Fix T51184: Crash of Blender when I try to join an object with one that has booleans...
[blender.git] / release / scripts /
2017-04-10 Aaron CarlisleUI: Add missing UV tools in the UV/Image Editor Window...
2017-04-10 Aaron CarlisleUI: Do not put walk navigation settings inside an if...
2017-04-08 Bastien MontagneAdd helpers in bpy_extras.keyconfig_utils for addons...
2017-03-30 Campbell BartonCorrect string formatting (error in recent change)
2017-03-30 Campbell BartonMirror Modifier: Add offsets for mirrored UVs
2017-03-29 Campbell BartonPyAPI: minor path init simplification
2017-03-29 Campbell BartonFix 'bl_app_override' wrapping multiple times.
2017-03-29 Campbell BartonPyAPI: check modules are registered before unregister
2017-03-27 Campbell BartonCorrect for Py3.5
2017-03-26 Campbell BartonCleanup: line length, assignment
2017-03-26 Campbell BartonCleanup: simplify script path assignment
2017-03-26 Campbell BartonPyAPI: add missing class registration
2017-03-26 Campbell BartonPyAPI: debug-python check for missing class register
2017-03-25 WouterDPI for all platforms, per monitor DPI for Windows.
2017-03-25 Campbell BartonRemove support for py app-templates
2017-03-25 Campbell BartonCleanup: imports, indentation, long lines
2017-03-24 Campbell BartonWM: Application Templates
2017-03-23 Campbell Bartonbpy.path.display_name: strip spaces
2017-03-23 Campbell Bartonaddon_utils: add disable_all function
2017-03-23 Campbell BartonUI: allow to extend camera as a menu
2017-03-19 Campbell BartonCleanup: especially non pep8 parts of Py UI
2017-03-19 Bastien MontagneUsual UI/i18n message fixes.
2017-03-19 Campbell BartonMoving classes to separate listing broke panel order
2017-03-19 Campbell BartonAdd missing classes from recent commit
2017-03-18 Campbell BartonPyAPI: remove bpy.utils.register_module()
2017-03-16 Campbell BartonPyAPI: Menu.path_menu: Add path filter callback
2017-03-14 Campbell BartonUpdate path_menu for recent API change
2017-03-14 Bastien MontagneFix T50926: python crashes with path containing utf8...
2017-03-14 Campbell BartonPyAPI: extend Menu.path_menu
2017-03-12 Campbell BartonUI: expose mesh conversion in apply menu
2017-03-10 raaAdjust kmi header
2017-03-08 Campbell Barton3D View: new nethod of opengl selection
2017-03-08 meta-androctoupdate theme back to black re: T50869
2017-03-07 Julian EiselUpdate keymap presets for recent transform manipulator...
2017-03-05 Campbell BartonCleanup: typos
2017-03-01 Luca RoodFix T50830: Wrong context when calling surfacedeform_bind
2017-03-01 Aaron CarlisleCorrect comment
2017-03-01 Aaron CarlisleCleanup: Use .enabled instead of .active
2017-03-01 Sergey SharybinFix T50565: Planar constraints don't work properly...
2017-02-28 Aaron CarlisleCleanup: Grey --> Gray
2017-02-27 Luca RoodSurface Deform Modifier (SDef)
2017-02-26 Campbell BartonImprove add-on UI error message
2017-02-23 Luca RoodAdd "Gravitation" option to "Force" type force fields
2017-02-23 Bastien MontagneUsual UI messages fixes...
2017-02-22 Aaron CarlisleUse new api doc links
2017-02-21 Aaron CarlisleCleanup: use proper link to the api
2017-02-16 Aaron CarlisleUI: Move 'relations extras' right below 'relations'
2017-02-16 Tamito KajiyamaFreestyle: Feature edge selection by nested object...
2017-02-15 Sergey SharybinMotion blur investigation feature
2017-02-15 Aaron CarlisleUI: Wireframe modifier- make crease grayed out when...
2017-02-11 Aaron CarlisleUI: Redesign the VSE multicam strip
2017-02-09 Aaron CarlisleDo not overide text
2017-02-09 Aaron CarlisleFix T50629 -- Add remove doubles to the cleanup menu
2017-02-09 Joshua LeungMore tweaks to Normalisation options in Graph Editor
2017-02-09 Joshua LeungGraph Editor: Replace Normalise/Auto checkboxes with...
2017-02-03 Bastien MontagneFix T50125: Shortcut keys missing in menus for Clear...
2017-02-01 AaronUI: Add missing colon
2017-01-31 Tamito KajiyamaFreestyle: Use of the Fill Range by Selection operator...
2017-01-30 Tamito KajiyamaFreestyle: Fix (unreported) wrong distance calculation...
2017-01-29 raaFix blurry icons
2017-01-27 Aaron CarlisleUI: Move Scene Game Properties to the Scene Tab (was...
2017-01-25 Aaron CarlisleRevert "UI: Add missing menu item"
2017-01-25 Aaron CarlisleUI: Add missing menu item
2017-01-24 AaronRemove commented code
2017-01-24 Aaron CarlisleUse new manual URL
2017-01-20 Antonio VazquezD1873: Customize style for animation motion paths
2017-01-19 Aaron CarlisleUI: Fix capitalization inconsistency
2017-01-18 Joshua LeungReproject Strokes - To Surface/Geometry
2017-01-18 Joshua LeungGPencil: "Add Blank Frame" operator (D+B)
2017-01-18 Joshua LeungGP Interpolation: "Remove Breakdowns" operator
2017-01-18 Joshua LeungGP Interpolate Sequence: Tool settings for controlling...
2017-01-18 Joshua LeungGP Interpolate: Move settings from "gp_sculpt" to a...
2017-01-17 Alexander RomanovAdd 'Layer Weight' node to Blender internal node items
2017-01-12 Aaron CarlisleAdd Add Modifiers tab to the NLA & VSE editors
2017-01-05 Aaron CarlisleMake button span the full width of the properties editor
2017-01-05 Aaron CarlisleRemove instances of old vector icons
2017-01-04 Dalai FelintoFix T50350: Quick Explode time frame problem
2017-01-03 Aaron CarlisleRevert "Remove double menu entries"
2017-01-02 Joshua LeungGPencil: Per-layer option to always show onion skinning
2016-12-29 Aaron CarlisleEdits to user prefs NDOF UI
2016-12-28 Bastien MontagneUpdate manual links in 'add object' py template.
2016-12-28 Bastien MontagneTweak error message when external image editor launchin...
2016-12-15 Aaron CarlisleRemove double menu entries
2016-12-14 Alexander RomanovFresnel node support for Blender Internal Render
2016-12-14 Bastien MontagneUsual UI messages/i18n fixes/tweaks.
2016-12-13 Aaron CarlisleSmall cleanup: Remove unused code
2016-12-05 Kévin DietrichUI: add a message to indicate when using a modifier...
2016-12-01 Joshua LeungGPencil: Include various new operators into the 3D...
2016-11-25 Campbell BartonFix Torus default UV's offset outside 0-1 bounds
2016-11-25 Campbell BartonRemove eekadoodle workaround for add torus
2016-11-24 Campbell BartonFix prefs UI when built w/o Cycles
2016-11-20 Brecht Van LommelCycles: add basic backwards compatibility for device...
2016-11-18 Campbell BartonFix UV layer bug in object_utils.object_data_add()
2016-11-18 Campbell BartonAdd Torus: avoid excessive attr access
2016-11-18 Bastien MontagneFix T50035: Minor interface bug: UV/ImageEditor - Paint...
2016-11-18 Bastien MontagneFix T50052: bpy.utils.unregister_module doesn't unregis...
2016-11-16 Bastien MontagneFix custom props not being handled correctly by manual...
2016-11-15 Aaron CarlisleFix menu inconsistencies
2016-11-12 Geoffroy KrantzFix Make Vertex Parent operator missing from vertex...
2016-11-12 Julian EiselSculpt UI: Make DynTopo constant detail a resolution...