Cleanup: typo, and 0 -> false for booleans.
[blender.git] / source / blender / editors / sculpt_paint / paint_vertex.c
2018-06-07 Bastien MontagneCleanup: typo, and 0 -> false for booleans.
2018-06-04 Campbell BartonCleanup: strip trailing space in editors
2018-03-08 Campbell BartonCleanup: Rename view3d context set function
2018-02-28 Campbell BartonNull pointer check exiting sculpt mode
2018-02-19 Campbell BartonCleanup: sync vertex-paint and sculpt from 2.8
2018-01-30 Campbell BartonFix T53943: Weight paint crash in new scene
2018-01-10 Sergey SharybinTask scheduler: Use restrict pointer qualifier
2018-01-10 Campbell BartonCleanup: comment block alignment
2018-01-09 Sergey SharybinTask scheduler: Use single parallel range function...
2018-01-09 Sergey SharybinTask scheduler: Get rid of extended version of parallel...
2017-11-06 Bastien MontagneRename ID_IS_LINKED_DATABLOCK to ID_IS_LINKED.
2017-10-10 Campbell BartonFix T53040: Vertex paint, texure & symmetry fail
2017-10-10 Campbell BartonVertex Paint: add back missing VertProjHandle free
2017-10-10 Campbell BartonCorrect logic for vertex paint smear
2017-10-07 Alexander GavrilovActually force accumulate mode for the Smear brush...
2017-10-07 Alexander GavrilovMake weight paint blur thread safe, and fix smear ignor...
2017-10-06 Campbell BartonCleanup: Math lib naming (use v3 suffix)
2017-10-06 Campbell BartonVertex Paint: move normal falloff into the brush
2017-10-06 Campbell BartonVertex Paint: use view normal w/ 2D falloff
2017-10-06 Campbell BartonVertex Paint: use brush front-face setting
2017-10-05 Campbell BartonSculpt Mode: 2D falloff option
2017-10-03 Campbell BartonCleanup: remove unused vpaint projection handle
2017-10-03 Campbell BartonWeight Paint: blend smear tool
2017-10-03 Campbell BartonVertex Paint: fix feedback loop w/ smear tool
2017-10-03 Alexander GavrilovChange weigth paint accumulate mechanics to fix problem...
2017-10-03 Campbell BartonVertex Paint: smear got wrong last-location
2017-10-03 Campbell BartonError in last commit, weight must be set for non-accumulate
2017-10-03 Campbell BartonVertex Paint: remove accumulate (soc-2017-vertex_paint)
2017-10-03 Campbell BartonWeight Paint: don't set weight w/ average brush
2017-10-02 Alexander GavrilovDisable multithreaded weight paint when mirroring is...
2017-10-02 Campbell BartonVertex Paint: projection options
2017-10-02 Campbell BartonCleanup: add 'sphere' to sculpt test function name
2017-10-02 Campbell BartonCleanup: indentation, whitespace
2017-10-01 Campbell BartonVertex Paint: use squared distance test
2017-10-01 Campbell BartonVertex Paint: respect 'normal' option
2017-10-01 Campbell BartonWeight Paint: restore non-spray functionality
2017-10-01 Alexander GavrilovFix weight paint Blur, Smear and Average breakage in...
2017-09-29 Campbell BartonVertex Paint minor improvement w/ smear
2017-09-29 Campbell BartonFix vertex paint smear tool
2017-09-29 Campbell BartonWeight Paint: accumulate support
2017-09-29 Campbell BartonCleanup: de-duplicate copied code w/ vertex paint
2017-09-29 Campbell BartonCleanup: split out tools & utils from vertex paint
2017-09-29 Campbell BartonVertex Paint: Alpha Support
2017-09-27 Campbell BartonVertex/Weight Paint: Use PBVH for painting
2017-01-16 Bastien MontagneCleanup/refactor: move BKE_deform_flip_side_name &...
2017-01-16 Bastien MontagneCleanup/refactor: get rid of fixed name limit in BKE_de...
2016-07-22 Mike Erwinremove double-checked conditions
2016-07-13 Campbell BartonVertex/Weight Paint: Support view-selected on last...
2016-07-06 Bastien MontagneReplace of (id->lib != NULL) check by meaningful macro.
2016-06-16 Campbell BartonVertex paint color operations
2016-06-08 Campbell BartonCleanup: typo
2016-04-26 Sergey SharybinFix T48259: Vertex painting doesn't trigger refresh...
2016-04-12 Campbell BartonCleanup: use bool
2016-03-22 Campbell BartonWeight Paint: support accumulate for blur brush
2016-03-22 Campbell BartonWeight Paint: blur now smooths connected weights
2016-01-25 Bastien MontagneFix various potential bugs from coverity reports (NULL...
2016-01-21 Campbell BartonAdd missing weight paint selection mirror
2016-01-20 Campbell BartonCleanup: line length, indentation
2016-01-20 Alexander GavrilovWeight Paint: Make multi-paint & mirror work as if...
2016-01-20 Alexander GavrilovRemove old multipaint related argument from wpaint_blend.
2016-01-20 Alexander GavrilovWeight Paint: Multi-paint support for blur tool
2016-01-20 Alexander GavrilovDelete unused code, separate for better diff appearance.
2016-01-20 Alexander GavrilovWeight Paint: multi-paint uses collective weights
2016-01-20 Alexander GavrilovWeight Paint: 'Sample' now supports multi-paint
2016-01-18 Campbell BartonWeight Paint: Add lock-aware normalize
2016-01-14 Campbell BartonWeight Painting: Respect locks w/ auto-normalize
2016-01-14 Campbell BartonFix weight paint normalizing w/ locked groups
2016-01-14 Campbell BartonFix incorrect weight normalize w/ locks
2016-01-14 Campbell BartonCorrect NULL checks in recent weight-paint fix
2016-01-11 Campbell BartonError in last commit (assumed mirror existed)
2016-01-11 Campbell BartonFix T47152: Normalize fails w/ mirror group
2016-01-04 Bastien MontagneFix T47038: Particles in Particle Edit Mode get added...
2015-11-03 Campbell BartonAvoid assert weight painting w/o an active group
2015-10-29 Campbell BartonVertex Paint: orbit last stroke support
2015-09-13 Campbell BartonCleanup: spelling
2015-09-04 Campbell BartonPartial revert of warning cleanup
2015-09-03 Julian EiselQuiet warnings
2015-08-31 Antony RiakiotakisFix T45258, impossible to select brush when removing...
2015-07-27 Campbell BartonUse loop data instead of face data
2015-07-16 Campbell BartonAdd tessellation data to DerivedMesh (LoopTri)
2015-07-11 Campbell Bartonremove redundant casts
2015-07-11 Campbell BartonAdd WM_framebuffer_to_index_array
2015-06-10 Antony RiakiotakisFix T45013 negative curve falloff not working.
2015-04-20 Campbell BartonCleanup: use ED_view3d_backbuf_* prefix
2015-04-20 Campbell BartonCleanup: use bool /w flag checks
2015-03-17 Antony RiakiotakisPart 2 of D1082 by Troy Sobotka, remove our functions...
2015-02-27 Bastien MontagneFix WPaint inactive when painting on a vgroup and the...
2015-01-12 Campbell Bartonrevert part of 7a1dc20
2015-01-11 Bastien MontagneCleanup: quite some harmless but noisy warnings from...
2014-12-31 Antony RiakiotakisFix T42984 detail flood fill not respecting mask values...
2014-12-29 Antony RiakiotakisMove average stroke from sculpt session to unified...
2014-11-28 Campbell BartonCleanup: unused headers
2014-11-28 Antony RiakiotakisCleanup GPU: get rid of some extremely legacy draw...
2014-11-18 Bastien MontagneRefactor: Move part of vgroup handling code from ED_mes...
2014-11-16 Campbell BartonCleanup: use BLI_listbase_*** prefix for count,sort...
2014-10-13 Campbell BartonBLI_utildefines: add SQUARE macro
2014-09-08 Campbell BartonFix T41746: WPaint: gradient+mirror fails
2014-09-03 Antony RiakiotakisCode cleanup, defined shared stroke properties to one...
2014-07-21 Antony RiakiotakisGSOC 2013 paint
2014-05-05 Campbell BartonStop all dynamic enums using translations (from blend...