added mask tool to recalculate handles (Ctrl+N)
[blender.git] / source / blender / editors / mask / mask_ops.c
2012-06-13 Campbell Bartonadded mask tool to recalculate handles (Ctrl+N)
2012-06-13 Campbell Bartonmango request
2012-06-11 Campbell Bartonfix for using freed memory with mask point slide
2012-06-08 Campbell Bartonfix for bug in point slide using freed memory when...
2012-06-06 Campbell Bartonmask mode
2012-06-05 Campbell Bartonmask point slide now accounts for scaled bezier weights,
2012-06-05 Campbell Bartonmask editing
2012-06-04 Bastien MontagneA few UI messages fixes.
2012-06-04 Campbell Bartonabbreviate mask-editing to mask-edit
2012-06-04 Campbell Bartoninclude cleanup, also raskter wasn't building on osx
2012-06-04 Campbell Bartonmask merge (initial copy of editor files)