Merging trunk up to r38932.
[blender.git] / source / blender / makesdna / DNA_userdef_types.h
2011-08-02 Joerg MuellerMerging trunk up to r38932.
2011-08-02 Mike Erwin3D mouse support from merwin-spacenav branch
2011-08-02 Mike Erwinsvn merge -r38814:38905 merwin-spacenav
2011-08-01 Joerg Mueller3D Audio GSoC:
2011-07-29 Joerg MuellerMerging up to trunk r38834.
2011-07-25 Mike Erwinadded option to invert axes for orbiting (part 1 of 2)
2011-07-23 Joerg MuellerMerging with trunk up to r38631.
2011-07-21 Mike Erwintweaked ephemeral ndof data types
2011-07-21 Joerg MuellerMerge with trunk up to r38584.
2011-07-21 Nathan Letworysvn merge -r37276:38555
2011-07-16 Joshua LeungBugfix [#27157] keyframing a constrained bone does...
2011-07-14 Mike Erwinintroduce variables for ndof settings
2011-07-12 Joerg MuellerMerging trunk up to r38329.
2011-07-12 Mitchell StokesCMake fixes for r38303 (splitting up the outliner code).
2011-07-07 Joerg MuellerMerging trunk up to r38193.
2011-07-06 Joerg MuellerMerging trunk up to r38167.
2011-07-05 Joerg MuellerMerging from trunk up to r38119.
2011-06-24 Benjy CookBugfixing and modification to ensure functionality...
2011-06-23 Joerg MuellerMerge with trunk r37757.
2011-06-23 Joerg MuellerMerge with trunk r 37746.
2011-06-21 Joerg MuellerMerged with trunk r37717.
2011-06-20 Joerg MuellerMerge with trunk r37677
2011-06-15 Mitchell StokesCommitting patch #25676 Anisotropic filtering in viewpo...
2011-06-14 Joerg MuellerMerge with trunk r37475.
2011-06-10 Campbell Bartonfix [#27607] Scene's render.filepath gets cropped to...
2011-06-08 Mike Erwinmigrated NDOF code from soc-2010-merwin, SpaceNavigator...
2011-06-04 Ton RoosendaalCode holiday commit:
2011-06-04 Joshua LeungUser Pref to not overwrite Recent Files list everytime...
2011-05-23 Campbell Bartonfix [#27459] Flymode moves parent
2011-05-04 Campbell Bartonalternative to joe's commit r36451.
2011-05-03 Joseph Eagar=trunk=
2011-04-22 Campbell Bartonzoom operator.
2011-03-14 Campbell Bartonpatch [#26495] Adjustable outline width for selected...
2011-02-17 Nathan LetworyDNA header files are now grouped under the same module...
2011-02-04 Joshua LeungMoved Auto-Keying "Insert for KeyingSet only" option...
2011-01-15 Campbell Bartonremove/comment unused defines.
2011-01-03 Ton RoosendaalTodo item
2010-12-20 Campbell Bartonfix [#25283] Edge length display difficult to read
2010-11-26 Michael Foxadded option to turn off Text anti-aliasing in the UI
2010-11-22 Elia SartiUser preference to hide Python references in Tooltips.
2010-11-06 Andrea Weikert== filebrowser ==
2010-10-05 Nathan LetworyReorganisation of COLLADA import code. Classes have...
2010-09-01 Ken HughesFix "no newline at end of file" warnings in *nix.
2010-08-26 Nathan LetworyPatch [#23390] Addition of Author field to user preferences
2010-08-13 Joerg Muellersvn merge -r 31211:31313
2010-08-11 Campbell Bartonbugfix [#23247] Load Image in Textures does not use...
2010-08-07 Joerg Muellersvn merge -r 31060:31144
2010-08-07 Mike Erwinmerged 30707:31141 from trunk
2010-08-06 Campbell Bartonremove narrow ui feature
2010-07-25 Joerg Muellersvn merge -r 30566:30717
2010-07-25 Mike Erwinmerged 29285:30707 from trunk
2010-07-22 Jason Wilkins== Sculpt/Paint Fixes ==
2010-07-16 Joerg Muellersvn merge -r 30323:30417
2010-07-14 Jason WilkinsMerge GSOC Sculpt Branch: 28499-30319
2010-07-13 Joerg MuellerMerging revision 30126:30261 from trunk.
2010-07-12 Brecht Van Lommel2.5: remove user preferences to always snap for transla...
2010-07-12 Brecht Van Lommel2.5: remove pin floating panels settings, there are...
2010-07-08 Joerg MuellerMerging revision 29560:30125 from trunk.
2010-06-26 Campbell Bartonalpha drawing for color picker, move alpha button into...
2010-06-19 Joerg MuellerRecreating my GSoC branch.
2010-06-19 Joerg MuellerDeleting my GSoC branch to recreate it.
2010-06-07 Mike Erwinmerged 28477:29285 from trunk
2010-05-27 Matt EbbProgress indicators for threaded jobs
2010-05-25 Joerg MuellerMerge with trunk, revision 28528 - 28976.
2010-05-16 Thomas DingesProperties Window:
2010-05-01 Joerg MuellerMerge with trunk, revision 28446 - 28528.
2010-04-30 Sergey SharybinHighlight last selected point in curve/surface edit...
2010-04-06 Matt EbbFix [#21678] Crease color cannot be adjusted
2010-04-03 Martin PoirierMore work on Drag Immediate:
2010-04-02 Joshua LeungKeyframe Defaults and Cleanups:
2010-03-14 Campbell Bartonuser preference to disable the splash screen
2010-03-13 Guillermo S. RomeroRespect "divisible by 8" padding.
2010-03-12 Sergey Sharybin- Hhighlight active nurb in edit mode
2010-03-07 Campbell Bartonimage editor user preference.
2010-03-06 Dalai Felintoflipping "tab as space" option (so it's on by default...
2010-03-06 Dalai FelintoTab as Space as a User Preference option. to affect...
2010-02-27 Campbell Bartonrename flag for auto script execution since scriptlinks...
2010-02-26 Campbell Bartonrename extension to addon after discussion with meta...
2010-02-22 Campbell Barton- respect insert available with pose copy/paste (note...
2010-02-18 Joshua LeungAnimation Playback Option (No negative frames) and...
2010-02-15 Martin PoirierFix compile error on 64bit (padding error in inline...
2010-02-15 Thomas DingesDNA Compile fix for my recent theme commit.
2010-02-15 Thomas DingesConsole:
2010-02-14 Campbell Bartoninitial support for extensions in the user preferences
2010-02-12 Campbell Bartoncorrect fsf address
2010-02-11 Daniel SalazarCompile fix
2010-02-11 Daniel SalazarTheme support for console background. Thx cam for help!
2010-02-11 Campbell Bartonconsole needs a background color, can use instead of...
2010-02-11 Joerg MuellerPadding fix by phonybone.
2010-02-11 Daniel SalazarAdded theme support for vertex normals display alongsid...
2010-02-01 Brecht Van LommelWM Draw Method added to do Overlap assuming swap exchan...
2010-01-31 Brecht Van LommelWM Draw Methods now has a new option Automatic (default...
2010-01-30 Arystanbek DyussenovCOLLADA branch: merge from trunk -r 25745:26429.
2010-01-30 Joshua LeungView2D/TimeCode Drawing:
2010-01-24 Campbell Bartoncopy of docs from 2.4x for python modules that have...
2010-01-21 Joshua LeungPatch #20693: add parameters for FPS and wait timer...
2010-01-19 Matt EbbFinished some work from the weekend to keep local tree...
2010-01-15 Thomas DingesConsole:
2010-01-09 Joerg MuellerRemoved game_sound property as it is not working and...
2010-01-09 Thomas DingesThemes: