CMake: cleanup
[blender.git] / build_files / cmake /
2017-10-30 Campbell BartonCMake: cleanup
2017-10-29 Ray MolenkampCMake: use only absolute linker paths for msvc.
2017-10-24 Brecht Van LommelFix Cycles gtests build on macOS.
2017-10-03 Campbell BartonCMake: avoid naming collision
2017-10-03 Campbell BartonPython: bump minimum version to 3.6
2017-09-29 Campbell BartonDrop platform support for Solaris & AIX
2017-09-28 Brecht Van LommelmacOS: officially upgrade to 10.9 libraries from lib...
2017-09-28 Campbell BartonCMake: move MSVC warnings to central location
2017-09-27 Ray Molenkamp[msvc] treat C4133 as error instead of a warning to...
2017-09-22 Aaron CarlisleRemove quicktime support
2017-09-20 Ray Molenkamp[cmake/msvc] Update python to 3.6 + numpy to 1.13.1
2017-09-19 Arto KitulamacOS: use python version 3.6 when building blender
2017-08-23 Campbell BartonTests: fix incorrect check for hidden dir
2017-08-16 AntonioyaSupport MSVSC 2017 15.3.0 (compiler 19.11)
2017-08-15 Brecht Van LommelmacOS build: simplify python install for new 10.9 libra...
2017-06-08 Campbell BartonCleanup: cmake indentation, missing include
2017-06-07 Sergey SharybinCollada: Add search path which is used default by it...
2017-05-27 Aaron CarlisleRemove MinGW support
2017-04-27 Campbell BartonCleanup: spelling
2017-04-26 Jens VerwiebeOSX buildbot: remove redundant option
2017-04-26 Jens VerwiebeOSX buildbot: disable unsupported calls for now and...
2017-04-25 Jens VerwiebeFix OSX buildbot
2017-04-23 Brecht Van LommelCMake: move some Apple specific code into platform_appl...
2017-04-23 Romain FoyardCMake: disable WITH_CODEC_QUICKTIME for macOS > 10...
2017-04-22 Jens VerwiebeOSX: satisfy macro to also apply alembic tests
2017-04-21 lazydodo[cmake] Fix Alembic build errors with msvc
2017-04-21 Sergey SharybinCMake: Add option to build against system-wide Glog
2017-04-21 Sergey SharybinCMake: Add option to link against system-wide Gflags...
2017-04-07 Sergey SharybinCMake: Fix detection of idiff program
2017-04-07 Sergey SharybinTests: Fix compilation error with static OpenMP
2017-04-06 Sybren A. StüvelCMake: Fixed order of bf_alembic in SETUP_BLENDER_SORTE...
2017-03-11 Campbell BartonCleanup: code style & cmake
2017-02-28 Aaron CarlisleCleanup: update copyright and Blender description
2017-01-29 lazydodo[msvc] Set proper OpenSubdiv flags when not using find_...
2017-01-25 lazydodo[Cycles/MSVC/Testing] Fix broken test code.
2016-12-04 Brecht Van LommelFix macOS 10.9 build when using OIIO without FFmpeg.
2016-12-04 lazydodo[msvc] Changes for new oiio/ffmpeg versions.
2016-12-03 Brecht Van LommelCMake: update for macOS 10.9 libs with ffmpeg 3.2.1...
2016-11-29 lazydodo[msvc] remove /opt all together and revert to the defau...
2016-11-28 lazydodo[msvc] change linker options from /opt:noref to /opt...
2016-11-17 lazydodo[MSVC] Preliminary VS2017 support.
2016-11-02 Sergey SharybinCMake: Make linker optional
2016-10-25 Sergey SharybinCMake: Followup to previous commit, try to ensure ...
2016-10-25 Sergey SharybinFix possible compilation error with OIIO enabled
2016-10-22 Jörg MüllerFix T49656: Crash when starting playback while using...
2016-10-22 Jörg MüllerFix T49657: Audio backend "Jack" should be named "JACK".
2016-10-18 lazydodo[windows] Create A Blender Desktop Shortcut in the...
2016-10-08 Brecht Van LommelCMake changes for new macOS target 10.9 / libc++ libraries.
2016-09-28 lazydodoRevert "[Windows/MSVC] Blosc doesn't require debug...
2016-09-27 lazydodo[Windows/MSVC] Blosc doesn't require debug libraries.
2016-09-22 Sergey SharybinBuildinfo: Improve behavior with detached HEAD
2016-09-22 Sergey SharybinCMake: Fix copy-paste error
2016-09-15 lazydodoBring blender_release.cmake uptodate with the changes...
2016-09-15 lazydodo[windows] add some helpers to make.bat to facilitate...
2016-09-14 Brecht Van LommelCMake: decouple WITH_CYCLES_OPENSUBDIV from WITH_OPENSU...
2016-09-10 lazydodo[CMAKE/Platform/Windows] Only perform version check...
2016-09-06 lazydodo[cmake/cpack] allow override of package name
2016-09-05 Sergey SharybinAttempt to fix compilation error with static boost...
2016-08-31 lazydodo[Windows] Add support for code signing the final binaries.
2016-08-26 Kévin DietrichFix linking issue with OpenEXR and Zlib.
2016-08-24 lazydodoWindows Packaging : Make package-name confirm to the...
2016-08-23 lazydodoD2078 Windows : add option to prevent find_package...
2016-08-22 lazydodoBuild Packaging : Set proper package name on Windows.
2016-08-17 Sergey SharybinCMake: Move main platform checks to separate files
2016-08-06 Kévin DietrichBasic Alembic support
2016-08-01 Campbell BartonCleanup: unused vars, imports, pep8
2016-07-30 Campbell BartonCleanup: pep8
2016-07-29 Sergey SharybinAdd GMock library which is responsive for dealing with...
2016-07-18 Ray Molenkamp[MSVC/LNK4199/Cleanup] Delay loading is causing linker...
2016-07-14 Campbell BartonCMake: per-target CFLAG & CXXFLAG support
2016-07-12 Sergey SharybinRevert "OpenJPEG: update to 2.1 from 1.5"
2016-07-12 Campbell BartonOpenJPEG: update to 2.1 from 1.5
2016-06-11 Benoit BolseeBGE: DeckLink card support for video capture and streaming.
2016-06-07 Campbell Bartonreadfile: optimization for undo
2016-05-30 Sergey SharybinCMake: Workaround to get Libmv compiled with latest Gcc
2016-05-24 Mike Erwinndof: build system cleanup
2016-05-22 Brecht Van LommelCode refactor: add generic Cycles node infrastructure.
2016-05-22 Sergey SharybinCMake: Solve compilation error with pre-compiled librar...
2016-05-18 Campbell BartonCMake: use signed char for recastnavigation
2016-05-10 Campbell BartonCMake: optional date/time overrides for reproducible...
2016-04-29 Campbell BartonCleanup: warnings. spelling
2016-04-25 Campbell BartonRefactor BKE_blender into separate headers
2016-04-23 Campbell BartonCleanup: cmake
2016-04-22 Sergey SharybinSilence some annoying warnings when doing full build...
2016-04-15 Campbell BartonAdd lib for n-dimensional cubic curve fitting
2016-04-12 Campbell BartonCMake: consistency check now reports stale ignores
2016-04-12 Sergey SharybinRemove exception for file which no longer exists
2016-04-12 Campbell BartonCMake: ignore header
2016-03-30 Martijn BergerCMake cleanup target_link_libraries_decoupled
2016-03-25 Sergey SharybinCMake: Disable Cycles OSL for the light configuration
2016-03-15 Campbell BartonCMake: remove unused libpath's
2016-03-11 Sergey SharybinCMake: Avoid call of find_package(Git) for every compil...
2016-03-03 Sergey SharybinCMake: Remove redundant print of Git Found message
2016-02-23 Sergey SharybinCMake: Enable BLOSC for OpenVDB for the full config
2016-02-10 Martijn Bergeradd openvdb to blender config (and buildbot)
2016-02-07 Campbell Bartonmove windows out of source dir
2016-02-06 Sergey SharybinFix GTests compilations on Windows
2016-02-06 Sergey SharybinCMake: Remove mention of extern_redcode, it was removed
2016-02-03 Campbell BartonImbuf: remove libredcode
2016-01-31 Campbell BartonCleanup: pep8