code cleanup: pass mouse position as int[2] rather then wmEvent
[blender.git] / source / blender / editors / space_image / image_edit.c
2012-07-27 Campbell Bartoncode cleanup: pass mouse position as int[2] rather...
2012-07-26 Campbell Bartonadd ED_space_image_get_size_fl, ED_space_clip_get_size_fl
2012-07-26 Campbell Bartonmask/image editor now works for border select and lasso
2012-07-25 Campbell Bartonmask/image viewer now works with non 1:1 image aspect...
2012-07-25 Campbell Bartonmask transform now works in the image space
2012-07-25 Campbell Bartonmatch function names for clip/image spaces
2012-07-25 Campbell Bartonmask UI for space image
2012-07-25 Campbell Bartonimage space now has a mode for view/paint/mask editing.
2012-07-25 Campbell Bartonwip mask/image commit, mostly internal function & added...
2012-07-25 Campbell Bartonmove ED_image functions into their own file.