added font.c and font.h to MSCV6 project
[blender.git] / projectfiles / blender / BPY_python / BPY_python.dsp
2005-05-23 Jens Ole Wundadded font.c and font.h to MSCV6 project
2005-03-06 Simon ClitherowAdded new bpy files to MSVC 6 project files.
2004-09-23 Martin PoirierMSVC 6.0 projectfiles fixes for new editmesh and bpytho...
2004-08-27 Martin PoirierAdding BPY sound module to projectfiles (MSVC 6.0)
2004-07-28 Roel Spruitadded correct include paths for radio.h (for msvc debug...
2004-07-25 Martin PoirierNew BPython files missing from MSVC 6.0 projectfiles
2004-07-21 Martin PoirierNew BPython files missing from MSVC 6.0 projectfiles
2004-06-11 Joseph Gilbert- update to MSVC6 for Property support
2004-05-03 Martin PoirierProjectfiles update for Python 2.3.X
2004-04-24 Martin Poirierprojectfile update for the new python module
2004-04-19 Joseph Gilbert-update to msvc6 project for NLA module
2004-04-03 Chris WantFixes to projectfiles:
2004-03-14 Joseph Gilbert-update to msvc6 for render module
2004-02-29 Martin PoirierProjectfiles fix for Mathutils
2004-01-14 Roel Spruitadded python script files to MSVC 6.0 projectfiles...
2003-11-23 Martin PoirierProjectfiles fix for new Python module
2003-11-14 Martin PoirierProjectfile update for the Lattice module
2003-09-12 Simon Clitherow- updated projectfile with new registry.c/h files...
2003-08-04 Simon Clitherow- added include path for imbuf (MSVC 6)
2003-07-20 Simon Clitherow- removed soundsystem projects (now part of intern...
2003-07-13 Simon Clitherow- fixed the output file path for python project (MSVC 6)
2003-07-11 Simon Clitherow- removed old freeze and python projects, exppython...