Grease Pencil:
[blender.git] / source / blender / src / editarmature.c
2008-08-29 Joshua LeungGrease Pencil:
2008-08-29 Joshua LeungBugfix:
2008-08-28 Joshua Leung== Apply Current Pose as New Restpose ==
2008-08-11 Andre Susano Pintosvn merge -r 15988:16055
2008-08-10 Joshua LeungChanged a few places where visibility for EditMode...
2008-08-10 Joshua Leung== Armature Editing Tweaks ==
2008-08-06 Andre Susano Pintosvn merge -r 15908:15988
2008-08-04 Matt Ebb* Armature hierarchy selection tools
2008-08-01 Andre Susano Pintosvn merge -r 15688:15908
2008-07-28 Joshua LeungBugfix:
2008-07-27 Joshua LeungPatch #17336: Lock bones in edit mode
2008-07-13 Andre Susano Pintosvn merge -r 15392:15551
2008-07-08 Joshua Leung== Select Swap for Armatures (Ctrl I) ==
2008-05-31 Daniel GenrichMerging revisions 15020-15073 of https://svn.blender... cloth
2008-05-30 Andre Susano PintoMerge from trunk
2008-05-29 Joshua LeungAnother bugfix for Fill Bone Between Joints. Changed...
2008-05-29 Joshua LeungFill Bone Between Joints:
2008-05-27 Daniel GenrichMerging revisions 14946-15020 of https://svn.blender...
2008-05-25 Martin PoirierBug fix in X-Mirror for armatures
2008-05-25 Andre Susano PintoMerge from trunk
2008-05-23 Daniel GenrichMerging revisions 14838-14945 of https://svn.blender...
2008-05-21 Martin PoirierBone Extrusion Bug
2008-05-15 Joshua LeungBugfix #11293: IPO-Driver Links Lost on Renaming Bones
2008-05-14 Andre Susano PintoMerge from trunk
2008-05-12 Daniel Genrichsvn merge -r 14721:14810
2008-05-12 Joshua LeungBugfix for Separate Armatures:
2008-05-11 Joshua LeungMore bugfixes for Armature Separation/Joining:
2008-05-11 Joshua LeungBugfix:
2008-05-11 Joshua LeungSeparating armatures should now be more stable than...
2008-05-07 Daniel Genrichsvn merge -r 13452:14721
2008-04-16 Chris WantPatch from GSR that a) fixes a whole bunch of GPL/BL...
2008-04-15 Campbell Bartonmade sculpt axis locking use local/global space (using...
2008-04-02 Joshua LeungWhitespace commit for editarmature.c while I try to...
2008-03-31 Joshua Leung== Armature Tools - Separate (not yet functional) ==
2008-03-21 Jean-Luc Peurièreupdate to trunk r14199 ndof
2008-03-20 Joshua Leung* Bugfix #8599a:
2008-03-16 Joshua LeungTodo #8511: Lock Transform Channels does not work with...
2008-03-13 Jean-Luc Peurièreresolved conflict state with HEAD r14096
2008-03-05 Joshua Leung* Patch by Leandro Inocencio (cesio) to redraw Action...
2008-02-28 Joshua LeungBugfix:
2008-02-21 Brecht Van LommelFix for bug #6769: lattice editmode undo gave corrupt...
2008-02-21 Joshua LeungFollowing on from the commits yesterday for "Action...
2008-02-04 Hamed Zaghaghimerging game_engine branch changes into trunk, 2d-filte...
2008-01-31 Joshua LeungBugfix for Join Armatures:
2008-01-29 Daniel Genrichsvn merge -r 13415:13452
2008-01-28 Joshua Leung== Automatic Bone Extension Adder ==
2008-01-02 Daniel Genrichsvn merge -r 12937:13095
2007-12-24 Martin Poirier== Skeletor ==
2007-12-18 Daniel Genrichsvn merge -r 12856:12937
2007-12-17 Joshua Leung== Fill Bones - Bugfixes ==
2007-12-17 Joshua LeungMore BPyApi (New/2_5x) compiling fixes for mingw.
2007-12-14 Joshua Leung== Fill Bones ==
2007-12-13 Joshua Leung== 2 New Rigging Tools ==
2007-12-12 Daniel Genrichsvn merge -r 12716:12856
2007-12-11 Martin Poirier== Skeletor ==
2007-12-10 Martin PoirierMerge from Harmonic Skeleton branch
2007-12-10 Martin PoirierPreparing for merge:
2007-12-06 Brecht Van LommelBugfix for IK locked axes with an initial rotation...
2007-12-03 Martin PoirierSelect all generated bones by default
2007-11-29 Martin PoirierMoved both filtering operations (external and internal...
2007-11-29 Daniel Genrichsvn merge -r 12691:12716
2007-11-28 Martin PoirierFix for crashes due to non-working cycle detection.
2007-11-27 Martin PoirierAdding spatial symmetry detection limit (used to differ...
2007-11-27 Brecht Van LommelHeat Weighting
2007-11-26 Brecht Van LommelParticles
2007-11-26 Martin PoirierAxial Symmetry Restoration
2007-11-22 Martin PoirierCode cleanup and recursive symmetry detection.
2007-11-22 Daniel Genrichsvn merge -r 12607:12653
2007-11-21 Joshua LeungPatch #7794: X-Axis Mirror Support for Various Operatio...
2007-11-21 Martin PoirierFixing inter-arc parenting problems
2007-11-20 Martin PoirierAdding subdivisions by correlation.
2007-11-16 Daniel Genrichsvn merge -r 12496:12607
2007-11-14 Ton RoosendaalSmall feature added to new "show bone paths around...
2007-11-14 Martin PoirierFixing up angle based subdivisions.
2007-11-08 Martin PoirierStill nothing to see here <shifty eyes>
2007-11-08 Joshua LeungPatch #7760: X-Axis-Mirror support for 'make bone parent'
2007-11-07 Martin PoirierUpdate from school work.
2007-11-07 Martin PoirierInitial commit for Harmonic Skeleton generation.
2007-11-06 Martin PoirierFilling in branch from trunk
2007-11-04 Daniel Genrichsvn merge -r 12419:12478
2007-10-31 Matt Ebb* Two usability tweaks in adding objects, with user...
2007-10-22 Daniel Genrichsvn merge -r 12294:12347
2007-10-22 Joshua Leung== Constraints Bugfixes ==
2007-10-21 Joshua Leung== Constraints System - Recode 2 ==
2007-09-26 Daniel GenrichMerge ... blender svn -> svn merge -r 12064:12150 https...
2007-09-25 Joshua Leung== Armature Animation Fixes ==
2007-09-10 Campbell BartonChanges to "Face Select" mode
2007-09-09 Joshua LeungPatch #6794: Subdivide Multi for Armatures
2007-09-02 Campbell Bartonadding 2 new functions
2007-09-01 Campbell Bartonapply envelope to weigh group didnt take armature scale...
2007-08-11 Campbell Bartonwhen applying size/rotation the envelope and bone radiu...
2007-08-11 Joshua LeungRestoring a part of BeBraw's patch that I removed befor...
2007-08-11 Joshua LeungPatch #7035 by Juho Vepsalainen (bebraw):
2007-08-03 Joshua Leung== Bone Roll - Align to Cursor ==
2007-08-03 Joshua LeungBone Roll Bugfixes (Ctrl R transform mode):
2007-07-28 Brecht Van LommelFix for wrong capitalization in #include.
2007-07-28 Brecht Van LommelBone Heat Weighting
2007-07-04 Joshua LeungBugfix: 'Random' crashes after duplicating bones
2007-06-14 Joshua Leung== Armature - Duplicating Bones ==
2007-05-28 Campbell BartonMade it that hidden bones should arnt selected armature...