5 years agoAdd mathutils.bvhtree API
Campbell Barton [Wed, 29 Jul 2015 11:16:28 +0000 (21:16 +1000)]
Add mathutils.bvhtree API

Originally D966 by @lukastoenne, with own additions

- trees can be initialized from Object's, BMesh,
  or passed in as vert+polygon arrays.
- original indices of ngons/faces are used. (instead of tessellated indices).
- ray_cast, find_nearest methods
- find overlapping faces between 2 trees

5 years agoExpose bvhtree_sphereray_tri_intersection for general use
Campbell Barton [Wed, 29 Jul 2015 11:14:16 +0000 (21:14 +1000)]
Expose bvhtree_sphereray_tri_intersection for general use

5 years agoOpenSubdiv: Make empty meshes supported and not crashing
Sergey Sharybin [Wed, 29 Jul 2015 11:09:49 +0000 (13:09 +0200)]
OpenSubdiv: Make empty meshes supported and not crashing

5 years agoPort optimization from gooseberry branch:
Antony Riakiotakis [Wed, 29 Jul 2015 10:52:03 +0000 (12:52 +0200)]
Port optimization from gooseberry branch:

Treat scrubbing as animation.

This is checked during various updates to avoid
some costly calculations.

5 years agoCleanup
Campbell Barton [Wed, 29 Jul 2015 10:18:22 +0000 (20:18 +1000)]

5 years agoMath Lib: add isect_tri_tri_epsilon_v3 function
Campbell Barton [Wed, 29 Jul 2015 07:48:38 +0000 (17:48 +1000)]
Math Lib: add isect_tri_tri_epsilon_v3 function

5 years agoRemove not really helpful debug print
Sergey Sharybin [Wed, 29 Jul 2015 10:01:41 +0000 (12:01 +0200)]
Remove not really helpful debug print

If it's still considered useful please move it inside G.debug or ifdef code.

5 years agoImBuf: Fixes for openexr images
Sergey Sharybin [Wed, 29 Jul 2015 09:59:29 +0000 (11:59 +0200)]
ImBuf: Fixes for openexr images

- Fixed crash loading multilayer EXR
- Fixed another memory leak loading multilayer EXR

5 years agoTriangulate wasn't clearing arena after each use
Campbell Barton [Wed, 29 Jul 2015 02:01:55 +0000 (12:01 +1000)]
Triangulate wasn't clearing arena after each use

5 years agoOptimize PySequence_Fast usage
Campbell Barton [Tue, 28 Jul 2015 23:58:10 +0000 (09:58 +1000)]
Optimize PySequence_Fast usage

Access arrays directly, avoiding type-check every time.

5 years agoFix leaks in mathutils PySequence_Fast usage
Campbell Barton [Tue, 28 Jul 2015 23:49:02 +0000 (09:49 +1000)]
Fix leaks in mathutils PySequence_Fast usage

5 years agoFix leak in BPy_BMElem_PySeq_As_Array
Campbell Barton [Tue, 28 Jul 2015 23:55:34 +0000 (09:55 +1000)]
Fix leak in BPy_BMElem_PySeq_As_Array

Also add BPy_BMElem_PySeq_As_Array_FAST

5 years agoFix leak in PyC_AsArray
Campbell Barton [Tue, 28 Jul 2015 23:31:53 +0000 (09:31 +1000)]
Fix leak in PyC_AsArray

Would only happen when the list-length was an unexpected size.

Also add PyC_AsArray_FAST

5 years agoCleanup: check exact error w/ mathutils functions
Campbell Barton [Wed, 29 Jul 2015 00:37:39 +0000 (10:37 +1000)]
Cleanup: check exact error w/ mathutils functions

5 years agoCleanup: style
Campbell Barton [Wed, 29 Jul 2015 00:43:32 +0000 (10:43 +1000)]
Cleanup: style

5 years agoFix build with Quicktime after Audaspace update
Dalai Felinto [Wed, 29 Jul 2015 00:48:13 +0000 (21:48 -0300)]
Fix build with Quicktime after Audaspace update

5 years agoSequencer: Disable Refresh Sequencer button while rendering
Sergey Sharybin [Tue, 28 Jul 2015 16:20:25 +0000 (18:20 +0200)]
Sequencer: Disable Refresh Sequencer button while rendering

This code is not thread-safe and there's no easy way to synchronize
render and viewport threads for this operation, so for until we've
got some nicer solution we just disable dangerous buttons.

5 years agocdderivedmesh: don't prepare a normal buffer when selecting, even
Antony Riakiotakis [Tue, 28 Jul 2015 16:23:59 +0000 (18:23 +0200)]
cdderivedmesh: don't prepare a normal buffer when selecting, even
if we skip creating the selection color layer.

5 years agoFix T45529: Texture Compositor node composition artifact (random pixels)
Sergey Sharybin [Tue, 28 Jul 2015 15:54:21 +0000 (17:54 +0200)]
Fix T45529: Texture Compositor node composition artifact (random pixels)

The issue was caused by the non-threaded texture API used by the node.
While the node itself is single threaded there might be texture nodes
in different execution groups running in parallel.

5 years agoAudaspace: fixing a memory access violation in the audio device list.
Lukas Stockner [Tue, 28 Jul 2015 15:39:55 +0000 (17:39 +0200)]
Audaspace: fixing a memory access violation in the audio device list.

5 years agoCycles: Correction to image extension type commits
Sergey Sharybin [Tue, 28 Jul 2015 14:31:27 +0000 (16:31 +0200)]
Cycles: Correction to image extension type commits

Clipping wasn't working totally correct, need to check original coordinates,
not the integer ones,

Now CPU gives the same exact results for both SVM and OSL, CUDA is still doing
something crazy with edges.

5 years agoFix T45590: Some more missing glsl functions
Sergey Sharybin [Tue, 28 Jul 2015 13:56:34 +0000 (15:56 +0200)]
Fix T45590: Some more missing glsl functions

Also SSS node was using wrong Normal input index.

5 years agoAudaspace: building without audaspace.
Jörg Müller [Tue, 28 Jul 2015 12:52:21 +0000 (14:52 +0200)]
Audaspace: building without audaspace.

- Fixed building without for cmake.
- Scons can now build without audaspace too.

5 years agoCycles: Expose Clip image extension type
Sergey Sharybin [Tue, 28 Jul 2015 12:39:53 +0000 (14:39 +0200)]
Cycles: Expose Clip image extension type

This type causes pixels outside of 0..1 coordinate range to become transparent.

5 years agoCycles: Add implementation of clip extension mode
Sergey Sharybin [Tue, 28 Jul 2015 12:36:08 +0000 (14:36 +0200)]
Cycles: Add implementation of clip extension mode

For now there's no OpenCL support, it'll come later.

5 years agoCycles: Prepare for more image extension types support
Sergey Sharybin [Tue, 28 Jul 2015 11:51:10 +0000 (13:51 +0200)]
Cycles: Prepare for more image extension types support

Basically just replace boolean periodic flag with extension type enum in the
device API.

5 years agoAudaspace: support the device list returned by the new audaspace library.
Jörg Müller [Fri, 24 Jul 2015 13:44:17 +0000 (15:44 +0200)]
Audaspace: support the device list returned by the new audaspace library.

- use the device names returned from the library.
- system settings UI changed as new audaspace might contain longer and more device names.

5 years agoAudaspace: fixing problems for the merge to master suggested by Campbell and Sergey.
Jörg Müller [Tue, 16 Jun 2015 08:03:35 +0000 (10:03 +0200)]
Audaspace: fixing problems for the merge to master suggested by Campbell and Sergey.

- simplifying cmake defines and includes.
- fixing include paths and enabling WITH_SYSTEM_AUDASPACE for windows.
- fixing scons building.
- other minor build system fixes.

5 years agoAudaspace: fix the new wm_playanim.c (from gooseberry branch) to use the new API.
Jörg Müller [Mon, 15 Jun 2015 10:18:14 +0000 (12:18 +0200)]
Audaspace: fix the new wm_playanim.c (from gooseberry branch) to use the new API.

5 years agoAudaspace: name fixes and external library update.
Jörg Müller [Tue, 21 Apr 2015 13:20:19 +0000 (15:20 +0200)]
Audaspace: name fixes and external library update.

5 years agoAudaspace: adapt internal C-API naming to external audaspace library.
Jörg Müller [Sat, 15 Nov 2014 09:15:06 +0000 (22:15 +1300)]
Audaspace: adapt internal C-API naming to external audaspace library.

5 years agoAudaspace: external audaspace library update.
Jörg Müller [Wed, 12 Nov 2014 11:33:28 +0000 (00:33 +1300)]
Audaspace: external audaspace library update.

5 years agoAudaspace: use standalone library.
Jörg Müller [Tue, 4 Mar 2014 12:44:15 +0000 (13:44 +0100)]
Audaspace: use standalone library.

- Added the cmake configuration option WITH_EXTERNAL_AUDASPACE.
- Fixes to build without standalone library as well.

5 years agoAudaspace: preparing to use standalone library.
Jörg Müller [Mon, 3 Mar 2014 22:57:59 +0000 (23:57 +0100)]
Audaspace: preparing to use standalone library.

- Renamed some functions.
- Using C API instead of C++ in the game engine, as the standalone is C++11.

5 years agoBGE: Navmesh fixes and improvements
Sybren A. Stüvel [Tue, 28 Jul 2015 11:54:41 +0000 (13:54 +0200)]
BGE: Navmesh fixes and improvements

The navigation mesh functionality was broken for quite a while. This patch
contains fixes: recalculating tesselations before getting the number of
tesselation faces (it otherwise returned 0) before calculating the navmesh,
and calling `DM_ensure_tessface()` on the navmesh's `DerivedMesh` object
(which fixes visualisation in Blender). This allows one to create a new
navmesh, which also works in the BGE.

Furthermore, the patch adds several return values, and shows more error
messages when things go wrong. In several places in the navmesh creation
code, return codes weren't checked and errors silently ignored.

Reviewers: nicks, brita_, campbellbarton, lordloki, moguri, panzergame

Reviewed By: panzergame

Differential Revision:

5 years agoCycles: Correction to image extension setting commit
Sergey Sharybin [Tue, 28 Jul 2015 11:21:13 +0000 (13:21 +0200)]
Cycles: Correction to image extension setting commit

Technically it was all wrong and it should have been called Extend instead
of Clip. Got confused by the naming in different libraries.

More options are still to come.

5 years agoFix for file unpack checking existing files
Campbell Barton [Tue, 28 Jul 2015 11:30:20 +0000 (21:30 +1000)]
Fix for file unpack checking existing files

Wasn't expanding the path '//' before checking the path on-disk.

5 years agoFix T45581: GPU failed to find function node_bsdf_refraction
Sergey Sharybin [Tue, 28 Jul 2015 09:15:29 +0000 (11:15 +0200)]
Fix T45581: GPU failed to find function node_bsdf_refraction

This commit fixes shader tree compilation, but the shading result wouldn't be
doing actual refraction because it's a bit involved change which isn't really
considered a bug for now. There are more closures which are falling back to
diffuse BSDF currently.

5 years agoCMake: modify recent platform defaults
Campbell Barton [Tue, 28 Jul 2015 07:47:21 +0000 (17:47 +1000)]
CMake: modify recent platform defaults

Now only disable Jack and NDof on OSX

Also comment main block for platform checks

5 years agoCMake: use same defaults on all-platforms
Campbell Barton [Tue, 28 Jul 2015 04:45:28 +0000 (14:45 +1000)]
CMake: use same defaults on all-platforms

Previously Linux had disabled libs that were enabled on other platforms.
Use a reduced feature set on all, since libs such as Jack & OSL aren't totally reliable on Win/OSX.

Keep 'option_defaults_init' since platform maintainers may want to adjust later.

5 years agoJpeg2000: Fixed for DCP pipeline
Sergey Sharybin [Mon, 27 Jul 2015 20:34:55 +0000 (22:34 +0200)]
Jpeg2000: Fixed for DCP pipeline

Profile and color space were not properly set.

5 years agoBGE: Fix T37074: GLSL max texture units limit
Thomas Szepe [Mon, 27 Jul 2015 18:34:13 +0000 (20:34 +0200)]
BGE: Fix T37074: GLSL max texture units limit

Actually for the the amount of GLSL textures units is limited by the amount of multitexture units (GL_MAX_TEXTURE_UNITS_ARB).
Most of the Nvidia graphic cards supports only 4 multitexture units, so Nvidia users can not use more then 4 GLSL textures for a custom shader.
This patch removes this limitation by using GL_MAX_TEXTURE_IMAGE_UNITS_ARB if GLSL is supported, but still limit the amount to the maximum texture limit of 8.

Reviewers: lordloki, agoose77, danielstokes, panzergame, sybren, moguri

Reviewed By: panzergame, sybren, moguri

Projects: #game_engine, #game_rendering

Maniphest Tasks: T37074

Differential Revision:

5 years agoCycles: Final-ish tweaks for 32bit cubin compilation
Sergey Sharybin [Mon, 27 Jul 2015 14:55:50 +0000 (16:55 +0200)]
Cycles: Final-ish tweaks for 32bit cubin compilation

5 years agoDoc fix: wolrd -> world
Sybren A. Stüvel [Mon, 27 Jul 2015 13:53:09 +0000 (15:53 +0200)]
Doc fix: wolrd -> world

The documentation for bge.types.KX_WorldInfo had two typos.

5 years agoBuildbot: Include branch name to the cmake builds
Sergey Sharybin [Mon, 27 Jul 2015 12:21:20 +0000 (14:21 +0200)]
Buildbot: Include branch name to the cmake builds

5 years agoCycles: One more attempt to fix compilation of 32bit CUDA kernels
Sergey Sharybin [Mon, 27 Jul 2015 12:18:20 +0000 (14:18 +0200)]
Cycles: One more attempt to fix compilation of 32bit CUDA kernels

5 years agoCompositor: Add note that bilateral blur is not really correct
Sergey Sharybin [Mon, 27 Jul 2015 12:14:17 +0000 (14:14 +0200)]
Compositor: Add note that bilateral blur is not really correct

The code does stupid box filter which doesn't give nice results and doesn't
match old compositor at all. Need some better gaussian weighting here. Will
look into it later.

5 years agoDon't allocate MFace's by default
Campbell Barton [Mon, 27 Jul 2015 10:50:06 +0000 (20:50 +1000)]
Don't allocate MFace's by default


Callers that need it must explicitly add it to their data-masks.

5 years agoUse loop data instead of face data
Campbell Barton [Mon, 27 Jul 2015 10:59:10 +0000 (20:59 +1000)]
Use loop data instead of face data

Replace checks in various places

5 years agoError in looptri update, was checking wrong layer-type
Campbell Barton [Mon, 27 Jul 2015 11:10:04 +0000 (21:10 +1000)]
Error in looptri update, was checking wrong layer-type

5 years agoBGE: Fix T19241: draw debug shape with overlay/background scene.
Porteries Tristan [Mon, 27 Jul 2015 08:58:19 +0000 (10:58 +0200)]
BGE: Fix T19241: draw debug shape with overlay/background scene.

It's for the function render.drawLine and physics debug.

5 years agoImage painting 2D:
Antony Riakiotakis [Mon, 27 Jul 2015 10:55:40 +0000 (12:55 +0200)]
Image painting 2D:

Deprecate wrap (BRUSH_TORUS) option, we now have paint flags for tiling
and we can reuse those. Also allows seperate tiling in X/Y
direction for 2D painting now.

Only one tiling is allowed for now.

Options can be found in new "Tiling" panel under the tools tab.

For version patching, we just turn off brush wrapping,
to allow reuse of the flag in the future.
New option is paint mode wide instead of per brush so
a brush having the old wrap option will not enable it
for the whole mode in the version patch.

5 years agoCPack: Use hash of the head for the file name
Sergey Sharybin [Mon, 27 Jul 2015 10:18:45 +0000 (12:18 +0200)]
CPack: Use hash of the head for the file name

Upstream is not always configured ad might give empty results.

Ideally we need to re-use the same code as we use for buildinfo,
but it's also a bit of a question which exact hash we want to put
to the name by default.

5 years agoBuildbot: Missed this in the previous commit
Sergey Sharybin [Mon, 27 Jul 2015 09:49:05 +0000 (11:49 +0200)]
Buildbot: Missed this in the previous commit

5 years agoBuildbot: Attempt to make windows cmake builds names matching buldbot's names
Sergey Sharybin [Mon, 27 Jul 2015 09:17:57 +0000 (11:17 +0200)]
Buildbot: Attempt to make windows cmake builds names matching buldbot's names

Did this in packaging buildbot rule because of several reasons:

- CMake doesn't deliver name of package which we expect it to be for buildbot
- CMake doesn't really know that building happens for buildbot
- Making default CPAck name matching buildbot's naming is kinda stupid

Probably we can pass CPack name via command line arguments, but i'm happy with
the current state and one might change things in the future.

5 years agoReplace MFace with MLoopTri in laplacian_deform
Martin Felke [Mon, 27 Jul 2015 07:37:42 +0000 (17:37 +1000)]
Replace MFace with MLoopTri in laplacian_deform

5 years agoMissed last commit
Campbell Barton [Mon, 27 Jul 2015 06:46:12 +0000 (16:46 +1000)]
Missed last commit

5 years agoReplace MFace with looptri for dynamicpaint
Campbell Barton [Mon, 27 Jul 2015 05:52:54 +0000 (15:52 +1000)]
Replace MFace with looptri for dynamicpaint

D1429 by @lichtwerk, with edits

5 years agoCleanup: deprecate some G.fileflags comment others
Campbell Barton [Mon, 27 Jul 2015 00:36:11 +0000 (10:36 +1000)]
Cleanup: deprecate some G.fileflags comment others

5 years agoFix T45563: Crash rendering hair dupli's
Campbell Barton [Mon, 27 Jul 2015 00:02:41 +0000 (10:02 +1000)]
Fix T45563: Crash rendering hair dupli's

5 years agoMake cmake windows 32 bit buildbot use the 120xp toolkit, restoring
Martijn Berger [Sun, 26 Jul 2015 19:14:24 +0000 (21:14 +0200)]
Make cmake windows 32 bit buildbot use the 120xp toolkit, restoring
windows XP compatibility

Fixes T45559

5 years agoFix T26141: render setting affects only first scene.
Porteries Tristan [Sun, 26 Jul 2015 16:01:56 +0000 (18:01 +0200)]
Fix T26141: render setting affects only first scene.

5 years agoFix bug in particle API accessing the emitter
Campbell Barton [Sun, 26 Jul 2015 02:19:52 +0000 (12:19 +1000)]
Fix bug in particle API accessing the emitter

5 years agoFix T45510: Animation channel textbox field to small
Julian Eisel [Sat, 25 Jul 2015 23:55:25 +0000 (01:55 +0200)]
Fix T45510: Animation channel textbox field to small

It now takes (almost) the whole available width of the region. Icons on the right hand side are hidden during text input now, they can't be used then anyway. Using this space for the text input button makes more sense.

5 years agoFix T45562: Crashing pre 2.5 file with grid subdivisions set to 0
Julian Eisel [Sat, 25 Jul 2015 22:18:44 +0000 (00:18 +0200)]
Fix T45562: Crashing pre 2.5 file with grid subdivisions set to 0

Seems like the original version patch for this wasn't made correctly.

5 years agominor cleanup, reuse existing variable
Antony Riakiotakis [Sat, 25 Jul 2015 20:32:55 +0000 (22:32 +0200)]
minor cleanup, reuse existing variable

5 years agoConvert CCGSubsurf VBO system to also sort hidden and visible faces.
Antony Riakiotakis [Sat, 25 Jul 2015 20:02:15 +0000 (22:02 +0200)]
Convert CCGSubsurf VBO system to also sort hidden and visible faces.

It's not actually used during drawing though.

5 years agoGPU Buffers:
Antony Riakiotakis [Sat, 25 Jul 2015 18:00:49 +0000 (20:00 +0200)]
GPU Buffers:

This commit begins implementation of the idea about hidden face
separation outlined in

We split hidden and visible faces to different parts of the triangle
Mapped drawing will now skip iterating through hidden polys.
Of course the final target, when all derived mesh types use
VBO sorting, is to skip checking for hide flag per face
completely. All faces will be pre-sorted anyway and we'll
be able to draw them with one draw call.

5 years agoStyle cleanup + fix sign on previous commit.
Antony Riakiotakis [Sat, 25 Jul 2015 16:02:07 +0000 (18:02 +0200)]
Style cleanup + fix sign on previous commit.

5 years agoCleanup - we don't need a bogus enable material function, just pass
Antony Riakiotakis [Sat, 25 Jul 2015 15:18:45 +0000 (17:18 +0200)]
Cleanup - we don't need a bogus enable material function, just pass

All derivedmesh types check if we have an enable function, we can get
rid of this.

5 years agoFix tile feature not working outside mesh boundaries.
Antony Riakiotakis [Sat, 25 Jul 2015 14:21:09 +0000 (16:21 +0200)]
Fix tile feature not working outside mesh boundaries.

We need to generate strokes up to a brush radius around the bounding

5 years agoFix T45515, dynamic paint not displaying colors correctly.
Antony Riakiotakis [Sat, 25 Jul 2015 14:16:25 +0000 (16:16 +0200)]
Fix T45515, dynamic paint not displaying colors correctly.

Looptri refactor artifact

5 years agoGPU buffer materials:
Antony Riakiotakis [Sat, 25 Jul 2015 11:17:37 +0000 (13:17 +0200)]
GPU buffer materials:

Separate and reuse some shared code.

Also avoid counting for information we already know,
such as total loop triangles etc.

5 years agoFix compile warning in 04b369
Porteries Tristan [Sat, 25 Jul 2015 12:00:46 +0000 (14:00 +0200)]
Fix compile warning in 04b369

5 years agoBGE: Fix T35454: Soft body joints crash.
Porteries Tristan [Sat, 25 Jul 2015 11:45:13 +0000 (13:45 +0200)]
BGE: Fix T35454: Soft body joints crash.

Constraint on soft bodies are special and return 0 as constraint id.
So we have to check that the id is not 0 in function setParam, getParam, getAppliedImpulse and removeConstraint.

5 years agoBGE: Fix T45278 sleeping deactivation with overlay scene.
Porteries Tristan [Fri, 3 Jul 2015 09:13:47 +0000 (11:13 +0200)]
BGE: Fix T45278 sleeping deactivation with overlay scene.

this commit fix also angular and linear threshold sleeping value update via bge.constraints.

5 years agoFix T45555 crash with subsurf edge drawing.
Antony Riakiotakis [Sat, 25 Jul 2015 10:46:08 +0000 (12:46 +0200)]
Fix T45555 crash with subsurf edge drawing.

Loose edge count was double. It didn't fail on own
tests because they had a small number of loose edges,
but for bigger meshes it hit garbage indices at draw time
and crashed.

Also cleaned up the code to make it less verbose and easier to
understand how indices are counted.

Hope it's the last edge-related fix (fingers crossed)

5 years agoFix grease pencil selection
Campbell Barton [Sat, 25 Jul 2015 10:34:21 +0000 (20:34 +1000)]
Fix grease pencil selection

When zoomed in could int overflow and select the wrong vertex.

also correct clipping check.

5 years agoFix T45553: Object parent_type 'ARMATURE' disappeared in Blender 2.75.
Bastien Montagne [Sat, 25 Jul 2015 08:39:04 +0000 (10:39 +0200)]
Fix T45553: Object parent_type 'ARMATURE' disappeared in Blender 2.75.

Own stupid mistake in rBb318795c3b3d (ideally we should really not have that kind of ugly hacks :/ ).

5 years agoBGE: Fix T35288 Touch/Ray/Mouse sensor and Constraint actuator with material check...
Porteries Tristan [Fri, 24 Jul 2015 18:28:39 +0000 (20:28 +0200)]
BGE: Fix T35288 Touch/Ray/Mouse sensor and Constraint actuator  with material check doesn't work.

Now we look at all materials instead of the first. So m_auxilary_info is useless and removed.

5 years agoCleanup: double-promotion warnings
Campbell Barton [Sat, 25 Jul 2015 03:26:20 +0000 (13:26 +1000)]
Cleanup: double-promotion warnings

5 years agoCorrect check for angle-rake stroke
Campbell Barton [Sat, 25 Jul 2015 03:07:05 +0000 (13:07 +1000)]
Correct check for angle-rake stroke

5 years agoCleanup: warnings, style
Campbell Barton [Fri, 24 Jul 2015 21:40:02 +0000 (07:40 +1000)]
Cleanup: warnings, style

5 years agoCompositor: Fixes for the debug pass
Sergey Sharybin [Fri, 24 Jul 2015 21:05:11 +0000 (23:05 +0200)]
Compositor: Fixes for the debug pass

This commit fixes issues with wrong socket type being added to the Cycles debug
pass compositor operation, which lead to crashes with non-value pass types.

This commit also reverts socket renaming thing because while it's was behaving
ok on runtime file reload might have loose the links which is annoying.

5 years agoFix T45537: cycles bake crashes with motionblur on
Kévin Dietrich [Fri, 24 Jul 2015 19:18:17 +0000 (21:18 +0200)]
Fix T45537: cycles bake crashes with motionblur on

The crash was due to baking with motion blur but without a camera.

Reviewed by Brecht.

5 years agoExperiment with setting proper socket name for debug pass
Sergey Sharybin [Fri, 24 Jul 2015 16:41:54 +0000 (18:41 +0200)]
Experiment with setting proper socket name for debug pass

5 years agoDeduplicate some logic around debug passes
Sergey Sharybin [Fri, 24 Jul 2015 15:45:14 +0000 (17:45 +0200)]
Deduplicate some logic around debug passes

5 years agoCompositor: Make it work for debug passes other than float
Sergey Sharybin [Fri, 24 Jul 2015 15:15:55 +0000 (17:15 +0200)]
Compositor: Make it work for debug passes other than float

5 years agoBGE: Fix T45544 Adding Armatures takes an increasing amount of logic time
Porteries Tristan [Fri, 24 Jul 2015 15:05:38 +0000 (17:05 +0200)]
BGE: Fix T45544 Adding Armatures takes an increasing amount of logic time

Armatures were not totaly freed (only the armature object not the armature) and the original armature user count was not decrease after replication.

5 years agoFix T45541 crash when mixing flat and smooth shaded faces in sculpt
Antony Riakiotakis [Fri, 24 Jul 2015 14:28:18 +0000 (16:28 +0200)]
Fix T45541 crash when mixing flat and smooth shaded faces in sculpt

Issue from looptri merge.

5 years agoCompositor: Allow using debug pass output in the compositor
Sergey Sharybin [Fri, 24 Jul 2015 10:56:05 +0000 (12:56 +0200)]
Compositor: Allow using debug pass output in the compositor

Currently only works correct with single float output, RGBA and vector are not
supported so if one need to use this passes he'll need to wait a bit still.

It is coming, don't worry.

5 years agoMake it easier to create debug passes with more than 1 channel
Sergey Sharybin [Fri, 24 Jul 2015 10:29:05 +0000 (12:29 +0200)]
Make it easier to create debug passes with more than 1 channel

5 years agoCycles: Don't explicitly add debug passes, this is now handled via RNA
Sergey Sharybin [Fri, 24 Jul 2015 10:12:24 +0000 (12:12 +0200)]
Cycles: Don't explicitly add debug passes, this is now handled via RNA

5 years agoFix subsurf edge drawing when more than one loose edge vert exists
Antony Riakiotakis [Fri, 24 Jul 2015 12:39:52 +0000 (14:39 +0200)]
Fix subsurf edge drawing when more than one loose edge vert exists

5 years agoFix yet another issue caused by my recent changes.
Antony Riakiotakis [Fri, 24 Jul 2015 12:32:11 +0000 (14:32 +0200)]
Fix yet another issue caused by my recent changes.

5 years agoFix out of bounds memory access when copying loose vertices in cddm
Antony Riakiotakis [Fri, 24 Jul 2015 10:24:05 +0000 (12:24 +0200)]
Fix out of bounds memory access when copying loose vertices in cddm

Caused by own fix for too much allocated memory not taking all code
into account.

5 years agoAdjust CMake platform dependant release options
Campbell Barton [Fri, 24 Jul 2015 09:39:12 +0000 (19:39 +1000)]
Adjust CMake platform dependant release options

5 years agoFix for building with OpenSubdiv
Campbell Barton [Fri, 24 Jul 2015 07:11:50 +0000 (17:11 +1000)]
Fix for building with OpenSubdiv

5 years agoCleanup: comments (remove outdated & update)
Campbell Barton [Fri, 24 Jul 2015 06:58:43 +0000 (16:58 +1000)]
Cleanup: comments (remove outdated & update)

5 years agoPyAPI: update bgl to OpenGL 3.3
Martijn Berger [Fri, 24 Jul 2015 06:43:20 +0000 (16:43 +1000)]
PyAPI: update bgl to OpenGL 3.3

Adds (currently unused) deprecated option
so we can remove support for older API versions.