Fix #23867: GroupNode.nodetree name inconsistent with Material/Texture.node_tree,
[blender.git] / source / blender / makesrna / intern / rna_nodetree.c
2010-09-16 Brecht Van LommelFix #23867: GroupNode.nodetree name inconsistent with...
2010-09-15 Daniel SalazarAllow start frames < 1 on image sequences.
2010-08-25 Robert HolcombApplied patch #23379. Does not change existing .blend...
2010-08-25 Campbell Bartonfix for image sequence ranges
2010-08-21 Campbell Bartonrna renaming (manual edits)
2010-08-20 Campbell Bartonrna data path names which are more likely to break...
2010-08-17 Thomas Dinges2.5 Nodes:
2010-08-17 Thomas Dinges2.5 Nodes:
2010-07-13 Joerg MuellerMerging revision 30126:30261 from trunk.
2010-07-08 Diego BorghettiNew option for Scale node.
2010-07-08 Joerg MuellerMerging revision 29560:30125 from trunk.
2010-07-07 Thomas DingesNodes:
2010-06-19 Joerg MuellerRecreating my GSoC branch.
2010-06-19 Joerg MuellerDeleting my GSoC branch to recreate it.
2010-06-04 Campbell Bartonmissed this in filename --> filepath renaming
2010-04-04 Campbell Bartonno functional changes. use sizeof() and MAXFRAME
2010-04-01 Campbell Bartonrna naming, *_frame --> frame_*
2010-03-25 Matt EbbPatch from Francois Tarlier: extend colour balance...
2010-03-24 Campbell Bartonremove unused rna includes
2010-03-15 Robert Holcombadded different sampling methods in rotate node
2010-03-15 Matt EbbFix [#21288] Colour Ramp doesn't update output
2010-03-13 Robert Holcombadded method to change algorithm used in channel matte...
2010-03-12 Robert Holcombupdated despill node to incorperate changes from Xavier...
2010-02-18 Joshua LeungAnimation Playback Option (No negative frames) and...
2010-02-12 Campbell Bartoncorrect fsf address
2010-02-10 Campbell Bartonbatch remove .'s used with RNA_def_struct_ui_text
2010-01-30 Arystanbek DyussenovCOLLADA branch: merge from trunk -r 25745:26429.
2010-01-27 Matt EbbFixes to Color Balance node:
2010-01-24 Campbell Bartoncopy of docs from 2.4x for python modules that have...
2010-01-21 Matt EbbNew Compositor node: Hue Control
2010-01-20 Matt EbbDurian request: Added 'Color Balance' node to composito...
2010-01-15 Nathan Letwory* Fix two issues:
2010-01-13 Campbell Bartonnode uninitialized memory valgrind found while looking...
2010-01-13 Campbell Bartonmakesrna was failing because of a buffer overrun from...
2010-01-13 Matt EbbFix: wasn't able to rename node group nodetree name...
2010-01-06 Matt EbbRestored Compositor 're-render single layer' functional...
2010-01-05 Arystanbek DyussenovMerge from trunk -r 25003:25745.
2010-01-05 Arystanbek DyussenovMerge -c 25001,25310,25311,25638,25746 from COLLADA...
2009-12-09 Brecht Van LommelSculpt Branch:
2009-12-08 Brecht Van LommelRNA:
2009-11-25 Brecht Van LommelSculpt:
2009-11-22 Arystanbek DyussenovCOLLADA branch: merge from trunk -r 24522:24758.
2009-11-20 Campbell Bartonuse negative boolean option no_zbuf -> use_zbuf
2009-11-20 Roland HessRNA doc update. the "no_zbuf" flag in Defocus node...
2009-11-19 Matt Ebb* Fix for texture->image node not working
2009-11-16 Campbell Bartonpython api for ID property access by Joseph Eager,...
2009-11-12 Arystanbek DyussenovCOLLADA: merge from trunk -r 24390:24522.
2009-11-11 Brecht Van LommelBugfix: switching renderlayer in compositing node crashed.
2009-11-11 Brecht Van LommelSculpt: svn merge
2009-11-11 Matt Ebb* Fixed nodetree animation by giving nodes unique names
2009-11-11 Joshua LeungGrease Pencil for Nodes Editor:
2009-11-11 Matt EbbWrapped node input and output sockets in RNA.
2009-11-10 Matt Ebb* Finished (well, almost ;) RNA wrapping and layout...
2009-11-02 Brecht Van LommelSculpt: svn merge
2009-11-02 Arystanbek DyussenovMerge from trunk -r 24182:24247. Skipped change 24182...
2009-11-02 Arystanbek DyussenovMerge from trunk -r 23968:24181.
2009-11-01 Thomas Dinges* Some guideline work for the particle py file.
2009-10-29 Brecht Van LommelSculpt: svn merge
2009-10-28 Thomas Dinges2.5 Nodes:
2009-10-27 Thomas Dinges2.5 Nodes:
2009-10-27 Thomas Dinges2.5 Nodes:
2009-10-25 Arystanbek DyussenovMerge from trunk -r 23000:23968.
2009-10-19 Arystanbek DyussenovMerge from trunk -r 22040:23000.
2009-10-11 Joshua LeungBugfix #19612: Incorrect ranges for frame range propert...
2009-10-07 Brecht Van LommelNode Bugfixes:
2009-09-29 Campbell BartonCopying scripts from 2.4x without 2.5x changes
2009-09-28 Andre Susano Pintosvn merge -r 23207:23528
2009-09-24 Benoit BolseeMerge ... itasc branch. Project files, scons and cmake...
2009-09-22 Arystanbek DyussenovManual merge of soc-2009-kazanbas branch:
2009-09-21 Brecht Van LommelRNA: added a "factor" subtype next to "percentage"...
2009-09-21 Thomas Dinges* Wrong Property Range for Blur Size_Y.
2009-09-20 Thomas Dinges2.5:
2009-09-19 Thomas DingesMore Nodes wrapped to Layout Engine:
2009-09-19 Joshua Leung2.5 - Animation Bugfixes:
2009-09-18 Thomas Dinges2.5 Nodes:
2009-09-17 Thomas DingesWrapped some more Nodes:
2009-09-16 Brecht Van LommelUI
2009-09-15 Arystanbek DyussenovUndo revision 23130 which was a merge with 2.5, a messy... soc-2009-kazanbas
2009-09-15 Andre Susano Pintosvn merge -r 22571:22800
2009-09-14 Campbell Bartonuse static functions where possible for some local...
2009-09-12 Martin Poiriercopying 2.5 over to trunk
2009-09-11 Arystanbek DyussenovMerge with -r 22620:23107.
2009-09-11 Campbell Bartonsvn merge
2009-09-10 Robert HolcombAdded Levels Node (histogram, with mean/std deviation...
2009-09-10 Thomas Dinges2.5 Node RNA:
2009-09-08 Dalai Felintomanual merge trunk -r 23037
2009-09-07 Campbell Bartonsvn merge
2009-09-07 Campbell Bartonsvn merge
2009-09-05 Joshua Leung2.5 - Demo of how to get node attributes animateable
2009-09-01 Campbell Bartonsvn merge
2009-08-29 Campbell Bartonsvn merge
2009-08-24 Nathan Letwory* merge r22734 from trunk
2009-08-23 Campbell Bartonsvn merge
2009-08-22 Campbell Bartonsvn merge
2009-08-22 Campbell Bartonsvn merge
2009-08-21 Campbell Bartonsvn merge
2009-08-19 Arystanbek DyussenovMerge with 2.5 -r 22173:22620.
2009-08-15 Joshua LeungCommenting out code from commit 22457 by Genscher for...
2009-08-13 Matt Ebb* First commit merging 2.4-based sim_physics in to...
2009-08-11 Andre Susano Pinto svn merge -r 22138:22364