reverse vector multiplication order for some internal functions.
[blender.git] / release / scripts / modules / bpy_extras /
2011-07-25 Campbell Bartonreverse vector multiplication order for some internal...
2011-07-10 Campbell Bartoncleanup for python scripts - unused vars and imports
2011-06-21 Campbell Bartonpep8 compliance
2011-06-15 Campbell BartonChanges to quick explode
2011-05-28 Campbell Barton- generate sphinx docs for bpy_extras module
2011-05-26 Campbell Bartoncorrect spelling error and some pep8 changes.
2011-05-20 Campbell Bartonsimplify window_to_3d_vector() and call it from viewline()
2011-05-19 Campbell Bartonadd python access to mathutils.intersect_line_plane...
2011-05-18 Campbell Bartonfix for python module region_2d_to_vector_3d and region...
2011-05-16 Campbell Bartonmove generic bpy helper modules into bpy_extras.