Cycles: support loading images from arbitrary OpenColorIO color space
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2019-05-03 Jacques LuckeUI: Pass color id into view2d text drawing
2019-05-03 Harley AchesonFix missiong collection move line in outliner after...
2019-05-03 Jacques LuckeRefactor: Support arbitrary y offset for channel list
2019-05-03 Sergey SharybinDepsgraph: Remove filtering API
2019-05-03 William ReynishUI: Display panel tweaks
2019-05-03 Campbell BartonRevert "Cleanup: add semicolon after PyObject_VAR_HEAD"
2019-05-03 Campbell BartonFix T59474: Crash assign shortcuts
2019-05-03 Campbell BartonFix active tool side-bar redrawing on tool change
2019-05-03 Campbell BartonFix tool header message subscriber
2019-05-03 Campbell BartonCleanup: replace RGN_ALIGN_ENUM_MASK
2019-05-03 Campbell BartonCleanup: add semicolon after PyObject_VAR_HEAD
2019-05-03 Campbell BartonCleanup: warnings
2019-05-03 Campbell BartonDefaults: disable developer extras
2019-05-03 Campbell BartonDNA: remove unused 'osa' member
2019-05-02 Sergey SharybinFix T64072: DynamicPaint: Bake failed: Canvas mesh...
2019-05-02 Clément FoucaultFix T63997 Weird z-fight during weight paint
2019-05-02 Clément FoucaultCleanup: Draw Manager: remove DRW_state_invert_facing
2019-05-02 AntonioyaGPencil: New API to remove grease pencil material settings
2019-05-02 Jeroen BakkerWorkbench,EEVEE: Viewport Render Samples
2019-05-02 Brecht Van LommelPose slide / relax: fix various issues
2019-05-02 Sergey SharybinFix T64059: Crash in shader when using other object...
2019-05-02 Alexander GavrilovFix T63697: correct stuck R_NO_CAMERA_SWITCH in scene...
2019-05-02 Jeroen BakkerDrawManager: External Engine Depth Buffer
2019-05-02 Clément FoucaultFix T63435 Incorrect fresnel and normals for hair stran...
2019-05-02 William ReynishUI: rename 'Remove Doubles' to 'Merge by Distance'
2019-05-02 Alexander GavrilovFix T63904: Remove Animation should remove empty action...
2019-05-02 Jacques LuckeRefactor grid and scale indicator text drawing
2019-05-02 Campbell BartonCleanup: typos in comments
2019-05-02 Campbell BartonCleanup: outdated comments, unused define
2019-05-02 AntonioyaGPencil: Add API property to check annotations
2019-05-02 Sergey SharybinCleanup: Comments
2019-05-02 Campbell BartonWorkspace: remove global active tool
2019-05-02 Campbell BartonFix T57099: Parenting between armatures crashes
2019-05-02 Campbell BartonCleanup: use WM_keymap_item_* prefix
2019-05-02 Campbell BartonCleanup: style
2019-05-02 Campbell BartonCleanup: use doxy sections in wm_keymap.c
2019-05-02 Campbell BartonBLF: pass code-point to BLF_has_glyph
2019-05-02 Campbell BartonCleanup: unused warning
2019-05-01 Richard AntalikFix T61619: Some VSE attributes with keyframes are...
2019-05-01 Alexander GavrilovFix T63980: only copy selected curves in Copy Keyframes...
2019-05-01 Brecht Van LommelUI: add pixel units for some theme settings
2019-05-01 George VogiatzisUI: move object origin size preference to themes
2019-05-01 Harley AchesonUI: remove outliner vertical separators
2019-05-01 Harley AchesonUI: remove outliner highlight selection gap
2019-05-01 Harley AchesonUI: use Mac key symbols in menus on macOS, instead...
2019-05-01 Harley AchesonUI: make outliner hierarchy line width take into accoun...
2019-05-01 George VogiatzisUI: improve readability of Normals menu in edit mode
2019-05-01 Brecht Van LommelAlembic: integrate cache file into the dependency graph
2019-05-01 Clément FoucaultEevee: Fix crash when rendering due to recent lookdev...
2019-05-01 Alexander GavrilovModifiers: support parallelism in Armature and Lattice...
2019-05-01 Richard AntalikFix crash on unlinking scene
2019-05-01 Richard AntalikUse cache only in current scene
2019-05-01 Richard AntalikFix T49589: 2.78 VSE no longer caching Node Editor...
2019-05-01 Campbell BartonCleanup: correct arg wrapping from recent cleanup
2019-05-01 Campbell BartonUV Sculpt: improve tool-system integration
2019-05-01 Campbell BartonFix line width for image sample size display
2019-05-01 Clément FoucaultEevee: Lookdev: Cleanup implementation & support for...
2019-05-01 Clément FoucaultEevee: Add support for alpha background in viewport
2019-05-01 Clément FoucaultDRW: Draw checkerboard alpha pattern for Cycles
2019-05-01 Clément FoucaultDRW: Add DRW_STATE_BLEND_PREMUL_UNDER
2019-05-01 Clément FoucaultCleanup: long function call in interface_draw.c
2019-05-01 Sergey SharybinCleanup: Redundant struct specifier
2019-05-01 Campbell BartonCleanup: use BKE_pchan_mat3_to_rot / rot_to_mat3 utilit...
2019-05-01 Campbell BartonBKE_pchan: add BKE_pchan_rot_to_mat3
2019-05-01 Campbell BartonUI: move image paint panels into the image side-bar
2019-05-01 Campbell BartonFix T64049: Unset space type crashes
2019-05-01 Campbell BartonClangFormat: run with ReflowComments on source/
2019-05-01 Campbell BartonCleanup: comments (long lines) in ikplugin
2019-05-01 Campbell BartonCleanup: comments (long lines) in compositor
2019-05-01 Campbell BartonCleanup: comments (long lines) in draw
2019-04-30 Campbell BartonCleanup: redundant lookup
2019-04-30 Campbell BartonFix error storing proportional editing for redo
2019-04-30 Dalai FelintoOutliner: Fix "Unlink" not working for parented objects
2019-04-30 Campbell BartonCleanup: comments (long lines) in modifiers
2019-04-30 Campbell BartonCleanup: comments (long lines) in compositor
2019-04-30 Campbell BartonCleanup: comments (long lines) in freestyle
2019-04-30 Campbell BartonCleanup: indentation from braces in '#if 0'
2019-04-30 Bastien MontagneFix broken build from recent rBae7db030dab0.
2019-04-30 Dalai FelintoCleanup/update comment on flag_legacy values
2019-04-30 Dalai FelintoFix T63343: Duplicated object is hidden whereas it...
2019-04-30 Dalai FelintoStop using deprecated ob->flag & SELECT
2019-04-30 Dalai FelintoRemove BKE_scene_object_base_flag_sync_from_object
2019-04-30 Dalai FelintoRefactor: Use object select API - ED_object_base_select
2019-04-30 Dalai FelintoGrease Pencil: Fix using wrong flag for selecting objec...
2019-04-30 Dalai FelintoCleanup: Object base syncing already happening as part...
2019-04-30 AntonioyaGPencil: Small tweak to Dot minimum thickness
2019-04-30 AntonioyaFix T63864 Duplicate Data options don't exist for Light...
2019-04-30 Bastien MontagneSelect: Add 'deselect on nothing' to NLA editor.
2019-04-30 Bastien MontagneTweak to previous 'deselect on nothing' commit for...
2019-04-30 Bastien MontagneFix (unreported) two memleaks in clic-select ops of...
2019-04-30 Bastien MontagneSelect: Add 'deselect on nothing' to Action (dopesheet...
2019-04-30 Bastien MontagneSelect: Add 'deselect on nothing' to Graph (fcurves...
2019-04-30 Bastien MontagneSelect: Add 'deselect on nothing' to UV editor.
2019-04-30 Philipp OeserFix proportional editing always enabled if the property...
2019-04-30 Jacques LuckeRefactor markers drawing
2019-04-30 Jacques LuckeRefactor: Separate scrollers from text drawing in API
2019-04-30 Clément FoucaultFix T63393 Eevee: Specular Shader's Clear Coat does...
2019-04-30 Jeroen BakkerSequencer: Scene Strip Performance
2019-04-30 Howard TrickeyFix T63759 Vertex Bevel works for width and depth offse...
2019-04-30 Philipp OeserFix T64003: cannot enter object dimensions above 10000