GHost: Attempt to fix compilation error on older OSX systems
[blender.git] / build_files /
2015-06-13 Campbell BartonCMake: minor edits to lite config
2015-06-10 Sergey SharybinCMake: Fix typo in OIIO module
2015-06-07 Campbell BartonCleanup: pep8
2015-05-30 Martijn Bergerpython tar.gz changed structure due to python.exe being...
2015-05-28 Bastien MontagneInstall_deps: fix different 'libfreetype2' devel packag...
2015-05-19 Campbell BartonSCons: install Python executable when its bundled
2015-05-19 Campbell BartonCMake: install Python executable when its bundled
2015-05-19 Campbell BartonCMake: remove temp assignment, unused vars
2015-05-17 Sergey SharybinBuildbot: Make sure files are readable by www group
2015-05-17 Campbell BartonCMake: fixes for own checking script
2015-05-14 Campbell correct typo
2015-05-12 Sergey SharybinDepsgraph: New dependency graph integration commit
2015-05-06 Martijn Berger[cmake] move FindLLVM to its own file
2015-05-01 Bastien MontagneUpdated install_deps' Collada to 3335ac164e68b2512a4091...
2015-05-01 Jens VerwiebeOSX: remove collada from fading out 32bit buildbot
2015-04-29 Sergey SharybinBuildbot: Attempt to fix cudakernels target screwing...
2015-04-29 Sergey SharybinSCons: Ignore .svn folder when installing site-packages
2015-04-29 Sergey SharybinSCons: Fix wrong flags usage after recent stdc89 changes
2015-04-29 Sergey SharybinBuildbot: Fix typo in error message
2015-04-28 Campbell BartonUse gnu89 for GCC
2015-04-08 Campbell BartonCMake: resolve linking error on Linux
2015-04-06 Jens VerwiebeOSX: add a license file for libiomp5 ( intel omp )...
2015-03-30 Sergey SharybinBuildbot: Use Clang with OpenMP support for 64bit OSX...
2015-03-27 Sergey SharybinCMake: Enable strict flags for C++
2015-03-24 Campbell BartonFix for building blender as a Python module
2015-03-23 Campbell Bartontweaks to packman build
2015-03-21 Campbell BartonCleanup: minor edits to project generators
2015-03-20 Sergey SharybinCmake: Some more tweaks to building from branch without...
2015-03-20 Sergey SharybinSCons: Attempt to deal with branches without upstream...
2015-03-20 Sergey SharybinCMake: Suppress unconfigured branch upstream error...
2015-03-19 Campbell BartonCleanup
2015-03-19 Campbell BartonCMake: unbundle eigen3
2015-03-13 Sergey SharybinInitial compilation support with C++11 featureset enabled
2015-03-13 Campbell BartonCMake: unbundle LZO library
2015-03-07 Bastien MontagneInstallDeps: Fix stupid typo which broke OIIO building...
2015-03-06 Campbell BartonCleanup: quiet minilzo warnings
2015-03-05 Sergey SharybinCMake: Need to find pugixml.hpp instead of pugixml.h
2015-03-05 Campbell BartonUpdate install_deps for recent CMake change
2015-03-05 Campbell BartonCMake: mark lib/debug options advanced
2015-03-03 Antony RiakiotakisWindows: Add stacktrace support when unhandled exceptio...
2015-02-27 Campbell Bartoncleanup: typos
2015-02-25 Campbell Bartonerror in last commit
2015-02-25 Campbell BartonCMake: error making get_blender_version a function
2015-02-18 Thomas DingesFix Cycles OpenCL error with scons, util_math_fast...
2015-02-18 Campbell BartonCMake: remove expression in endif(...)
2015-02-16 Sybren A. StüvelEnsure CMake finds SDL 2.0
2015-02-14 Sergey SharybinCMake: Add search path for jemalloc which corresponds...
2015-02-13 Campbell Bartoncleanup
2015-02-10 Sergey SharybinSynchronize changes from buildbot server
2015-02-09 Sergey SharybinCMake cleanup: Move OSL detection code into FindOpenSha...
2015-02-06 Joshua LeungFix for scons + mingw64 warning flags fix
2015-02-06 Sergey SharybinSome tweaks to support upcoming OSL-1.6
2015-02-05 Campbell BartonCMake: add PLATFORM_LINKFLAGS to CMAKE_(SHARED|MODULE...
2015-02-04 Joshua LeungCompiler warnings tweak for scons + mingw64
2015-02-03 Bastien MontagneInstall_deps: update to new exr/oiio versions, and...
2015-02-02 Martijn BergerMake MSVC 2013 win32 also use new OpenEXR 2.2
2015-02-02 Martijn BergerBump OpenEXR to 2.2 for windows MSVC 2013
2015-01-29 Campbell Bartoncleanup: shebang lines
2015-01-29 Campbell Bartoncleanup: pep8
2015-01-28 Sergey SharybinUpdate scons build documentation
2015-01-28 Sergey SharybinAdded default install location from
2015-01-28 Martijn BergerSwitch windows MSVC builds to OpenAL-soft
2015-01-26 Martijn BergerChange exception syntax to be more modern and hopefully...
2015-01-22 Sergey SharybinCMake: Auto-detect path to idiff application in FindOpe...
2015-01-20 Lukas TönneMoved the cloth solver code into a new subfolder/librar...
2015-01-09 Campbell BartonFix for GTest
2015-01-08 Antony RiakiotakisFix gtest linking on ubuntu and do minor cleanup.
2015-01-08 Campbell Bartonexclude git/arc files from tgz archive
2015-01-03 Campbell BartonGTest was broken on Linux
2014-12-31 Sergey SharybinCycles: Post-reintegration tweaks to ensure things...
2014-12-31 Sergey SharybinCycles: Fix compilation error when OIIO is compiled...
2014-12-31 Sergey SharybinRemove executable flag from the build configuration...
2014-12-29 Lukas TönneSmall fix for QTCreator project script, by Sybren Stüvel.
2014-12-29 Sergey SharybinCMake: Add check for whether OIIO has bundled pugixml...
2014-12-10 Sergey SharybinSwitch to numpy 1.9 for windows platform
2014-12-08 Sergey SharybinCycles: Fix compilation error with MinGW and logging...
2014-12-06 SeverinInput Method Editor (IME) support for text buttons
2014-12-05 Joshua LeungFix scons+mingw64 compiling - Ensure WITH_BF_CYCLES_LOG...
2014-12-04 Sergey SharybinBuildbot: Enable sm_52 for OSX
2014-12-03 Sergey SharybinCycles: Enable logging by default
2014-12-03 Sergey SharybinCycles: Support logging when building with SCons
2014-12-02 Thomas DingesCycles: Enable native sm_52 kernel for Windows.
2014-12-02 Sergey SharybinEnable sm52 for linux buildbot
2014-12-01 Campbell BartonCleanup: warnings
2014-11-28 Bastien MontagneFix for previous commit (forgot to update rev UID,...
2014-11-28 Bastien MontagneInstall_deps: switch to OSL 1.5.11 (ammended with blend...
2014-11-19 Sergey SharybinSwitch to SDL2 on OSX
2014-11-18 Sergey SharybinBuildbot: Switch to dynamic loaded SDL-2.0
2014-11-18 Campbell BartonCMake: update pacman spec
2014-11-18 Campbell BartonRevert "OSX/cpack: add a dummy bg and ds_store for...
2014-11-18 Jens VerwiebeOSX/cpack: add a dummy bg and ds_store for dmg
2014-11-17 Campbell BartonCMake: update lite config
2014-11-17 Sergey SharybinSupport dynamic loading of SDL libraries
2014-11-17 Martijn Bergercmake/buildbot: make sure we build the full blender...
2014-11-16 Jens VerwiebeOSX/buildsystems: unify openmp handling by changing...
2014-11-16 Campbell BartonError in last commit
2014-11-16 Campbell BartonCMake: cleanup, namespace & unused vars
2014-11-15 Martijn BergerCmake windows. Make sure we install blender player.
2014-11-13 Campbell BartonCMake: add 'make full' target
2014-11-13 Martijn BergerCMake buildbot change upload should work now