Merge branch 'master' into blender2.8
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2017-05-28 Bastien MontagneMerge branch 'master' into blender2.8
2017-05-27 Aaron CarlisleRemove MinGW support
2017-05-27 Bastien MontagneFix T51637: Mesh Tools - Noise Button Crashes.
2017-05-27 Campbell BartonRelease wasn't building, limit debug scope
2017-05-27 Campbell BartonCustomData: assert on bad arguments to free
2017-05-26 Bastien MontagneFix T50851: Array modifier generating invalid geometry.
2017-05-26 Dalai FelintoSilence warning in draw manager
2017-05-26 Dalai FelintoImplement support for Append objects in Blender 2.8
2017-05-26 Dalai FelintoRename BKE_layer_collection_active > BKE_layer_collecti...
2017-05-26 Dalai FelintoMove util function to add new scene collection when...
2017-05-26 Dalai FelintoDepsgraph iterator: Add assert for bases not yet evaluated
2017-05-26 Campbell BartonFix removing texface layer
2017-05-26 Campbell BartonMerge branch 'master' into blender2.8
2017-05-26 Campbell BartonFix freeing all custom-data layers
2017-05-26 Sergey SharybinFix T50908: Motion Tracker ignored grease pencil mask
2017-05-26 lazydodoFix integer overflows in meshcache modifier.
2017-05-26 Luca RoodFix uninit shading group in object mode particles
2017-05-26 Campbell BartonRemove MTexPoly layers
2017-05-26 Luca RoodRemove default shading groups from eevee
2017-05-26 Luca RoodFix indentation in clay_engine.c
2017-05-26 Campbell BartonMerge branch 'master' into blender2.8
2017-05-26 Sergey SharybinFix T51609: Bake Texture, Margin crashing Blender
2017-05-26 Dalai FelintoDepsgraph: Rename DAG > DEG functions from depsgraph_qu...
2017-05-26 Campbell BartonFix T51350: 2D curve normals flip when deformed
2017-05-26 Brecht Van LommelFix T51287: Matrix.lerp fails w/ shear
2017-05-26 Campbell BartonFix GPencil depth checks
2017-05-26 Campbell BartonFix T51629: Select w/ object lock fails
2017-05-26 Campbell BartonCleanup: warning
2017-05-25 Lukas StocknerCleanup: Typo in colormanagement (ColormnaageCacheData...
2017-05-25 lazydodo[MSVC] Fix build error. linker was searching for a...
2017-05-25 Brecht Van LommelFix blender player python installation on macOS after...
2017-05-25 Campbell BartonFix T50112: Sequencer crash w/ missing proxy data
2017-05-25 Campbell BartonDocs: Image.has_data clarification
2017-05-25 Campbell BartonFix T51444: Unit tests don't run on Windows
2017-05-25 Campbell BartonTexFace removal part 3
2017-05-25 Brecht Van LommelMerge branch 'master' into blender2.8
2017-05-25 Brecht Van LommelFix macOS python cmake install to work when switching...
2017-05-24 Julian EiselMerge branch 'master' into blender2.8
2017-05-24 Antonio VazquezFix compiler error for VS2017
2017-05-24 Campbell BartonFix error accessing tessface color in edit-mode
2017-05-24 Campbell BartonOnly calc split normals when auto-smooth is enabled
2017-05-24 Campbell BartonFix/Workaround T51561: Disable split normals
2017-05-24 Campbell BartonTexFace removal part 2
2017-05-24 Sergey SharybinProper fix for crash loading old files with compositor
2017-05-24 Campbell BartonRemove TexFace, per-face images
2017-05-24 Sergey SharybinRevert "Fix crash opening really old files with compositor"
2017-05-24 Campbell BartonCleanup: minor de-duplicate from last commit
2017-05-24 Campbell BartonFix T51561: Normal maps fail w/ quad + eevee
2017-05-24 Campbell BartonMerge branch 'master' into blender2.8
2017-05-24 Campbell BartonFix possible invalid normal use w/ tangent calc
2017-05-24 Sybren A. StüvelAlembic: Export mesh as mesh, even when it has no vertices.
2017-05-24 Sybren A. StüvelAlembic export: consider mesh with animation data as...
2017-05-24 Sybren A. StüvelAlembic export: write Blender version to Alembic file
2017-05-24 Sybren A. StüvelFix T51586: Regression: Alembic containing animated...
2017-05-24 Campbell BartonMove empty image drawing into its own pass
2017-05-24 Campbell BartonCleanup: bmesh var naming
2017-05-24 Campbell BartonDwM: avoid indirect edit-mesh conversion
2017-05-24 Campbell BartonFix leak in particle velocity global ramp
2017-05-23 Luca RoodOptimize particle primitive shader
2017-05-23 Luca RoodTemp fix for vertex format with batch instancing
2017-05-23 Luca RoodImplement particle velocity and acceleration visualization
2017-05-23 Sybren A. StüvelMerge branch 'master' into blender2.8
2017-05-23 Sybren A. StüvelFix T51534: Alembic: added support for face-varying...
2017-05-23 Sybren A. StüvelAlembic: reduced code duplication in read_mcols()
2017-05-23 Sybren A. StüvelAlembic: split up read_custom_data_ex() into read_custo...
2017-05-23 Bastien MontagneAdd PovRay file extensions to our 'textual' file filtering.
2017-05-23 Bastien MontagneFix some POV keywords not colored correctly.
2017-05-23 Clément FoucaultEevee: Disable directionnal lamps shadows
2017-05-23 Luca RoodUse pointers to actual data for particle uniforms
2017-05-23 Luca RoodUse custom shader for dot particles
2017-05-23 Luca RoodRename/move particle shaders
2017-05-23 Howard TrickeyFix T48668, bevel mistake on presumed reflex angle.
2017-05-23 Luca RoodCreate new shading group for each psys
2017-05-23 Luca RoodRevert "Implement UBOs for particles"
2017-05-23 Clément FoucaultDWM: Add short to float / int uniform function.
2017-05-23 Clément FoucaultDraw Manager: Prevent errors when overwritting the...
2017-05-23 Campbell BartonStupid mistake in material access optimization
2017-05-23 Bastien MontagneMake msvc2015 happy again.
2017-05-23 Sybren A. StüvelFix T51319: Alembic export crash w/simple child particl...
2017-05-23 Sergey SharybinFix T51592: Simplify AO Cycles setting remains active...
2017-05-23 Campbell BartonDwM: optimize material access
2017-05-23 Campbell BartonCleanup: use more generic naming
2017-05-23 Campbell BartonDwM: texture paint support & mask mode
2017-05-22 Bastien MontagneMerge branch 'master' into blender2.8
2017-05-22 Bastien MontagneAdd PovRay syntax hilghting.
2017-05-22 Sergey SharybinFix T51308: Bright/Contrast Doesn't respect Pre-multipl...
2017-05-22 Bastien MontagneFix T51318: Non-update of preview when switching from...
2017-05-22 Bastien MontagneEnhance vgroup handling when merging meshes.
2017-05-22 Bastien MontagneFix T51520: Broken vertex weights after two mesh joining.
2017-05-22 Bastien MontagneFix wrong comment in BLI_findstringindex (returns 0...
2017-05-22 Luca RoodImplement UBOs for particles
2017-05-22 Luca RoodMinor cleanup of previous hair commits
2017-05-22 Campbell BartonFix T51169: Push/pull fails w/ local lock axis
2017-05-22 Dalai FelintoFix T51578: Blender 2.8 crash when select Dopesheet...
2017-05-22 Bastien MontagneFix T51336: Crash on broken file opening.
2017-05-22 Campbell BartonRevert assert, Eevee uses uniforms that might not exist
2017-05-22 Campbell BartonCleanup: move custom-data layers into a struct
2017-05-22 Campbell BartonCleanup: line length
2017-05-22 Campbell BartonCleanup: minor edits