svn merge -r20855:20928
[blender.git] / source / blender / blenkernel / intern /
2009-06-16 Campbell Bartonsvn merge
2009-06-16 Brecht Van LommelRNA
2009-06-15 Brecht Van LommelFix for bug #18924: OpenGL performance issue with parti...
2009-06-15 Ton Roosendaal2.5
2009-06-13 Kent Meincoverity issue CID: 307
2009-06-13 Kent Meincoverity issue CID: 469
2009-06-13 Robin AllenOmission of a texture node to specify coordinates was...
2009-06-13 Campbell Bartonsvn merge
2009-06-13 Campbell Bartonmerged from trunk 20741:20848
2009-06-09 Brecht Van LommelFix for bug #18710: a crash with hair emitted from...
2009-06-09 Brecht Van LommelFix for bug #18881 and #18866: Surface option for Field...
2009-06-09 Brecht Van Lommel2.5:
2009-06-08 Brecht Van Lommel2.50:
2009-06-08 Ken HughesFix "no newline at end of file" warning.
2009-06-07 Nicholas BishopMultires/2.5:
2009-06-07 Nicholas BishopMultires/2.5:
2009-06-06 Daniel GenrichPatch/Bugfix so wind noise got controlable seed and...
2009-06-05 Janne KarhuFirst new particle code:
2009-06-05 Kent Meincoverity issues:
2009-06-03 Campbell BartonKX_MouseFocusSensor - bug reported by Micro27 on blende...
2009-06-03 Kent MeinMissed this one before. It's another coverity issue:
2009-06-02 Brecht Van Lommel2.5:
2009-06-02 Kent MeinThis commit fixes the following two coverity issues:
2009-05-31 Daniel GenrichDeform modifiers can now use useRenderParams and isFina...
2009-05-29 Benoit BolseeRevert commit 20478: instead of changing the default...
2009-05-28 Brecht Van LommelContext:
2009-05-28 Erwin CoumansBullet Physics maxphystep = 1 is better general default...
2009-05-28 Joshua Leung2.5 - Fixes for animating enum values
2009-05-27 Peter Schlaile== FFMPEG ==
2009-05-27 Brecht Van LommelUI:
2009-05-26 Campbell BartonMisc warnings
2009-05-24 Erwin Coumans+ renamed pad3 to m_contactProcessingThreshold (thanks...
2009-05-23 Erwin CoumansSet default constraint solver mode more compatible...
2009-05-23 Nicholas BishopMultires/2.5:
2009-05-21 Benoit BolseeBGE: GUI control over frame rate, logic rate, physics...
2009-05-21 Brecht Van Lommel2.5 UI: Modifier Template
2009-05-21 Campbell Barton[#18795] Subdivide Smooth can give wrong vcol
2009-05-20 Brecht Van Lommel2.5 Material:
2009-05-18 Benoit BolseeBGE #18665: Servo control and relative motion
2009-05-17 Dalai FelintoBGE Dome: removing of size option and adding tilt option.
2009-05-17 Martin PoirierColor proofing support with lcms (
2009-05-14 Ton RoosendaalBugfix #18725
2009-05-13 Benoit BolseeBGE: 1-liner patch to put the Always sensor in non...
2009-05-12 Campbell Barton[#13726] Segfault with (Re)Appending objects
2009-05-11 Janne KarhuUgh, yet another try to fix [#18697] 2.49RC1: Keyed...
2009-05-11 Joshua LeungGraph Editor Bugfix: 'HomeKey' (View All) wasn't correc...
2009-05-07 Janne KarhuSecond fix for [#18697] 2.49RC1: Keyed Particles fine...
2009-05-06 Janne KarhuFix for [#18697] 2.49RC1: Keyed Particles fine in viewp...
2009-05-05 Diego BorghettiBig, big commit!!
2009-05-05 Joshua LeungCycles FModifier - Repeat Mirrored now works for cycles...
2009-05-04 Joshua Leung2.5 - Bugfixes
2009-05-04 Joshua LeungCycles F-Curve Modifier: 'Mirrored' Option
2009-05-03 Joshua LeungF-Curve Modifiers: Time-Modifying F-Modifiers Cleanup
2009-05-02 Joshua LeungF-Curve Modifiers - Per-Modifier Muting:
2009-05-02 Matt Ebb* Added a new F-Curve modifier type: Noise
2009-04-30 Ton Roosendaal2.5
2009-04-30 Ton RoosendaalSecond trial to get an OK menu work to allow people...
2009-04-29 Nathan Letwory* instead of using okee() (breaking builds) use error...
2009-04-29 Daniel GenrichWin64 fixes - I don't think that they introduced any...
2009-04-29 Ton RoosendaalBugfix #18632
2009-04-29 Ton RoosendaalBugfix from own testing:
2009-04-29 Ton Roosendaal2.5+ file read provision for 2.49
2009-04-27 Benoit BolseeBGE soft body: change welding option to disable welding...
2009-04-27 Benoit BolseeBGE: Add soft body welding parameter to the Advanced...
2009-04-27 Brecht Van Lommel2.50: fix crashes in the text editor due to undo buffer.
2009-04-26 Andre Susano PintoShrinkwrap fix (before I only fixed normal projection)
2009-04-26 Ken HughesMissing end-of-line.
2009-04-26 Andre Susano PintoFixed shrinkwrap bug:
2009-04-24 Benoit BolseeBGE: removed support for time dependent modifiers,...
2009-04-22 Brecht Van LommelFix for bug #14410: multires + vertex colors crash...
2009-04-22 Brecht Van LommelFix for bug #18509: mesh deform modifier not working...
2009-04-22 Brecht Van LommelUI
2009-04-22 Ton RoosendaalBugfix #18039
2009-04-22 Ton RoosendaalBugfix #18058
2009-04-22 Joshua LeungAssorted 2.5 fixes:
2009-04-21 Guillermo S. RomeroCompile warnings, typos and some clarifications.
2009-04-21 Guillermo S. RomeroSome Makefile changes still laying around.
2009-04-21 Nicholas BishopFix for bug #17457. This bug relates to files that...
2009-04-21 Ton RoosendaalBugfix #18550
2009-04-21 Benoit BolseeBGE: Support mesh modifiers in the game engine.
2009-04-21 Campbell Barton[#18557] incorrect alpha IPO behavior in game engine
2009-04-20 Brecht Van Lommel2.50: svn merge
2009-04-20 Joshua LeungDrivers - Rotational Difference
2009-04-20 Ton RoosendaalForgot to add the new gpencil files! :)
2009-04-20 Ton Roosendaal2.5
2009-04-20 Joshua LeungDrivers: "Scripted Expression" drivers (i.e. PyDrivers...
2009-04-19 Daniel GenrichBooleans:
2009-04-19 Daniel GenrichBooleans: Should work with modifier stack now. Please...
2009-04-19 Brecht Van LommelRNA: Generic Type Registration
2009-04-17 Ton Roosendaalbugfix #18287
2009-04-16 Joshua Leung2.5:
2009-04-16 Joshua LeungDrivers: Depsgraph building works again
2009-04-16 Joshua LeungAnimato - Drivers with Multiple Targets:
2009-04-16 Joshua LeungPoseLib: Fixed up RNA-properties for this operator...
2009-04-15 Andre Susano PintoMerging Shrinkwrap Constraint!
2009-04-15 Joshua LeungAction Constraint: Optimisation attempt
2009-04-15 Joshua Leung2.5 PoseLib - First steps to get PoseLib to work in 2.5
2009-04-14 Joshua LeungFCurve Modifiers - "Limits" Modifier:
2009-04-14 Joshua LeungAction Code - Tidied up some code that wasn't working yet
2009-04-13 Benoit BolseeBGE: Occlusion culling and other performance improvements.