merged 30707:31141 from trunk
[blender.git] / build_files /
2010-08-07 Mike Erwinmerged 30707:31141 from trunk
2010-08-05 Ton RoosendaalMakefile fix: on PowerPC architecture SSE compile shoul...
2010-08-04 Stefan Gartnerfix path to release/ for scons and cmake
2010-08-04 Stefan Gartner== Makefiles ==
2010-08-03 Campbell Bartonbuild options to disable image formats WITH_CINEON...
2010-08-02 Campbell BartonSCons
2010-08-02 Campbell Bartoncmake
2010-07-28 Nathan Letwory* for win64 fftw3 support is already enabled by default...
2010-07-26 Campbell Bartonmove directories:
2010-07-25 Mike Erwinmerged 29285:30707 from trunk
2010-07-20 Brecht Van Lommel2.5 Beta version files increment, from 2.52 to 2.53.
2010-07-19 Sergey Sharybin- Reverted "Set FREE_WINDOWS when compiling with MinGW"
2010-07-19 Sergey Sharybin- Use correct paths for mstoolkit and crossmingw tools...
2010-07-15 Guillermo S. RomeroSVN maintenance.
2010-07-15 Campbell Barton- updated man page from --help output.
2010-07-14 Campbell BartonCMake patch from Ralf Hölzemer (cheleb)
2010-07-14 Damien PlissonScons/darwin (OSX): package is now created...
2010-07-13 Campbell Bartonmove nan mk files from source/ into build_files/make/
2010-07-12 Campbell Bartonre-arrange build files so scons "config" dir isnt confu...