- fixed redraw for copy button in new themes editor
[blender.git] / source / blender / src / language.c
2003-10-17 Ton Roosendaal- fixed redraw for copy button in new themes editor
2003-10-17 Ton Roosendaal- The basic layer for Themes in place!
2003-10-07 Ton Roosendaal- another huge commit! read this!
2003-07-29 Rob Haarsmacvs maillist test. pls ignore.
2003-07-14 Rob HaarsmaRemoved the old INTERNATIONAL Drawstring constructions.
2003-06-05 Simon ClitherowBlender now correctly checks the current dir for /...
2003-05-22 Simon Clitherowremoved the unnecessary #include.
2003-05-22 Simon Clitherow- fixed 'double-click on blend file' errors on Windows...
2003-05-12 Stefan Gartnerstore locales, .Blanguage, and .bfont.ttf inside of...
2003-05-12 Rob Haarsmamodified so .Blanguages and .bfont get loaded from...
2003-05-11 Rob Haarsmamodified to load the new .bfont.ttf correct
2003-05-09 Rob Haarsmacleaned up language support for a release.
2003-05-03 Rob HaarsmaMultilingual interface support added.