Cleanup: Spelling
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2019-01-04 Sergey SharybinCleanup: Spelling
2019-01-04 Sergey SharybinProvide more information on unknown GPU
2019-01-04 Sergey SharybinMerge branch 'blender2.7'
2019-01-04 Sergey SharybinRecognize llvmpipe renderer as software OpenGL
2019-01-04 Campbell BartonObject: don't flip scale when setting dimensions
2019-01-04 Campbell BartonFix T54771: Can't change multiple dimensions at once
2019-01-04 Campbell BartonCleanup: unused calculation
2019-01-04 Campbell BartonCleanup: indentation (right shift)
2019-01-04 Campbell BartonMerge branch 'blender2.7'
2019-01-04 Campbell BartonFix T60099: Inconsistent normals from spin tool
2019-01-04 Campbell BartonSpin Tool: don't flip when using a negative angle
2019-01-04 Campbell BartonFix eternal loop in spin tool merge first/last
2019-01-04 Campbell BartonFix T60099: Inconsistent normals from spin tool
2019-01-04 Campbell BartonSpin Tool: don't flip when using a negative angle
2019-01-04 Campbell BartonFix eternal loop in spin tool merge first/last
2019-01-04 Campbell BartonMerge branch 'blender2.7'
2019-01-04 Campbell BartonCleanup: use typed unsigned ints
2019-01-04 Campbell BartonCleanup: use typed unsigned ints
2019-01-04 Campbell BartonUI: refactor layout vars out of uiFontStyle
2019-01-03 Campbell BartonMissed last commit
2019-01-03 Campbell Barton3D View: use full opacity by default
2019-01-03 Sebastian ParborgFix T60101: vertex paint color sample
2019-01-03 Brecht Van LommelFix T59049: some modal transform keys no working in...
2019-01-03 Howard TrickeyFix T58113 Multiple problems with bevel harden normals.
2019-01-03 Brecht Van LommelMerge branch 'blender2.7'
2019-01-03 Brecht Van LommelCleanup: don't do nodetree verification/versioning...
2019-01-03 Brecht Van LommelFix T60073: can't unlink by dragging from some node...
2019-01-03 AntonioyaFix T60022: Crash when adding grease pencil object...
2019-01-03 Bastien MontagneFix T59925: Crash when adding any generative modifier...
2019-01-03 Brecht Van LommelFix T60119: incorrect filter size in new scenes.
2019-01-03 Sergey SharybinFix T59072: Text extrusion cannot be animated
2019-01-03 Brecht Van LommelFix incorrect drawing of material list outline, after...
2019-01-03 Brecht Van LommelFix T57177: redo select random operator selects hidden...
2019-01-03 Brecht Van LommelFix some inconsistencies in object visibility/selectabi...
2019-01-03 Brecht Van LommelFix T60107: gizmos should not show for unselectable...
2019-01-03 Brecht Van LommelFix T58870: submenus don't open for some specific mouse...
2019-01-03 Brecht Van LommelFix accidental changes to default preferences in recent...
2019-01-03 Philipp OeserFix T60056: Make Duplicates Real with Keep Hierarchy...
2019-01-03 AntonioyaFix T59527: Segment fault changing layer visibility...
2019-01-03 Campbell BartonCleanup: indentation
2019-01-03 Campbell BartonDRW: remove INDEX4 normal flipping
2019-01-03 Campbell BartonRevert "GPU: add negated normal conversion functions"
2019-01-03 Campbell BartonFix T59842: Curve flat shading doesn't work
2019-01-03 Campbell BartonGPU: add negated normal conversion functions
2019-01-03 Campbell BartonCleanup: variable name
2019-01-03 Campbell BartonCleanup: preprocessor indentation
2019-01-03 Campbell BartonTransform: default shrink/fatten even-offset to false
2019-01-03 Campbell BartonFix new material for pinned objects
2019-01-03 Campbell BartonMerge branch 'blender2.7'
2019-01-03 Campbell BartonFix T60014: material link pref ignored
2019-01-02 mano-wiiFix (unreported): unpredictable crashes when it is...
2019-01-02 Brecht Van LommelFix T58859: render with compositor does not render...
2019-01-02 Brecht Van LommelFix wrong alpha blending for datablock preview icons.
2019-01-02 Brecht Van LommelMerge branch 'blender2.7'
2019-01-02 Brecht Van LommelFix T60037: single column layout breaks file browse...
2019-01-02 Brecht Van LommelFix T59063: operator search menu loses background in...
2019-01-02 Brecht Van LommelFix wrong grease pencil shader FX usage of object location.
2019-01-02 AntonioyaFix T60051: Wrong stroke projection when viewmode set...
2019-01-02 AntonioyaFix T60031: Joining two Grease Pencilobjects sometimes...
2019-01-02 Campbell BartonFixes and edits to studio light operators
2019-01-02 Campbell BartonCleanup: py-gpu error checks
2019-01-02 Campbell BartonRevert file rename from T59773 fix
2019-01-02 mano-wiiFix T59773: Raise exception if the gpu module is used...
2019-01-02 Bastien MontagneFix T60060: Corrective Smooth Modifier binding process...
2019-01-02 AntonioyaGP: Cleanup pad to _pad
2019-01-02 Campbell BartonFix T59886: Missing transform gizmo update
2019-01-02 Campbell Barton3D View: use grid & all axes in axis-views
2019-01-02 Campbell BartonUI: add scale option for template_icon_view button
2019-01-02 Campbell BartonCleanup: use RNA icon instead of passing as an arg
2019-01-02 Campbell BartonCleanup: indentation, naming
2019-01-02 Campbell BartonPyRNA: enum no longer returns first item when the value...
2019-01-02 Campbell BartonFix image editor tool-settings missing from topbar
2019-01-02 Campbell BartonCleanup: rename manipulator references
2019-01-02 Campbell BartonCleanup: use '_pad' in DNA
2019-01-02 Campbell BartonCleanup: rename target_weight -> weight
2019-01-01 AntonioyaGP: Don't use offset for Stroke projection
2018-12-31 mano-wiiFix T60015: snap to grid - snaps only to largest increment
2018-12-31 Brecht Van LommelOutliner: expand view layer collections by default...
2018-12-31 Brecht Van LommelTemplates: tweaks to startup templates.
2018-12-31 Brecht Van LommelCleanup: specify default studiolight name, instead...
2018-12-31 William ReynishUI: icon set updates by Andrzej Ambroz.
2018-12-30 Campbell BartonCleanup: remove non-existing function declarations
2018-12-30 AntonioyaGP: Mew Merge Strokes operator
2018-12-30 Campbell BartonCleanup: warnings (clang)
2018-12-29 SeverinFix: Scrolling Preferences could cause blank UI
2018-12-29 Jacques LuckeFix T59675: Motion path frame numbers at wrong positions
2018-12-28 Campbell BartonCleanup: use bool, style
2018-12-28 Brecht Van LommelCycles: restore old sample and material override settin...
2018-12-28 Sybren A. StüvelFix T57078: Alembic curve import: better check for...
2018-12-28 Sybren A. StüvelFix T59164: Run Alembic in background when INVOKE'd
2018-12-28 Philipp OeserAlembic import: Fix crash with mcol indices out of...
2018-12-28 Sybren A. StüvelAlembic import: lock interface while importing
2018-12-28 Philipp OeserFix T59785: Curve modifier does not update in realtime...
2018-12-28 Brecht Van LommelSequencer: refactor clipboard copy to no longer increas...
2018-12-28 Brecht Van LommelFix more issues with recent render passes code cleanup.
2018-12-28 Brecht Van LommelFix T59910: material editor UI issue after recent changes.
2018-12-28 Philipp OeserFix T59922: crash reading files with older renderlayers
2018-12-28 AntonioyaGP: Rename GP_STROKE_RECALC_CACHE to GP_STROKE_RECALC_G...
2018-12-27 Bastien MontagneMerge branch 'blender2.7'
2018-12-27 Bastien MontagneAPI Doc: point to blender2.7 new folder.