os X
2004-10-24 Kester MaddockPort stereo stuff from tuhopuu2: anaglyph, vinterlace
2004-10-15 Kent Meinadded -h to the commandline args to print usage.
2004-08-10 Kester MaddockFix blenderplayer command line option parsing.
2004-07-17 Kester MaddockAdded the runtime fullscreen options.
2004-04-29 Kester MaddockFix blenderplayer unable to load .blend files (only...
2004-04-24 Kester MaddockRemove ability to open a published executable from...
2004-04-11 Kester Maddock1. Check material names passed to the physics engine...
2004-03-22 Nathan Letwory[GameEngine] Commit all Kester's changes made to the...
2002-12-22 Maarten GribnauDisabled player's check for Publisher file for input.
2002-12-22 Maarten GribnauFixed binary files stored as text files for plug-ins
2002-11-25 Kent MeinLast of the config.h mods...
2002-10-12 Hans LambermontInitial revision v2.25