added libtiff dll to 'release' target for scons (win32)
[blender.git] / tools / scons / bs /
2005-11-28 Simon Clitherowadded libtiff dll to 'release' target for scons (win32)
2005-10-13 Simon Clitherowtoo much indentation!
2005-10-12 Simon Clitherowindentation got messed up!
2005-10-12 Simon Clitherowlast minute updates for releasing on Windows...
2005-06-10 Nathan LetworyMake sure plugin includes are added to a release
2005-04-16 Willian Padovani... Updating build systems: folder release/bpydata/ moved...
2004-10-05 Nathan Letworyenable 'scons release' for cygwin
2004-09-25 Nathan Letworynote to all: actually adding+commited new files does...