svn merge -r 17502:18705
[blender.git] / source / blender / blenkernel / intern / effect.c
2009-01-28 Daniel Genrichsvn merge -r 17502:18705
2008-12-16 Campbell BartonPatch from Banlu Kemiyatorn
2008-11-19 Daniel Genrichsvn merge -r 17201:17502
2008-11-04 Matt Ebb* Fixed a strange problem with the way textures are...
2008-11-02 Matt EbbReverted to the previous, more hackish version of the...
2008-11-01 Matt Ebb* Tweaked the spin force field a bit. It worked great...
2008-10-30 Matt Ebb* Added a new, slightly experimental force field type...
2008-10-02 Martin Poiriermerge trunk 16118 -> 116886
2008-10-01 Daniel Genrichsvn merge -r 16741:16866
2008-09-27 Joshua LeungLots of mingw/gcc compiler warning fixes
2008-09-19 Andre Susano PintoMerge from trunk
2008-09-19 Andre Susano PintoRevert last merge from trunk
2008-09-18 Daniel Genrichsvn merge -r 16454:16593
2008-09-18 Daniel Genrichsvn merge -r 16490:16592
2008-09-15 Andre Susano Pintosvn merge -r 16231:16536
2008-09-13 Janne KarhuParticle collisions upgrade:
2008-08-31 Daniel Genrichsvn merge -r 16222:16320
2008-08-30 Ian ThompsonMerge from trunk 16122-16307
2008-08-25 Daniel GenrichFixing compiler warning due to unsed code
2008-08-25 Janne KarhuEffector fall-off power was off by one for spherical...
2008-08-22 Daniel Genrichsvn merge -r 16060:16222
2008-08-21 Andre Susano Pintosvn merge -r 16174:16215
2008-08-21 Janne KarhuNew things for particle effectors:
2008-08-19 Daniel GenrichParticles now got that force-hiding feature, too -...
2008-08-18 Daniel GenrichLittle tweaks so 0 wind results in 0 noise, also remove...
2008-08-18 Daniel Genricha) Forces can be hidden by deflector object now (need...
2008-08-18 Andre Susano Pintosvn merge -r 16077:16174
2008-08-18 Daniel Genricha) New unified effector system by Janne (jahka) + Me...
2008-05-07 Daniel Genrichsvn merge -r 13452:14721
2008-04-30 Daniel Genrichsvn merge -r 14561:14627
2008-04-30 Andre Susano PintoMerge trunk with branch
2008-04-28 Maxime CurioniMerged changes from trunk to soc-2008-mxcurioni: svn...
2008-04-27 Campbell Bartonremove old particle system.
2008-04-21 Daniel Genrichsvn merge -r 14236:14505
2008-04-16 Chris WantPatch from GSR that a) fixes a whole bunch of GPL/BL...
2008-04-11 Campbell BartonChanged BLI_convertstringcode to replace any number...
2008-03-14 Jean-Luc Peurièreupdate to trunk r14104
2008-03-13 Jean-Luc Peurièreresolved conflict state with HEAD r14096
2008-03-13 Daniel GenrichCloth header cleanup, bugfix (again) in wind calculatio...
2008-02-04 Hamed Zaghaghimerging game_engine branch changes into trunk, 2d-filte...
2008-01-21 Daniel Genrichsvn merge -r 13240:13323
2008-01-19 Campbell Bartonadd the option to add the parents time offset value.
2008-01-19 Campbell Barton find_group would only return the first group, this...
2007-12-10 Martin PoirierMerge from Harmonic Skeleton branch
2007-11-26 Daniel GenrichParticle merge: svn merge -r 12653:12664 https://svn...
2007-11-26 Brecht Van LommelParticles
2007-11-06 Martin PoirierFilling in branch from trunk
2007-09-26 Daniel GenrichMerge ... blender svn -> svn merge -r 12064:12150 https...
2007-09-18 Joshua LeungAnother purge of compiler warnings (some of which I...
2007-06-03 Ton RoosendaalBugfix #6799
2007-04-04 Campbell Bartonmoved source and text to american spelling
2007-03-08 Ton RoosendaalBugfix #6176
2006-12-23 Ton RoosendaalBugfix #5476
2006-11-16 Ton RoosendaalPlumiferos request (and useful :)
2006-11-05 Nils Thuerey- removed debug ouput for particle loading
2006-11-05 Nils Thuerey- bugfixes
2006-10-26 Brecht Van LommelFixed all gcc 4 warnings in blenkernel. Found 2 potenti...
2006-09-17 Ton RoosendaalBugfix #4925
2006-08-27 Ton RoosendaalBugfix #4923
2006-08-22 Nils Thuerey- modified patch #4681, for scons compiling
2006-08-09 Ton RoosendaalBugfix #4810
2006-07-02 Ton RoosendaalBugfix #4556
2006-06-20 Ton Roosendaalbug #4374
2006-06-17 Ton RoosendaalBug #4348
2006-06-13 Ton RoosendaalBug 4313
2006-06-11 Ton RoosendaalBug fixes of own collection:
2006-05-30 Ton RoosendaalBugfixes 4082 4112 4172 4232
2006-05-07 Peter SchlaileBugfixes for frame number boost:
2006-04-08 Ton RoosendaalHrms... the fix for bug #4010 didn't work as expected.
2006-03-29 Nils ThuereySeveral minor fixes:
2006-02-27 Nils ThuereySorry for the big commit, but I've been fixing many...
2006-01-28 Chris WantThe code from the orange branch has now been copied...
2006-01-28 Chris WantFinal merge of HEAD (bf-blender) into the orange branch.
2006-01-26 no-authorThis commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branc...
2006-01-23 Ton RoosendaalGiant commit!
2006-01-10 Ton RoosendaalTuesday merger of bf-blender into orange branch.
2006-01-04 Ton RoosendaalWednesday sync orange with bf-blender
2006-01-03 Ton RoosendaalOrange; merger with bf-blender.
2006-01-01 Ton RoosendaalOrange <-> bf-blender conflict, with 2.40 saved files...
2005-12-19 Ton RoosendaalOrange: monday merger with bf-blender (loadsa bugfixes).
2005-12-17 Ton RoosendaalSaturday merger of bf-blender in orange branch.
2005-12-14 Ton RoosendaalAnother merger of Orange branch with bf-blender, it...
2005-12-14 Ton RoosendaalWednesday merger of Orange branch and bf-blender
2005-12-13 Ton RoosendaalTuesday merger of Orange branch with bf-blender
2005-12-11 Ton RoosendaalSunday merger of orange branch with bf-blender
2005-12-11 Ton RoosendaalOrange: made duplicators work for dynamic particle...
2005-12-06 Ton RoosendaalOrange:
2005-12-06 Ton RoosendaalOrange: tuesday sync with bf-blender
2005-12-06 Ton RoosendaalOrange branch: Revived hidden treasure, the Groups!
2005-12-05 Ton RoosendaalBugfix #3514
2005-11-30 Ton RoosendaalSyncing Orange branch with bf-blender
2005-11-27 Ton RoosendaalBugfix #3478
2005-11-27 Ton RoosendaalBugfix #3477
2005-11-17 Ton RoosendaalFix: When inserting keys for Forcefields, used for...
2005-11-17 Ton RoosendaalOne visit to studio orange, and voila a todo list!
2005-11-14 Ton RoosendaalStrand render/zbuffering optimize recode
2005-11-12 Ton RoosendaalFinished hair strand render project (well, for release...
2005-11-12 Ton RoosendaalBugfix: when editing a Curve Guide, and deleting all...
2005-11-12 Ton RoosendaalHairdresser request;
2005-11-12 Ton RoosendaalParticles now are generated from subsurfed coordinates.