Patch #21011: Tweaks to Sky/Atmosphere presets
[blender.git] / release / scripts / modules /
2010-01-30 Arystanbek DyussenovCOLLADA branch: merge from trunk -r 25745:26429.
2010-01-24 Elia SartiForgot to rename use_return in this script as well.
2010-01-24 Campbell Bartoncopy of docs from 2.4x for python modules that have...
2010-01-17 Campbell Bartonfixed sphinx doc generator
2010-01-05 Arystanbek DyussenovMerge from trunk -r 25003:25745.
2010-01-05 Arystanbek DyussenovMerge -c 25001,25310,25311,25638,25746 from COLLADA...
2010-01-02 Campbell Bartonsphinx support for documenting multiple return values
2009-12-27 Campbell BartonTransfer Shape Key
2009-12-26 Campbell Bartonclassmethods were excluded from docs, hide self & cls...
2009-12-26 Campbell Barton* sphinx docgen *
2009-12-26 Campbell Bartonpep8 edits, removed and
2009-12-25 Campbell Bartonupdate rna_info and rna_rna for better introspection
2009-12-25 Campbell Bartonfix for segfault getting RNA Enum default values, minor...
2009-12-24 Campbell Barton* register operators like other classes
2009-12-21 Campbell Bartonpy error fix and minor changes to rna info class
2009-12-19 Campbell Bartonutility module for introspecting RNA for doc generation.