SCons updates
[blender.git] / SConstruct
2004-03-09 Michel SeltenSCons updates
2004-03-07 Nathan Letwory* Added linux-i386 to appease Mandrake 9 users
2004-03-05 Nathan Letwory* [SCons] enable BUILD_DATE for win32. Basically SCons...
2004-03-02 Nathan LetworyAdded OpenBSD3.x to the SCons build system.
2004-02-29 Michel SeltenSCons updates
2004-02-29 Daniel Dunbar - SCons prob, options file strings were printed with...
2004-02-24 Michel SeltenSCons updates
2004-02-23 Michel SeltenSCons updates
2004-02-23 Michel SeltenSCons updates
2004-02-22 Michel SeltenSCons updates
2004-02-22 Michel SeltenSCons updates
2004-02-21 Chris WantMaking the scons build create a mips3 binary.
2004-02-21 Michel SeltenSCons updates
2004-02-18 Nathan Letwory* [WIN32] Make SCons build with debuggable info when...
2004-02-15 Michel SeltenSCons updates
2004-02-07 Michel SeltenSCons updates
2004-01-28 Kent MeinAdded Solaris specific stuff. Mostly its just a copy...
2004-01-25 Chris WantSCons for irix update (now does mips3 binary).
2004-01-21 Nathan Letwory- (win32) moved the .res addition to source_files to...
2004-01-20 Michel SeltenSCons updates: (All done by jesterKing)
2004-01-09 Wouter van Heyst- Introduce use_precomp on Darwin to decide wether...
2004-01-08 Stefan Gartnerfix building with quicktime support on os x.
2004-01-05 Michel SeltenSCons updates:
2004-01-05 Michel SeltenFix building a bundle for MacOS. (SCons related).
2004-01-05 Nathan Letwory- Added the SConscripts for ftfont and quicktime
2004-01-05 Stefan Gartnerupdate scons files to build with yafray support
2004-01-04 Michel SeltenSCons build system files added.