Removed a couple of redundant "FTF_api.h" includes,
[blender.git] / source / creator / Makefile
2004-01-05 Wouter van Heyst- Revert to NaN makefiles
2004-01-04 Alejandro Conty... Basic initial yafray integration by Eeshlo.
2003-11-23 Michel SeltenAdded all necessary BPY_extern.h include files to the...
2003-06-29 Chris WantMoved the OPENGL_HEADERS to the end of the include...
2003-05-30 Kent MeinThis is a fun one ;)
2003-05-02 Stefan Gartnerfun with quicktime:
2003-03-24 Daniel DunbarRemove references to obsolete misc lib
2002-10-12 Hans LambermontInitial revision v2.25