SCons build system files added.
[blender.git] / release /
2003-12-02 Ton Roosendaal- upped version to 2.31a
2003-11-26 Ton Roosendaal- upped VERSION file :)
2003-11-25 Kent MeinDouglas Bischoff's Fix for Plugins on OSX.
2003-10-29 Ton Roosendaal- release code upped to 2.30 as well
2003-10-04 Ton Roosendaal- version number 2.29 for this testing period!
2003-09-23 Ton Roosendaal- version upped to 'c'
2003-08-12 Ton Roosendaalrelease number is 2.28a
2003-07-23 Simon Clitherow- added sdl.dll to the release makefiles for windows v2.28
2003-07-23 Simon ClitherowUpdated win self-installer script. Still uses the 16...
2003-07-22 Ton Roosendaal- updated release release number. :)
2003-05-28 Ton RoosendaalOSX app name now is Blender with a capital Bee!
2003-05-14 Wouter van Heyst- Copy the font and .Blanguages into the end result
2003-05-14 Simon Clitherowupdated release makefiles and self installer script...
2003-05-14 Chris WantIrix doesn't like 'cp -a' for recursive copying
2003-05-13 Stefan Gartnerdon't copy the .blender dir to $DISTDIR on OS X, as...
2003-05-13 Wouter van HeystCopy the .blender directory into DESTDIR for bundling...
2003-05-10 Ton Roosendaal- release now is called 2.27
2003-05-08 Frank van Beek- new Blender Installer Icon (thanks Matt)
2003-05-07 Chris WantA fix to the release Makefile so that strip happens...
2003-05-02 Kent MeinUpdated the scatter program to fix some warnings.
2003-05-01 Kent MeinThe stuff in release/plugins/include was duplcated in
2003-05-01 Rob HaarsmaMatt Ebb's new installer icon (hopefully wincvs does...
2003-04-30 Kent MeinMoved the compiling plugins to after the binary is...
2003-02-21 Kent MeinThe first two files enables building of plugins under...
2003-02-19 Simon ClitherowFixed a typo in my addy (of all places!) ;)
2003-02-11 Hans Lambermont- glue top level makefile and release one together
2003-02-10 Frank van Beek- add GPL-license to installer
2003-02-10 Frank van Beek- change GPL_license to dos text
2003-02-10 Ton Roosendaal- GPL license text now included in the binary distros...
2003-02-10 Frank van Beek- removed debug line from windows/
2003-02-10 Frank van Beek- mixed up python version and blender version ;-)
2003-02-10 Frank van Beek- display Blender version number in title of installer
2003-02-10 Frank van Beek- windows/ now creates a custom NSIS configu...
2003-02-10 Frank van Beek- export VERSION so can use it
2003-02-10 Frank van Beek- updated url to
2003-02-10 Kent MeinModified ld flags on SunOS changed -O2 to -O
2003-02-09 Simon ClitherowAdded files for using NSIS ( as...
2003-02-09 Frank van Beek- changed version to 2.26 instead of 2.26a
2003-02-09 Frank van Beekmake in the release directory now works correctly again...
2003-02-08 Ton Roosendaal- adapted versions of the README and Copyright files
2003-02-06 Kent MeinI added some of the changes I made to bmake at:
2003-02-05 Stefan Gartneradded darwin, changed package name from blender-creator...
2003-02-03 Kent MeinOk this should fix up make inside of blender/release
2003-01-01 Chris WantInitial commit of 'release'.
2003-01-01 Chris WantInitial commit of the 'release' directory (splash scree...