svn merge ^/trunk/blender -r41150:41175
[blender.git] / release / scripts / modules /
2011-10-18 Campbell Bartonsvn merge ^/trunk/blender -r41075:41099
2011-10-17 Campbell Bartoncorrect spelling errors in comments
2011-09-19 Sergey Sharybinsvn merge -r40222:40344 ^/trunk/blender
2011-09-18 Campbell Bartonsvn merge -r40197:40311 ^/trunk/blender
2011-09-17 Campbell Bartonsvn merge -r40166:40279 ^/trunk/blender
2011-09-15 Campbell Barton- include enum names and descriptions in sphinx generat...
2011-09-07 Benoit Bolseesvn merge -r 37306:39975
2011-08-11 Campbell Bartonmerge outliner refactor so we dont have to keep outline...
2011-08-11 Campbell Bartonsvn merge -r39145:39286
2011-08-11 Campbell Bartonsvn merge -r39057:39286
2011-08-10 Xiao Xiangquanmerge with trunk r39216
2011-08-08 Bastien MontagneMerging r38818 through r39198 from trunk into vgroup_mo...
2011-08-08 Jason HaysMerged 38822-39182
2011-08-08 Campbell Bartonuse static sets rather then tuples, python optimizes...
2011-07-16 Joshua LeungBugfix [#27157] keyframing a constrained bone does...
2011-06-08 Mike Erwinmigrated NDOF code from soc-2010-merwin, SpaceNavigator...
2011-05-16 Nick Samarinsynched with trunk at revision 36569
2011-04-15 Joseph Eagar=bmesh= merge from trunk at r36153
2011-03-25 Campbell Bartonfix [#26601] Python error when use of autocomplete
2011-03-22 Campbell Bartonfix [#25688] undocumted functions in pyapi
2011-03-14 Campbell Bartonbpy.types.libraries.load sphinx doc & examples (doc...
2011-02-27 Joseph Eagarmerge with/from trunk at r35190
2011-02-16 Nick Samarinsynched with trunk at revision 34793
2011-02-16 Nick Samarinsynched with trunk at revision 34793
2011-02-16 Nick Samarinsynched with trunk at revision 34793
2011-02-16 Nick Samarinsynched with trunk at revision 34793
2011-02-16 Campbell Bartonenum-flag arguments were incorrectly documented.
2010-10-15 Luca Bonavita== rna info ==
2010-10-03 Nick Samarinsynched with trunk at revision 32129
2010-09-19 Campbell Bartonremove redundant []'s for list comprehension's, py2...
2010-09-18 Campbell Bartonuse is rather then == when comparing against None.
2010-09-07 Campbell Bartonran through pep8 checker
2010-09-04 Joseph Eagarmerge with trunk at r31523
2010-08-19 Campbell Bartonfixes for recent renaming
2010-08-18 Campbell Bartonmore rna renaming.
2010-08-18 Campbell Bartonrna renaming, still only adjusting properties that...
2010-08-17 Campbell Bartondocument rna functions that have the no_self flag set...
2010-08-17 Campbell Barton- now outputs array length with types eg...
2010-08-10 Joerg Muellersvn merge -r 31145:31210
2010-08-10 Campbell Bartoninclude rna parent class names in renaming list
2010-07-25 Mike Erwinmerged 29285:30707 from trunk
2010-07-21 Nick Samarinsynched with trunk at revision 30597
2010-07-19 Joseph Eagarpart 1 of merge from trunk at r30358; it compiles,...
2010-07-16 Joerg Muellersvn merge -r 30323:30417
2010-07-15 Campbell Bartonchange some references to .B.blend, .Blog to new names
2010-07-14 Joerg Muellersvn merge -r 30262:30322
2010-07-14 Nick Samarinsynched with trunk at revision 30243
2010-07-13 Campbell Barton- text3d was missing menu items for toggling bold/under...
2010-07-08 Joerg MuellerMerging revision 29560:30125 from trunk.
2010-06-19 Campbell Bartonminor edit to speed up api property name editing.
2010-06-19 Campbell Bartonrna info module now prints out property names into...
2010-06-19 Joerg MuellerRecreating my GSoC branch.
2010-06-19 Joerg MuellerDeleting my GSoC branch to recreate it.
2010-06-15 Campbell BartonNew Scene now has the popup from 2.4x which gives the...
2010-06-07 Mike Erwinmerged 28477:29285 from trunk
2010-05-25 Joerg MuellerMerge with trunk, revision 28528 - 28976.
2010-05-18 Nick Samarinsynched with trunk at revision 28841
2010-05-16 Campbell Bartonclear some pep8 warnings
2010-05-04 Campbell Bartonsmall adjustments for getting the default string of...
2010-05-03 Campbell Bartonsphinx doc generation
2010-04-17 Campbell Barton- for BGE mouse and keyboard events use tuples rather...
2010-04-11 Campbell Bartonpy api file rename
2010-04-10 Campbell Bartonrna/py/reference doc improvements..
2010-04-09 Campbell Bartonrna reference docs, list inherited properties and funct...
2010-04-09 Campbell Bartondont document parent classes funcs and properties
2010-03-09 Joseph EagarMerge ... trunk at r27259 and commit of a patch by...
2010-03-06 Campbell Bartonpep8 cleanup
2010-02-12 Campbell Bartoncorrect fsf address
2010-01-30 Arystanbek DyussenovCOLLADA branch: merge from trunk -r 25745:26429.
2010-01-24 Elia SartiForgot to rename use_return in this script as well.
2010-01-24 Campbell Bartoncopy of docs from 2.4x for python modules that have...
2010-01-17 Campbell Bartonfixed sphinx doc generator
2010-01-13 Joseph Eagarmerge with trunk/2.5 at r25907
2010-01-05 Joseph EagarMerge with trunk/2.5 at r25563
2010-01-05 Arystanbek DyussenovMerge from trunk -r 25003:25745.
2010-01-05 Arystanbek DyussenovMerge -c 25001,25310,25311,25638,25746 from COLLADA...
2010-01-02 Campbell Bartonsphinx support for documenting multiple return values
2009-12-27 Campbell BartonTransfer Shape Key
2009-12-26 Campbell Bartonclassmethods were excluded from docs, hide self & cls...
2009-12-26 Campbell Barton* sphinx docgen *
2009-12-26 Campbell Bartonpep8 edits, removed and
2009-12-25 Campbell Bartonupdate rna_info and rna_rna for better introspection
2009-12-25 Campbell Bartonfix for segfault getting RNA Enum default values, minor...
2009-12-24 Campbell Barton* register operators like other classes
2009-12-21 Campbell Bartonpy error fix and minor changes to rna info class
2009-12-19 Campbell Bartonutility module for introspecting RNA for doc generation.