Fix part of T63102: wrong Python API Reference link in Help menu.
[blender.git] / release / datafiles / splash_template.xcf
2016-09-04 Bastien MontagneMerge branch 'master' into blender2.8
2016-09-02 Sergey SharybinBlender 2.78 commit!
2014-02-18 Brecht Van LommelSplash screen: use a retina resolution image for Mac...
2013-07-09 Mitchell StokesCreating a BGE staging branch.
2013-02-25 Sergey Sharybincode cleanup: remove unused and unsupported functions...
2013-02-25 Sergey SharybinCamera tracking: libmv distortion API now also uses...
2012-12-19 Tamito KajiyamaMerged changes in the trunk up to revision 53146.
2012-12-11 Brecht Van LommelSplash template XCF file for Gimp.