Orange <-> bf-blender conflict, with 2.40 saved files the version-patch to
[blender.git] / projectfiles /
2006-01-01 Ton RoosendaalOrange <-> bf-blender conflict, with 2.40 saved files...
2005-12-19 Ton RoosendaalOrange: monday merger with bf-blender (loadsa bugfixes).
2005-12-17 Ton RoosendaalSaturday merger of bf-blender in orange branch.
2005-12-14 Ton RoosendaalAnother merger of Orange branch with bf-blender, it...
2005-12-14 Ton RoosendaalWednesday merger of Orange branch and bf-blender
2005-12-13 Ton RoosendaalTuesday merger of Orange branch with bf-blender
2005-12-11 Ton RoosendaalSunday merger of orange branch with bf-blender
2005-12-06 Ton RoosendaalOrange: tuesday sync with bf-blender
2005-12-04 Ton RoosendaalSunday sync of Orange with bf-blender
2005-12-02 Ton RoosendaalFriday merge of bf-blender into orange branch.
2005-11-30 Ton RoosendaalSyncing Orange branch with bf-blender
2005-11-28 Jens Ole Wundfixing msvc6 project debuggin
2005-11-23 Jens Ole WundMSVC6 projects
2005-11-21 Jens Ole WundMSVC6 project file service :)
2005-11-16 Jens Ole Wundsome more msvc6 magic
2005-11-16 Jens Ole Wundadding some msvc6 magic to bullet part 2
2005-11-11 Jens Ole Wundspecial service for msvc6 projects
2005-11-09 Jens Ole Wundfixing msvc6 projects to compile again
2005-10-10 Jens Ole Wundadded editipo_lib.c editipo_mods.c to project
2005-10-10 Jens Ole Wundmsvc6 project file suite complete again
2005-10-04 Jens Ole Wundadding mesh.c .h files to project
2005-09-30 Jens Ole Wundhum .. blender.dsp would link to
2005-09-23 Jens Ole Wundthe usual missing files / include path setting game
2005-09-09 Jens Ole Wundhaving a "mini gimp" in image editor
2005-09-09 Jens Ole Wundmake MSVC6 projects happy :
2005-08-23 Jens Ole Wundhelp MSVC6 projects for edgehash files
2005-08-06 Jens Ole Wundadding time line stuff
2005-08-02 Martin PoirierPython 2.4 for MSVC 6.0 projectfiles.
2005-07-28 Jens Ole Wundzlib.lib update. some includes too.
2005-07-26 Jens Ole Wundhelp mscv6 to find
2005-07-25 Jens Ole Wundbuild.c + .h going
2005-07-19 Martin PoirierProject Files (MSVC 6.0) update:
2005-07-04 Martin PoirierMSVC 6.0 projectfiles update for the removal of IKA...
2005-06-18 Martin PoirierAdding lorem.c file to BL_src.dsp MSVC 6.0 projectfile.
2005-06-10 Martin PoirierMSVC 6.0 projectfiles small cleaning.
2005-05-23 Jens Ole Wundadded font.c and font.h to MSCV6 project
2005-05-09 Martin PoirierMSVC 6.0 Projectfile changes for the timeline in BL_src...
2005-05-02 Jens Ole Wundadded DNA_object_force.h to DNA_makesdna project
2005-05-01 Jens Ole Wundput depsgraph_private.h to BKE_blenkernel.dsp /include...
2005-04-30 Jens Ole WundUpdated MSVC6 projects to handle depgraph (added some...
2005-04-23 Martin PoirierMSVC 6.0 Projectfile changes for transform_conversions.c
2005-04-23 Martin PoirierReplaced powf to (float)pow in zblur.c. Was giving...
2005-04-10 Martin PoirierMerged all the internal transform includes into transfo...
2005-04-04 Martin PoirierMSVC 6.0 projectfiles
2005-04-01 Rob HaarsmaTeeth's msvc6 projectfiles commit solved almost all...
2005-03-31 Martin PoirierSome MSVC 6.0 projectfiles updates:
2005-03-31 Martin PoirierAdding CCG stuff to MSVC 6.0 projectfiles
2005-03-19 Roel SpruitAdded transform_manipulator.c to the windows MSVC 6...
2005-03-09 Martin PoirierMSVC 6.0 Projectfile addition (include path) to compile...
2005-03-06 Simon ClitherowAdded new bpy files to MSVC 6 project files.
2005-02-14 Martin PoirierMSVC 6.0 projectfile changes to go with last commit.
2005-01-30 Simon Clitherow - updated MSVC 6 projectfiles.
2005-01-16 Simon ClitherowAdded new files to VC6 project (KX_PolygonMaterial...
2004-12-27 Martin PoirierMSVC 6.0 Projectfiles changes to fit Ton's commit.
2004-11-23 Jens Ole Wundmake mscv6 usrers happy
2004-11-08 Jens Ole WundMsvc6 complies again with
2004-10-09 Jens Ole Wundadded outline.c :)
2004-10-01 Martin PoirierProjectfile (MSVC 6.0) update for new softbody files
2004-09-23 Martin PoirierMSVC 6.0 projectfiles fixes for new editmesh and bpytho...
2004-09-19 Martin PoirierEditmesh spliting project files fix (MSVC 6.0)
2004-09-05 Martin PoirierAdding undo files to projectfiles (MSVC 6.0)
2004-08-27 Martin PoirierAdding BPY sound module to projectfiles (MSVC 6.0)
2004-07-28 Roel Spruitadded correct include paths for radio.h (for msvc debug...
2004-07-25 Martin PoirierNew BPython files missing from MSVC 6.0 projectfiles
2004-07-21 Martin PoirierNew BPython files missing from MSVC 6.0 projectfiles
2004-07-21 Roel Spruitadded include path for some gameengine file and fixed...
2004-07-14 Jens Ole Wundwork on mcvc6 projects
2004-07-13 Simon Clitherow- updated VC6 project files for SOLID - blender now...
2004-06-23 Roel Spruit- Added correct Writing/Reading of the new Sweep sequen...
2004-06-18 Roel SpruitI thought I added this include path for yafray to the...
2004-06-16 Roel Spruitadded files for yafray plugin export to msvc 6 projectfiles
2004-06-11 Joseph Gilbert- update to MSVC6 for Property support
2004-05-20 Martin PoirierMSVC 6.0 ProjectFiles update. The file Kester added...
2004-05-03 Martin PoirierProjectfiles update for Python 2.3.X
2004-04-24 Martin Poirierprojectfile update for the new python module
2004-04-19 Simon Clitherow- updated MSVC 6 projectfiles with the glue removal...
2004-04-19 Joseph Gilbert-update to msvc6 project for NLA module
2004-04-09 Simon Clitherowcleaning up MSVC 6 project files (Part 2).
2004-04-04 Roel Spruit- Added source\blender\python to MSVC 6 debug target...
2004-04-03 Chris WantFixes to projectfiles:
2004-03-25 Simon Clitherow- updated MSVC 6 projectfiles with gameengine/solid...
2004-03-14 Joseph Gilbert-update to msvc6 for render module
2004-02-29 Martin PoirierProjectfiles fix for Mathutils
2004-01-21 Roel Spruitsome MSVC cleanup.
2004-01-14 Roel Spruitadded python script files to MSVC 6.0 projectfiles...
2004-01-10 Roel Spruitadded bmp.c and the new yafray files to the MSVC projec...
2004-01-09 Kent MeinAdded support for outputting bmp's
2004-01-05 Roel Spruit- Added projectfiles for yafray
2003-12-26 Roel Spruitadded Robert's cursor stuff to the msvc 6.0 project...
2003-12-21 Roel Spruitupdated msvc projectfiles: added texture.c and removed...
2003-12-15 Martin PoirierProjectfiles fixes for new script space code thingy
2003-12-10 Kent MeinUpdate the build systems to include ray.c
2003-12-04 Martin PoirierProjectfile fix for new png.c file
2003-11-23 Martin PoirierProjectfiles fix for new Python module
2003-11-23 Roel SpruitReplaced all references to ..\..\source\blender\bpython...
2003-11-14 Martin PoirierProjectfile update for the Lattice module
2003-10-20 Roel Spruitadded interface_draw.c to msvc 6.0 projectfile
2003-10-15 Roel Spruitadded interface_panel.c to msvc 6 projectfile
2003-10-10 Roel Spruit- Added all the stuff of the last week to the MSVC...
2003-10-07 Simon Clitherow- removed link with libblenkey.a (keymaker) (MSVC 6)