Merge with trunk r37849
[blender.git] / source / blender / editors / space_view3d / view3d_intern.h
2011-06-27 Miika HamalainenMerge with trunk r37849
2011-06-17 Miika HamalainenDynamic Paint:
2011-06-17 Campbell Bartonfix for drawing bones names twice in object with viewpo...
2011-05-23 Campbell Bartonfix view3d_persp_mat4, which gave incorrect translation...
2011-05-22 Campbell Barton- view dolly now quits on pressing escape (if activated...
2011-05-21 Campbell Bartonview3d function naming, no functional changes.
2011-04-28 Campbell Bartonsmooth view now takes the v3d and region as arguments...
2011-04-25 Campbell Bartonrna api
2011-04-22 Campbell BartonView Dolly Operator: Ctrl+Shift+MMB.
2011-02-27 Nathan Letworydoxygen: blender/editors tagged.
2011-02-23 Nathan Letworydoxygen: prevent GPL license block from being parsed...
2011-02-23 Campbell Bartonadd back view 1:1 operator from 2.4x (Shift+PadEnter)
2011-02-15 Campbell Bartonmoving dir strings into global namespace for doc access...
2011-02-05 Ton Roosendaaltodo list item:
2011-01-15 Campbell Bartonremove/comment unused defines.
2010-12-20 Campbell Bartonfix [#25283] Edge length display difficult to read
2010-12-08 Campbell Bartonpedantic word ordering change.
2010-11-26 Campbell Bartonbugfix [#23118] Blender freezes when combing hair ...
2010-11-19 Campbell Bartonbugfix [#24812] Cannot change top/left/front views...
2010-10-30 Campbell BartonMinor speedups for 3D view text drawing ~10-15% improve...
2010-10-25 Campbell Bartonbugfix [#22277] Absolute Shapekeys crash (in BGE)
2010-10-25 Campbell Bartonmove fly mode operator into its own file.
2010-10-21 Campbell Bartonfix [#24339] Auto Depth, makes viewport lag.
2010-10-19 Campbell Bartonbugfix [#24314] Motion path (ghosting/onioning) numbers...
2010-10-15 Campbell Bartonremove/tag unused args for view*.c, gpu*.c & image*.c
2010-10-14 Campbell Bartonremove unused args in draw*.c and some in view*.c,...
2010-09-19 Campbell Bartonfix for object centers size flickering when the view...
2010-08-25 Campbell Bartonsimplify pass drawing, give each pass its own list...
2010-08-25 Campbell Bartonpatch [#23376] Fix for Bug[[#23351] X-Ray + Transparenc...
2010-08-25 Campbell Bartonbugfix [#22819] Grease Pencil: OpenGL render incorrect...
2010-08-10 Joerg Muellersvn merge -r 31145:31210
2010-08-10 Campbell Bartonheader re-shuffle, some headers contained unneeded...
2010-07-30 Joerg Muellersvn merge -r 30718:30912
2010-07-28 Matt EbbFix [#22197] empty XYZ text size changing according...
2010-07-25 Joerg Muellersvn merge -r 30566:30717
2010-07-24 Campbell Bartonbugfix [#22769] Undo Looses Active Camera
2010-07-08 Joerg MuellerMerging revision 29560:30125 from trunk.
2010-07-03 Campbell Bartonhome key to center the camera offset.
2010-06-19 Joerg MuellerRecreating my GSoC branch.
2010-06-19 Joerg MuellerDeleting my GSoC branch to recreate it.
2010-06-01 Campbell Barton== View Navigation ==
2010-04-16 Matt EbbFix [#21492] "Align to view" option from tools panel...
2010-04-07 Matt EbbFix [#21760] Snap to Origin doesn't work
2010-04-02 Matt EbbFix [#21852] Empty Objects slow down performance
2010-03-21 Guillermo S. RomeroFix syntax for ID keyword.
2010-03-03 Campbell Bartonworldspace text locations & made some improvements...
2010-02-19 Campbell Bartonfix for empty xyz axis text drawing ontop of everything.
2010-02-12 Campbell Bartoncorrect fsf address
2010-01-30 Arystanbek DyussenovCOLLADA branch: merge from trunk -r 25745:26429.
2010-01-24 Campbell Bartoncopy of docs from 2.4x for python modules that have...
2010-01-19 Campbell Bartonpatch from Bjørnar Hansen (anachron)
2010-01-14 Matt Ebb* Added an 'enable manipulator' operator, with boolean...
2010-01-13 Martin Poirier[#20583] Snap Cursor to Center and more View edits
2010-01-12 Matt EbbRenamed toolbar to Tool Shelf all over
2010-01-05 Arystanbek DyussenovMerge from trunk -r 25003:25745.
2010-01-05 Arystanbek DyussenovMerge -c 25001,25310,25311,25638,25746 from COLLADA...
2010-01-01 Campbell Bartongrease pencil stroke depth option, rather then snapping...
2010-01-01 Joshua LeungCleanup of MotionPaths+Ghosts (AnimViz) - Part 1
2009-12-24 Matt EbbRemoved a few operators that were just used to generate...
2009-11-29 Arystanbek DyussenovMerge from trunk -r 24758:25003.
2009-11-25 Brecht Van LommelSculpt:
2009-11-22 Joshua LeungBugfixes:
2009-11-16 Campbell Bartonpython api for ID property access by Joseph Eager,...
2009-10-25 Arystanbek DyussenovMerge from trunk -r 23000:23968.
2009-10-19 Arystanbek DyussenovMerge from trunk -r 22040:23000.
2009-10-08 Brecht Van LommelKey Configuration
2009-10-06 Andre Susano PintoMerged Soc 2009 - raytrace optimization [0]
2009-10-06 Matt Ebb* Added 'set object as camera' operator
2009-09-29 Campbell BartonCopying scripts from 2.4x without 2.5x changes
2009-09-28 Andre Susano Pintosvn merge -r 23207:23528
2009-09-25 Campbell Bartonmodal kaymaps for view3d rotate/move/zoom removed redun...
2009-09-24 Benoit BolseeMerge ... itasc branch. Project files, scons and cmake...
2009-09-23 Campbell Bartonfly mode back as a modal operator
2009-09-22 Arystanbek DyussenovManual merge of soc-2009-kazanbas branch:
2009-09-19 Brecht Van LommelFix drawing of armature bone axes, these were not showi...
2009-09-15 Arystanbek DyussenovUndo revision 23130 which was a merge with 2.5, a messy... soc-2009-kazanbas
2009-09-15 Andre Susano Pintosvn merge -r 22571:22800
2009-09-13 Daniel GenrichSmoke:
2009-09-12 Martin Poiriercopying 2.5 over to trunk
2009-09-11 Arystanbek DyussenovMerge with -r 22620:23107.
2009-09-11 Campbell Bartonsvn merge
2009-09-09 Daniel GenrichSmoke:
2009-09-08 Dalai Felintomanual merge trunk -r 23037
2009-09-07 Campbell Bartonsvn merge
2009-09-07 Campbell Bartonsvn merge
2009-09-01 Campbell Bartonsvn merge
2009-08-29 Campbell Bartonsvn merge
2009-08-24 Nathan Letwory* merge r22734 from trunk
2009-08-23 Campbell Bartonsvn merge
2009-08-23 Matt Ebbsvn merge -r 22628:22714
2009-08-22 Campbell Bartonsvn merge
2009-08-22 Campbell Bartonsvn merge
2009-08-21 Campbell Bartonsvn merge
2009-08-20 Daniel GenrichSmoke:
2009-08-19 Matt Ebbsvn merge -r 22450:22627
2009-08-19 Arystanbek DyussenovMerge with 2.5 -r 22173:22620.
2009-08-17 Andre Susano Pintosvn merge -r 22371:22571
2009-08-15 Thomas Dinges2.5 3D_View:
2009-08-15 Joshua LeungCommenting out code from commit 22457 by Genscher for...
2009-08-13 Matt Ebb* First commit merging 2.4-based sim_physics in to...