Keying Screen node from tomato branch
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2012-06-14 Sergey SharybinKeying Screen node from tomato branch
2012-06-14 Jeroen Bakkerresolutions were not propagated correctly.
2012-06-14 Jeroen BakkerRemoved the actual data type concept as it was never...
2012-06-14 Jeroen BakkerFixed glares
2012-06-13 Campbell Bartonstule cleanup: node headers
2012-06-13 Jeroen Bakker * optimized threading
2012-06-12 Campbell Bartonyse BLI_math for the compositor in more places.
2012-06-12 Jeroen Bakker * FIX for
2012-06-10 Lukas ToenneApplied and completed a compositor patch by Brecht...
2012-06-09 Campbell Bartoncode cleanup: reduce float/double promotion
2012-06-08 Jeroen Bakker * Added OpenCL kernel for bokeh blur
2012-06-04 Campbell Bartonmask mode for clip editor developed by Sergey Sharybin...
2012-06-03 Campbell Bartonminor optimizations to compositor, avoid indirections...
2012-06-01 Campbell Bartoncode cleanup: warnings
2012-06-01 Jeroen BakkerFixed crash
2012-06-01 Monique DewanchandReplaced tile based memory manager with a single aligne...
2012-06-01 Jeroen BakkerRemoved unused files in compositor
2012-05-31 Campbell Bartonstyle cleanup
2012-05-30 Monique DewanchandFix for
2012-05-30 Campbell Bartonfix incorrect delete usage in the compositor.
2012-05-29 Jeroen Bakker * Compositor fix for OpenCL [OpenCL platform installed...
2012-05-27 Sergey SharybinFix mistmatch in usage of delete vs. delete [] in tiles...
2012-05-23 Campbell Bartonstyle cleanup: also correct comment
2012-05-23 Jeroen Bakkercleanup relink code
2012-05-21 Jeroen BakkerFix for [#31418] Code review: OpenCL initialization
2012-05-21 Jeroen Bakkerfix for [#31543] Nodes use array past bounds
2012-05-17 Campbell Bartonstyle cleanup: compositor, pointer syntax, function...
2012-05-17 Campbell Bartonstyle cleanup: braces, compositor
2012-05-17 Jeroen Bakker ____