Fix UV path redo in vert/edge mode
[blender.git] / release / scripts /
12 hours ago Pablo DobarroSculpt: Make Sculpt Vertex Colors features experimental
20 hours ago Campbell BartonUV: path selection support
2 days ago Johan WallesUI: Add units to motion tracking solve errors
2 days ago Philipp OeserFix T78186: Dyntopo panel error with tools that dont...
2 days ago Campbell BartonUI: add merge/split menus
3 days ago Hans GoudeyUI: Add shortcuts for shader effect panels
3 days ago Campbell BartonUV: add rip region to toolbar
3 days ago Campbell BartonUV: add rip tool
4 days ago Aaron CarlisleRNA Manual Reference: Update links
6 days ago Richard AntalikFix T78433: Adding Fade Generates Python Exception
6 days ago Antonio VazquezFix T78555: GPencil bake animation operator loose frame...
7 days ago Aaron CarlisleUI: Add Edge Loopcut Slide to edge menu
7 days ago ValentinCleanup: Remove useless duplicated lines
7 days ago Aaron CarlisleUI: Dont abbriviate location & rotation
7 days ago Pablo DobarroSculpt: Mask By Color
7 days ago Sebastián BarschkisFluid: Added offset to control frame range
8 days ago Yevgeny MakarovFix file-selector entering the directory on Ctrl-Click
8 days ago Hans GoudeyUI: Fix alignment in kinematic constraint layout
8 days ago Campbell BartonUI: remove internal names (custom-data & loops) from...
8 days ago Campbell BartonUI: use term 'Current Frame' instead of 'Playhead'
8 days ago Germano CavalcanteTransform: generalized custom-data correction support
9 days ago Campbell BartonCleanup: python enum quoting
9 days ago Aaron CarlisleUI: Constraints: Use single column for IK constraint
9 days ago Pablo DobarroSculpt: Color filter fill mode
9 days ago Miguel PorcesPython API: support setting properties in nested data...
9 days ago Pablo DobarroSculpt: Pose Brush option to affect loose parts
9 days ago Demeter DzadikCustom Properties: support default values for strings
10 days ago Hans GoudeyUI: Add shortcuts for grease pencil modifier panels
10 days ago Hans GoudeyUI: Add shortcuts for modifier panels
10 days ago Pablo DobarroRemove Threaded Sculpt option
10 days ago Pablo DobarroFix T78323: Enable Unified and Secondary colors for...
12 days ago Aaron CarlisleUI: Better Grouping of FFmpeg audio settings
13 days ago Hans GoudeyFix T78049: Wrong icon for add cone tool
13 days ago Brecht Van LommelFix T78199: reload scripts error when icon is used...
13 days ago Jacques LuckeFix T76996: Don't allow baking when domain is not in...
13 days ago Brecht Van LommelCycles: add experimental preference to replace magic...
2020-06-26 Campbell BartonCleanup: use percentage formatting
2020-06-25 Dalai FelintoExperimental Features: Use different "categories" for...
2020-06-24 Sebastián BarschkisFluid: Use OpenVDB as the default cache format for...
2020-06-24 Germano CavalcanteUI: Add Extrude Manifold Icon
2020-06-24 Sebastián BarschkisFluid: Improved OpenVDB support for fluid caches
2020-06-24 Campbell BartonText: add replace all operator
2020-06-23 Aaron CarlisleUI: Remove unnecessary ellipsis
2020-06-23 Pablo DobarroSculpt Vertex Colors: Initial implementation
2020-06-23 Hans GoudeyUI: Don't expand bevel active tool setting
2020-06-23 Clément FoucaultEEVEE: Motion Blur: Add accumulation motion blur for...
2020-06-23 Jacques LuckePreferences: New experimental settings for particle...
2020-06-23 Yevgeny MakarovFix T77743: Number pad key-map items missing from search
2020-06-23 Campbell BartonCleanup: use static sets instead of tuples
2020-06-23 Hans GoudeyBevel: Refactor profile type input to use an enum
2020-06-22 Jeroen BakkerRefactoring: View2DScrollers memory allocation
2020-06-22 Germano CavalcanteTools: rename 'Extrude, Dissolve and Intersect' to...
2020-06-22 Damien PicardExternal Player: update DJV to version 2
2020-06-22 Campbell BartonCleanup: remove workaround for boost 1.46
2020-06-22 Campbell BartonCleanup: remove blender 2.4 reference in animation...
2020-06-22 Campbell BartonFix T78123: Can't remove preset with brackets in the...
2020-06-22 Campbell BartonFix T77536: Extrude to cursor keybinding missing
2020-06-21 Hans GoudeyUI: Only show constaint head/tail property with subtarget
2020-06-21 Hans Goudey UI: A few small fixes for constraint layouts
2020-06-20 Antonio VazquezGPencil: Fix unreported multiuser datablock for onion...
2020-06-20 Campbell BartonFix T75074: Select Hierarchy error, when object is...
2020-06-19 Hans GoudeyCleanup: Spelling
2020-06-19 Hans GoudeyUI: Fix all constraint subpanels empty
2020-06-19 Hans GoudeyUI: ShaderFx Drag and Drop, Layout Updates
2020-06-19 Hans GoudeyUI: Grease Pencil Modifier Drag and Drop, Layout Changes
2020-06-19 Hans GoudeyUI: Drag and Drop Constraints, Layout Updates
2020-06-19 Clément FoucaultEEEVEE: Object Motion Blur: Initial Implementation
2020-06-19 Alexander GavrilovCloth: allow forces to act parallel to cloth.
2020-06-18 Philipp OeserFix T77957: Height change in Camera Properties column...
2020-06-18 Campbell BartonSequencer: revert selection & keymap changes from D7679
2020-06-18 Richard AntalikFix T73056: Cache not invalidated in fade operator
2020-06-17 Antonio VazquezGPencil: Fix unreported Vertex Opacity Overlay not...
2020-06-17 Germano CavalcanteUI: Match some properties set in keymaps with those...
2020-06-17 Nathan CraddockOutliner: Unified delete hierarchy operator
2020-06-17 Philipp OeserFix T76041: Low contrast dirty vertex colors with loose...
2020-06-16 Antonio VazquezGPencil: Convert and Bake mesh animation to grease...
2020-06-15 Jeroen BakkerFix Memory Leak introduced by Draw Manager Threading
2020-06-15 Bastien MontagneVarious UI messages fixes...
2020-06-14 Tobias HeinkeAPI docs: mathutils leaked markup
2020-06-14 Aaron CarlisleUI: Do not use term 'Subsurf'
2020-06-13 Hans GoudeyUI: Use consistent order for particle display icons
2020-06-12 dupoxyUI: Use consistent order for physics display icons
2020-06-12 Alexander GavrilovCloth: implement support for a hydrostatic pressure...
2020-06-11 Aaron CarlisleUI: Adjust names for Find/Replace Set Selection
2020-06-11 Campbell BartonSequencer: view toggle no longer cycles over SEQUENCER_...
2020-06-09 Hans GoudeyUI: Remove extra separator in some cases
2020-06-09 Pablo DobarroSculpt: Face Set Edit Operator
2020-06-09 Sergey SharybinFix T77448: Camera Solver constraint can't be converted...
2020-06-09 Campbell BartonCleanup: remove debug prints in py.ops.nla.bake()
2020-06-05 Hans GoudeyUI: Drag and Drop Modifiers, Layout Updates
2020-06-05 Campbell BartonSequencer: split select side of frame out of the select...
2020-06-05 Campbell BartonFix accessing online manual for PropertyGroups
2020-06-04 Brecht Van LommelFix Grease Pencil panel showing as first panel in rende...
2020-06-04 Brecht Van LommelMerge branch 'blender-v2.83-release'
2020-06-04 Campbell BartonCleanup: move auto-execute operators into userpref_ops.c
2020-06-03 Julian EiselFix broken split layout in encoding options
2020-06-03 Sebastián BarschkisFix T77203: Mantaflow Bake All cannot be resumed
2020-06-03 Nathan LetworyEnsure submodules are at correct commits for 2.83
2020-06-03 Campbell BartonFix app-template warning disabling a template without...
2020-06-03 Campbell BartonFix T67577: Add-on unregister can't access preferences...