[blender.git] / intern / elbeem /
2006-01-05 Nils ThuereyThree minor fixes:
2005-12-04 Jens Ole Wundfix for exotic msvc6 projects building
2005-12-01 Nils Thuerey- last bugfix caused problems when using the makefile...
2005-12-01 Nils Thuerey- this should fix bug #3468 (scons problem with fluidsi...
2005-11-29 Joseph Gilbert.net projectfile update
2005-11-24 Nils Thuerey- 'extern "C"' fix for MSVC as suggested by Stephane
2005-11-23 Nils Thuerey- solver now supports animated time steps, gravity
2005-11-21 Kent MeinChanged powf to pow. (For Solaris)
2005-11-09 Jens Ole Wundfixing msvc6 projects to compile again
2005-11-09 Nils Thuerey- replaced values.h by float.h/limits.h as suggested...
2005-11-09 Nils Thuerey- forgot to enable mac compile fix
2005-11-09 Nils Thuerey- popup menu now aborts by default
2005-11-05 Chris WantI seem to have problems with the distinction between...
2005-11-05 Chris WantUse limits.h and float.h on *bsd instead of values.h.
2005-11-03 Joseph Gilbertproject file update
2005-10-26 Nils Thuerey- hopefully fixed osx compilation by forcing compilation
2005-10-25 Jens Ole Wundupdated elbeem project for new / removed files
2005-10-25 Nils ThuereyOnly restructured code:
2005-10-11 Kent Meinlooks like the warning fix caused problems so reverting it.
2005-10-11 Kent MeinA couple of small fixes to get things working on solaris.
2005-10-10 Jens Ole Wundmsvc6 project file suite complete again
2005-10-10 Joseph GilbertProjectfile update
2005-10-10 Nils Thuerey- minor solver fix for msvc compilation
2005-10-10 Nils Thuerey- fixed fluidsim inflow speed init
2005-10-10 Nils Thuerey- added option to switch off compiling elbeem to scons...
2005-10-02 Jens Ole Wundagain an intermediate solution for the msvc6 builders
2005-09-29 Joseph Gilbertprojectfile update to elbeem
2005-09-28 Nils Thuerey- corrected MSVC6 fix in ntl_vector3dim.h (caused probl...
2005-09-28 Nils Thuerey- removed some unecessary files & code
2005-09-26 Joseph GilbertProject file update for elbeem
2005-09-23 Nils Thuerey- merged latest version of fluid solver
2005-09-22 Joseph Gilbertupdate to .NET project files
2005-09-22 Joseph GilbertBefore including <GL/gl.h> on windows you have to inclu...
2005-09-21 Nils Thuerey- fixes elbeem SConscript file for python2.3
2005-09-18 Chris BurtAdded zlib include for solaris and windows to fix broke...
2005-09-18 Jean-Luc Peurièreinitial commit of the fluid simulator.