restoring minimum debug build on msvc6 projects
[blender.git] / extern / bullet / Bullet / BLI_Bullet.dsp
2006-03-14 Jens Ole Wundrestoring minimum debug build on msvc6 projects
2006-02-28 Jens Ole Wundmsvc6 projects building debug
2006-01-28 Chris WantThe extern/bullet from HEAD is needed to compile the... orange
2006-01-28 Chris WantFinal merge of HEAD (bf-blender) into the orange branch.
2006-01-26 no-authorThis commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branc...
2006-01-11 Jens Ole WundMSVC6 projects for happy GE compiling
2005-11-16 Jens Ole Wundadding some msvc6 magic to bullet part 1