MultiLayer images: added support for choosing compression type.
[blender.git] / source / blender / imbuf / intern / openexr / SConscript
2006-02-18 Ton RoosendaalSmall tweak to get openexr compiling in scons
2006-02-18 Ton RoosendaalFour-in-one commit:
2006-02-07 Nathan Letwory==SCons==
2006-02-04 Nathan Letwory== SCons ==
2006-01-28 Chris WantThe code from the orange branch has now been copied...
2006-01-28 Chris WantFinal merge of HEAD (bf-blender) into the orange branch.
2006-01-26 no-authorThis commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branc...
2006-01-10 Ton RoosendaalTuesday merger of bf-blender into orange branch.
2006-01-09 Nathan LetworyInclude paths were wrong. Now openEXR compiles and...
2006-01-09 Ton RoosendaalOrange branch: OpenEXR finally in Blender!