- parenting checks for bone additions to armature
[blender.git] / source / blender / python / api2_2x / Bone.c
2004-04-14 Joseph Gilbert- parenting checks for bone additions to armature
2004-04-06 Joseph Gilbert- quaternion support for bone type
2004-04-05 Joseph Gilbert- getBones() fixed - returns all armature bones includi...
2004-04-04 Joseph Gilbert- added support for adding/parenting bones to armatures
2004-03-31 Stephen Swaneymore housekeeping. move static declarations and defini...
2004-01-23 Willian Padovani... BPython:
2003-10-26 Willian Padovani... Exppython:
2003-08-05 Willian Padovani... Exppython:
2003-07-30 Willian Padovani... * got rid of a warning in editipo.c:
2003-07-05 Willian Padovani... Exppython:
2003-06-28 Willian Padovani... - More renaming all around to follow our conventions
2003-06-12 Willian Padovani... * Small changes in many files:
2003-06-09 Willian Padovani... * Applied a small fix to a bug reported by Guignot:
2003-06-02 Michel Selten* Fix compilation errors on Windows hopefully. Implemen...
2003-05-29 Willian Padovani... * Module Curve updated: