Cleanup: sort forward declarations of enum & struct
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2019-01-28 Campbell BartonCleanup: sort forward declarations of enum & struct
2019-01-24 Campbell BartonCleanup: sort cmake file lists
2019-01-15 Campbell BartonCleanup: commas at the end of enums
2018-12-13 Campbell BartonCleanup: naming (mean -> median) see T47811
2018-12-12 Campbell BartonCleanup: use colon separator after parameter
2018-12-07 Philipp OeserFix T57994: Particle Instance modifiers 'Index Layer...
2018-11-14 Campbell BartonCleanup: comment block tabs
2018-10-29 Campbell BartonModifier: mask threshold option
2018-09-19 Bastien MontagneFix unused var in case Alembic is not enabled, in own...
2018-09-19 Bastien MontagneMesh Sequence Cash: do not *always* report as depending...
2018-09-19 Campbell BartonBLI_utildefines: rename pointer conversion macros
2018-09-05 Ray MolenkampFix T54152: --env-system-scripts fails on win32
2018-09-03 Brecht Van LommelSpelling fixes in comments and descriptions, patch...
2018-08-26 Campbell BartonCleanup: style
2018-07-06 Sybren A. StüvelOcean Modifier: removed the MOD_OCEAN_REFRESH_ADD flag
2018-06-29 Campbell BartonCleanup: trailing newlines
2018-06-27 Campbell BartonCleanup: style
2018-06-17 Campbell BartonCleanup: trailing space for modifiers
2018-06-15 Howard TrickeyFix T55490, intersect two triangles fails.
2018-06-14 Bastien MontagneFix T55470: Add option to not fix polygons' winding...
2018-06-11 Bastien MontagneCleanup: Moar G.main removal of Hell.
2018-06-09 Bastien MontagneCleanup: remove some G.main usages.
2018-06-01 Campbell BartonCleanup: trailing whitespace (comment blocks)
2018-05-31 Bastien MontagneCleanup: remove G.main from BKE modifier.
2018-05-31 Bastien MontagneCleanup: remove G.main from BKE object
2018-05-12 Campbell BartonCleanup: modifier arg wrapping
2018-05-08 Bastien MontagneFix (unreported) bloody modifiers messing with ID user...
2018-05-08 Bastien MontagneCleanup: Nuke empty dummy wrappers around modifier_copy...
2018-05-08 Bastien MontagneModifiers: sanitize/cleanup modifiers' copying & freein...
2018-05-07 Campbell BartonCleanup: rename char/float conversion functions
2018-05-07 Sergey SharybinFix T54594: Lattice with Armature modifier not updating...
2018-05-04 Philipp OeserFix T54341: Particle Instance Modifier doesn't preserve...
2018-05-03 Campbell BartonCleanup: correct solidify logic
2018-05-03 GermanoBKE bvhtree: Add `tree_type` parameter to `bvhtree_from...
2018-05-01 GermanoRefactoring: bvhutils: Use a function that gets the...
2018-04-25 Sergey SharybinDepsgraph: Fix missing relations in array modifier
2018-04-25 Campbell BartonCleanup: comments
2018-04-19 Sergey SharybinPort particle instance modifier changes from Gooseberry...
2018-04-18 Sergey SharybinDepsgraph: Fix missinf relation for particle instance...
2018-04-18 Sergey SharybinCleanup: Trailing whitespace
2018-04-04 Bastien MontagneFix modifier freeing code re. ID refcounting.
2018-04-01 Sergej ReichFix compiling with Alembic
2018-04-01 Campbell BartonCleanup: remove global header
2018-03-14 Campbell BartonCleanup: rename BLI_array_count -> len
2018-03-05 Campbell BartonFix T53206: Array modifier doesn't merge vgroups
2018-02-22 Sergey SharybinFix compilation error with legacy depsgraph disabled
2018-02-22 Sergey SharybinDepsgraph: Wrap all arguments foe modifiers relations...
2018-02-15 Campbell BartonCleanup: use '_len' instead of '_size' w/ BLI API
2018-02-08 Sergey SharybinRemove Carve boolean
2018-02-07 Campbell BartonCleanup: add _types.h suffix to DNA headers
2018-01-24 Bastien MontagneCleanup: MOD_wireframe: remove useless isDisabled callback.
2018-01-17 Brecht Van LommelFix buffer overflow vulnerabilities in mesh code.
2018-01-11 Sergey SharybinMesh deform: Tweak threadability criteria
2018-01-10 Sergey SharybinTask scheduler: Use restrict pointer qualifier
2018-01-09 Sergey SharybinTask scheduler: Use single parallel range function...
2018-01-09 Sergey SharybinTask scheduler: Get rid of extended version of parallel...
2018-01-09 Campbell BartonAdd deform axis for Simple Deform modifier
2017-12-18 Sergey SharybinFix T53398: Surface deform modifier says that convex...
2017-12-15 Sergey SharybinMove ID recalc flags into dedicated field in ID
2017-12-06 Campbell BartonArray Modifier: option to offset UV's
2017-10-29 Sybren A. StüvelAlembic: added frame offset property
2017-09-27 Campbell BartonMath Lib: Add non-clamped round_* functions
2017-09-25 Campbell BartonMirror Modifier: option to offset UV's
2017-09-19 Campbell BartonCleanup: BLI_utildefines prefix for header-only libs
2017-09-19 Campbell BartonBoolean Modifier: add debug options
2017-09-16 Campbell BartonFix T51074: Boolean modifier inverts operation
2017-09-14 Campbell BartonFix T52291: Boolean fails w/ co-linear edged ngons
2017-09-06 Campbell BartonScrew Modifier: remove doubles option
2017-08-11 Bastien MontagneCleanup: remove useless `DM_ensure_looptri()`.
2017-08-11 Bastien MontagneFix T52344: Softbody on Text.
2017-08-11 Bastien MontagneFix T52344: Softbody on Text.
2017-08-10 Campbell BartonCleanup: whitespace
2017-08-09 Sybren A. StüvelTypo fix
2017-08-08 Bastien MontagneFix T51701: Alembic cache screws up mesh.
2017-08-07 Bastien MontagneRefactor ID copying (and to some extent, ID freeing).
2017-07-31 Campbell BartonCleanup: use static vars where appropriate
2017-07-28 Sergey SharybinFix T52212: Vgroups doesn't work after Carve Boolean
2017-06-20 Bastien MontagneFix (unreported) missing Image usercount increase when...
2017-06-19 Bastien MontagneFix (unreported) bad copying code of Surface Deform...
2017-06-19 Bastien MontagneFix compiler warnings from own recent rB0d5c7e5e36b9.
2017-06-19 Bastien MontagneFix (unreported) bad copying of Ocean modifier.
2017-06-19 Bastien MontagneFix (unreported) bad copying code in Mesh Deform modifier.
2017-06-19 Bastien MontagneFix (unreported) Dynamic Paint modifier not increasing...
2017-06-19 Bastien MontagneFix (unreported) memory leak in Fluid modifier copying.
2017-06-12 Sergey SharybinDepsgraph: Use depsgraph from handle rather than from...
2017-06-08 Bastien MontagneSimplify Array modifier 'relative offset' handling.
2017-05-30 Sergey SharybinDisplace modifier: Pre-fetch all possible images to...
2017-05-26 lazydodoFix integer overflows in meshcache modifier.
2017-05-22 Bastien MontagneFix T51520: Broken vertex weights after two mesh joining.
2017-05-05 Bastien MontagneFix (unreported) memleak in Warp modifier copying.
2017-04-24 Campbell BartonCleanup: style
2017-04-20 Luca RoodFix Surface Deform not unbinding if target is removed
2017-04-17 Bastien MontagneFix T51176: Cache file location can be blank and preven...
2017-04-17 Bastien MontagneFluidsim cleanup: get rid of magic numbers!
2017-04-13 Luca RoodFix Surface Deform crash with missing or freed DM
2017-04-07 Sybren A. StüvelAlembic: just pass NULL when we know mcmd->reader is...
2017-03-30 Campbell BartonMirror Modifier: Add offsets for mirrored UVs
2017-03-20 Germano CavalcanteFix T51012: Surface modifier was not working with curves
2017-03-19 Bastien MontagneUsual UI/i18n message fixes.
2017-03-06 Luca RoodSurface Deform Modifier: Respect object transforms...