Fix T91662: VSE Image overlay is drawn for backdrop
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13 hours ago Jeroen BakkerCodestyle: Add brackets around body of if statements.
16 hours ago Philipp OeserCleanup: clang format
19 hours ago Jeroen BakkerHair Info Length Attribute
3 days ago Brecht Van LommelCycles: merge of cycles-x branch, a major update to...
11 days ago Jacques LuckeFix T91311: incorrect batch generation for instances
13 days ago Hans GoudeyGeometry Nodes: Support modifier on curve objects
2021-09-08 Jeroen BakkerAsset: Dropping Material assets on material slot under...
2021-09-06 Jacques LuckeGeometry Nodes: support for geometry instancing
2021-09-01 Jeroen BakkerCleanup: Better names for eDRWColorManagement.
2021-09-01 Jeroen BakkerCleanup: Use nullptr.
2021-08-31 Jeroen BakkerCleanup: pass value by ref in draw_color_management
2021-08-31 Jeroen BakkerCleanup: DRW color management seperated in multiple...
2021-08-31 Jeroen BakkerCleanup: Moved DRW_vieport_colormanagement_set to draw_...
2021-08-31 Jeroen BakkerCleanup: Converted draw_color_management to CPP.
2021-08-31 Jeroen BakkerCleanup: Draw Manager remove do_color_management from...
2021-08-31 Jeroen BakkerCleanup: Remove unused DRW_state_do_color_management.
2021-08-30 Henrik DickFix T90742: Gpencil ghost point on selection
2021-08-26 Campbell BartonCleanup: warnings
2021-08-25 Harley AchesonBLF: Remove ASCII-only Code Paths
2021-08-23 Germano CavalcanteCleanup: move the buffer list to 'MeshBufferCache'
2021-08-23 Germano CavalcanteCleanup: Isolate the batch list struct into a struct...
2021-08-23 Germano CavalcanteCleanup: rename 'MeshBufferExtractionCache' to 'MeshBuf...
2021-08-23 Germano CavalcanteCleanup: rename 'MeshBufferCache' to 'MeshBufferList'
2021-08-23 Germano CavalcanteCleanup: Move 'tris_per_mat' member out of 'MeshBufferC...
2021-08-15 Germano CavalcanteFix wrong usage of 'sizeof'
2021-08-13 Germano CavalcanteCleanup: fix typos in static variables
2021-08-13 Matteo F. VescoviFix FTBFS on mips64el architecture
2021-08-09 Aaron CarlisleUI: Image Editor: Fix missing 2D cursor in mask edit...
2021-08-06 Jacques LuckeCleanup: clang tidy
2021-08-05 Germano CavalcanteDRW: New Select Debug Engine
2021-08-05 Campbell BartonCleanup: remove redundant parenthesis
2021-08-04 Antonio VazquezGPencil: New Brush option to define Caps type
2021-08-04 Germano CavalcanteFix T90427: Center View to Mouse broken
2021-08-03 Germano CavalcanteFix select engine buffer having wrong vertex size
2021-07-30 Campbell BartonCleanup: remove redundant ifdef check
2021-07-30 Campbell BartonCleanup: clang-format (re-run after v12 version bump)
2021-07-26 Germano CavalcanteCleanup: Rearrange mesh extraction files
2021-07-26 Jacques LuckeCleanup: clang tidy
2021-07-26 Campbell BartonCleanup: spelling in comments
2021-07-23 Campbell BartonCleanup: code comments punctuation / spacing
2021-07-22 Germano CavalcanteCleanup: Silence warning - unused parameter
2021-07-21 Germano CavalcanteDraw Cache: extract tris in parallel ranges
2021-07-21 Germano CavalcanteFix T90017: Bone widget drawing inconsistent with editing
2021-07-21 Germano CavalcanteCleanup: Move loose geometry cache creation to render...
2021-07-21 Campbell BartonFix incorrect use of BLI_assert with error strings
2021-07-21 Campbell BartonCleanup: spelling
2021-07-21 Campbell BartonCleanup: replace BLI_assert(0 && "text") with BLI_asser...
2021-07-20 Hans GoudeyFix T89993: Failed assert drawing single point cyclic...
2021-07-19 Germano CavalcanteRevert "Depsgraph: Implement 'ID_RECALC_GEOMETRY_DEFORM'"
2021-07-16 Germano CavalcanteFix T89624: Vertex painting causes mesh to flicker
2021-07-16 Campbell BartonCleanup: remove redundant parentheses
2021-07-15 Campbell BartonCleanup: replace BLI_assert(!"text") with BLI_assert_ms...
2021-07-13 Hans GoudeyRefactor: Move vertex group names to object data
2021-07-13 Campbell BartonCleanup: replace BKE_customdata.h in BKE_editmesh.h
2021-07-12 Germano CavalcanteDepsgraph: Implement 'ID_RECALC_GEOMETRY_DEFORM'
2021-07-11 Campbell BartonCleanup: correct spelling in comments, remove profanity
2021-07-08 Campbell BartonCleanup: spelling
2021-07-07 Campbell BartonCleanup: spelling in comments
2021-07-06 Antonio VazquezGPencil: Rename BKE_gpencil_visible_stroke_iter
2021-07-03 Campbell BartonCleanup: consistent use of tags: NOTE/TODO/FIXME/XXX
2021-07-02 Hans GoudeyCleanup: Use const variables for object's evaluated...
2021-07-02 Campbell BartonCleanup: compiler & clang-tidy warnings
2021-07-01 Hans GoudeyCleanup: Clang tidy, remove typedef
2021-07-01 Germano CavalcanteCleanup: Separate each extractor into specific compile...
2021-06-28 Germano CavalcanteDraw: make 'ibo.lines_loose' extracting safer
2021-06-28 Germano CavalcanteCleanup: remove unused macro parameters
2021-06-28 Campbell BartonCleanup: repeated terms in code comments & error messages
2021-06-26 Campbell BartonCleanup: full sentences in comments, improve comment...
2021-06-24 Germano CavalcanteCleanup: move and simplify some draw_cache macros
2021-06-24 Campbell BartonCleanup: comment blocks, trailing space in comments
2021-06-22 Leon ZandmanCleanup: Spelling Mistakes
2021-06-22 Germano CavalcanteFix T89360: Eevee transforms geometry when using "High...
2021-06-22 Jeroen BakkerDraw: Added testcases for hair refine shaders.
2021-06-21 Campbell BartonCleanup: swap top/bottom args to planes_from_projmat
2021-06-20 Campbell BartonDocs: add additional notes on tessellation, update...
2021-06-20 Campbell BartonMesh: optimize object mode face tessellation
2021-06-18 Jeroen BakkerDrawManager: Multithreaded counting of material buckets.
2021-06-18 Germano CavalcanteFix T89240: Crash when moving vertices on a linked...
2021-06-18 Jacques LuckeCleanup: clang format
2021-06-18 Campbell BartonCleanup: clang-tidy
2021-06-16 Jeroen BakkerCleanup: reduce warnings when compiling release builds.
2021-06-15 Germano CavalcanteDRW: sanitize 'DRW_mesh_batch_cache_dirty_tag'
2021-06-15 Germano CavalcanteDraw Cache: avoid recalculating 'poly_normals'
2021-06-15 Jeroen BakkerDrawManager: Cache material offsets.
2021-06-15 Jeroen BakkerCleanup: Added hierarchy in MeshBufferExtractionCache.
2021-06-15 Jeroen BakkerCleanup: Split mesh_render_data_loose_geom into multipl...
2021-06-11 Germano CavalcanteRefactor: use 'BLI_task_parallel_range' in Draw Cache
2021-06-11 Germano CavalcanteRefactor: Draw Cache: use 'BLI_task_parallel_range'
2021-06-09 Jeroen BakkerCleanup: Removed unused definition.
2021-06-09 Jeroen BakkerT88352: Use threaded ibo.tris extraction for single...
2021-06-09 Germano CavalcanteDraw Cache: use threading for Mesh extract lines
2021-06-08 Jeroen BakkerGPU: Thread safe index buffer builders.
2021-06-08 Jeroen BakkerRevert "Cleanup: use cpp new/delete."
2021-06-08 Jeroen BakkerCleanup: replace NULL with nullptr.
2021-06-08 Jeroen BakkerCleanup: use cpp new/delete.
2021-06-08 Jeroen BakkerCleanup: replace typedef structs with structs.
2021-06-08 Jeroen BakkerCleanup: Separate compile unit edituv.
2021-06-08 Jeroen BakkerCleanup: Separate compile unit lines_adjacency.
2021-06-08 Jeroen BakkerCleanup: Separate compile unit lines_paint_mask.
2021-06-08 Jeroen BakkerCleanup: Separate fdots extraction in own compile unit.