Cleanup: rename 3D cursor calculation vars
[blender.git] / source / blender / editors / space_view3d / view3d_edit.c
2018-06-22 Campbell BartonCleanup: rename 3D cursor calculation vars
2018-06-17 Campbell BartonCleanup: use clamp_* from BLI_math (replace macro)
2018-06-13 Bastien MontagneCleanup: moar ugly G.main removal...
2018-06-08 Bastien MontagneCleanup: getting rid of G.main.
2018-05-31 Bastien MontagneCleanup: remove G.main from BKE object
2018-05-27 Campbell Barton3D View: minor change to NDOF view orbit
2018-03-08 Campbell BartonCleanup: Rename view3d context set function
2018-02-28 Brecht Van LommelCode cleanup: fix a few compiler warnings.
2018-01-30 Sergey SharybinFix T52520: Metaballs in edit mode causes infinite...
2018-01-29 Campbell Barton3D View: use_mouse_init for zoom & trackball orbit
2018-01-29 Campbell BartonCleanup: move boolean options into flag
2018-01-29 Campbell BartonCleanup: rename user preference flags
2018-01-29 Campbell BartonCleanup: comments & whitespace
2018-01-29 Campbell BartonCleanup: ViewOpsData struct members
2018-01-29 Campbell Barton3D View: internal option not to use mouse location
2018-01-29 Campbell BartonCleanup: minor simplification for zoom/dolly
2018-01-29 Campbell BartonCleanup: de-duplicate common 3D view properties
2018-01-28 Campbell BartonCleanup: move 3D view utilities into own file
2018-01-23 Campbell BartonCleanup: some ED_view3d functions used uppercase D
2018-01-23 Campbell BartonCleanup: use doxygen groups for view3d_edit.c
2017-11-06 Bastien MontagneRename ID_IS_LINKED_DATABLOCK to ID_IS_LINKED.
2017-10-18 Campbell BartonCleanup: Use const for RNA EnumPropertyItem args
2017-10-16 Campbell BartonWM: refactor gestures for use as tools
2017-10-16 Campbell BartonCleanup: modal operator border callback names
2017-08-23 Campbell BartonDocs: rename var and comment how it's used
2017-08-23 Campbell BartonCorrection to last fix
2017-08-23 Campbell BartonFix T52490: NDOF orbit doesn't lock in ortho view
2017-08-12 Campbell BartonCleanup: whitespace
2017-07-28 Campbell BartonResolve T45301 by adding option for old behavior
2017-04-29 Campbell BartonView3D: support both orbit select & depth
2017-04-28 Campbell BartonFix T51324: Auto-Depth fails rotating out of camera
2017-03-08 Campbell BartonRename BLI_rct*_init_pt_size -> radius
2017-03-05 Campbell BartonBLI_rect: add init from point functions
2017-03-02 Julian EiselFix duplicated 'Accurate' property for manipulator...
2017-03-02 Sergey SharybinFix another part of T50565: Planar constraints were...
2017-03-02 Sergey SharybinFix second part T50565: Using planar transform once...
2017-02-18 Brecht Van LommelFix T50564: 3D view panning with scroll wheel inconsist...
2016-12-28 Campbell Barton3D View roll & orbit were scaling view-quat length
2016-12-17 Campbell BartonCleanup: trackball logic
2016-12-16 Julian EiselMake Shift+LMB on transform manipulator configurable
2016-12-08 Julian EiselFix T49872: 3D cursor places with camera shift in ortog...
2016-10-26 Campbell BartonCleanup: rename functions in BLI_bitmap_draw_2d
2016-10-26 Campbell BartonCleanup: move bitmap drawing into its own module
2016-08-18 Mike ErwinNDOF: compile 3D mouse code only if WITH_INPUT_NDOF
2016-07-31 Julian EiselCorrection to 0f2ff52c0866
2016-07-31 Julian EiselEnable Undo for "Add background Image"
2016-07-13 Campbell BartonVertex/Weight Paint: Support view-selected on last...
2016-07-07 Campbell BartonCleanup: spelling, style
2016-07-06 Bastien MontagneReplace of (id->lib != NULL) check by meaningful macro.
2016-07-05 Brecht Van LommelRender border: don't disable when drawing around the...
2016-06-18 Campbell BartonCleanup: style, whitespace, doxy filepaths
2016-06-08 Campbell BartonCleanup: typo
2016-05-22 Sergey SharybinMake Shift-Z in viewprot a toggle between current shadi...
2016-05-09 Campbell BartonView selected support for grease-pencil
2016-05-05 Campbell BartonCorrect error in recent smoothview edits
2016-05-04 Campbell BartonView3D: apply smoothview before modal view operations
2016-05-04 Campbell BartonCleanup: rename ED_view3d_smooth_view_finish (to force_...
2016-05-03 Campbell BartonFix T48340: Smooth view cancels previous view action
2016-04-22 Campbell BartonTransform Snap: initial snap context refactor
2016-03-25 Bastien MontagneRevert "Fix T47263: numpad4/6 rotates around worl Z...
2016-02-07 Campbell BartonCleanup: line width
2016-02-01 Campbell BartonUI: minor tweaks to view orbit shortcuts show
2016-01-30 Bastien MontagneFix T47263: numpad4/6 rotates around worl Z axis and...
2016-01-12 Bastien MontagneFix T47164: [Scene.raycast] - True result when it shoul...
2015-12-31 Campbell BartonFix T47089: View rotate fails w/ auto depth+perspective
2015-12-28 Campbell BartonCleanup: style, indentation
2015-12-26 Campbell BartonCleanup
2015-12-22 Campbell BartonView3D: Rotate around selected support for view-roll
2015-12-22 Campbell BartonFix T31605: Nupad ignores Rotate around selection
2015-12-22 Campbell BartonFix error orbiting out of camera + orbit-selected
2015-12-22 Campbell BartonView3D: use c99 compound literals for smoothview params
2015-12-17 Campbell BartonRevert "3D Cursor: Add option to lock it in place to...
2015-12-13 Joshua Leung3D Cursor: Add option to lock it in place to prevent...
2015-12-02 Campbell BartonTransform Snap: add optional face index arg
2015-12-02 Campbell BartonCleanup: transform snap arguments
2015-12-01 Campbell BartonCleanup: use more logical names for View3D.around
2015-11-24 Campbell BartonView3D: move snapping functions out of ruler
2015-11-23 Campbell BartonCleanup: shadowing (editors)
2015-11-01 Campbell BartonCleanup: old comments
2015-10-29 Campbell BartonVertex Paint: orbit last stroke support
2015-10-23 Campbell BartonBLI_math: add mat3_normalized_to_* functions
2015-10-23 Campbell BartonCleanup: simplify ED_view3d_from_m4
2015-10-23 Campbell BartonBLI_math: add invert_qt_normalized
2015-10-22 Campbell BartonView3D: make ndof turntable & orbit speed match
2015-10-22 Campbell BartonBLI_math: axis_angle_to_quat_single
2015-10-17 Campbell BartonCleanup: warnings
2015-10-13 Campbell Bartonmissed last commit (use utility function)
2015-10-13 Campbell BartonCleanup: simplify view3d trackball logic
2015-09-08 Campbell BartonFix T46003: Scale w/ script ignores axis-align
2015-09-03 Campbell BartonView-Selected: use custom bones boundbox
2015-08-26 Campbell BartonFix for error in recent smooth-view commit
2015-08-26 Campbell BartonSmooth-view: Ignored camera-viewpoint on exit to user...
2015-08-25 Campbell BartonFix T45776: Rotate around selected fails in texture...
2015-08-23 Thomas BeckThis commit makes it possible to select the sort mode...
2015-08-20 Campbell BartonDocs: correct some comments
2015-08-17 Campbell BartonDocs: function comments
2015-06-11 Antony RiakiotakisFix T45032 allow float rotational values for numpad...
2015-06-08 Campbell BartonRemove redundant NULL check
2015-06-06 Campbell BartonView3D: avoid jumping placing cursor /w lock on
2015-04-27 Campbell BartonCleanup: rename GRAB_POINTER -> GRAB_CURSOR