merged from trunk 20741:20848
[blender.git] / release / plugins / sequence /
2008-11-12 Brecht Van LommelMerge of trunk into blender 2.5:
2008-10-02 Martin Poiriermerge trunk 16118 -> 116886
2008-09-26 Andre Susano PintoMerge ... SimpleDeform modifier from soc-2008-jaguarand...
2008-09-21 Daniel Genrichsvn merge -r 16593:16648
2008-09-20 Ton RoosendaalPatch 17403, small gcc warning fixes.
2008-05-07 Daniel Genrichsvn merge -r 13452:14721
2008-04-21 Daniel Genrichsvn merge -r 14236:14505
2008-04-16 Chris WantPatch from GSR that a) fixes a whole bunch of GPL/BL...
2008-01-07 Chris WantPatch to change license to GPL only, from GSR.
2007-11-06 Martin PoirierFilling in branch from trunk
2007-01-24 Kent MeinMore fixes thanks to paprmh.
2007-01-22 Kent MeinI put stuff into the code that shouldn't have been...
2007-01-22 Kent MeinPaprmh's fix for the blur plugin.
2007-01-19 Kent MeinThis is taking me longer than I wanted.
2007-01-18 Kent Meinremoved since it no longer works and with render layers...
2007-01-17 Kent Meinin seqeffects.c I removed and extra ; and then did...
2007-01-16 Kent Meinfixed stupid little warning about targets differ in...
2006-11-06 Ton RoosendaalPatch #4743, Stephane Soppera
2006-07-20 Peter Schlaile== Sequencer plugins ==
2006-06-10 Peter Schlaile==Sequencer==
2006-02-05 Peter SchlaileAdd several usefull sequencer-plugins:
2004-01-28 Kent MeinAdded #include <stdio.h>
2003-05-02 Kent MeinUpdated the scatter program to fix some warnings.
2003-01-01 Chris WantInitial commit of the 'release' directory (splash scree...