getting ARB shaders working again in GE.
[blender.git] / source / gameengine / GamePlayer / common / SConscript
2008-04-29 Jean-Luc Peurièregetting ARB shaders working again in GE.
2007-11-06 Martin PoirierFilling in branch from trunk
2006-11-06 Nathan Letwory* compiler command-line fix for scons/win32-mingw
2006-06-27 Stephen Swaneypatch from Ralf Hölzemer (cheleb) for
2006-02-07 Nathan Letwory==SCons==
2006-02-04 Nathan Letwory== SCons ==
2005-03-14 Kent MeinThis commit reverses the OpenEXR specific stuff in...
2005-03-11 Kent MeinGernot Ziegler's patch to add OpenEXR support to blender.
2004-10-25 Nathan Letworyadd necessary include paths for scons needed after...
2004-05-16 Kester MaddockAdded #!/usr/bin/python standard script identifier...
2004-04-08 Kester MaddockFix SConscript for GamePlayer.
2004-04-08 Nathan LetworyAdded preliminary support for GamePlayer building with...