7 years agoFix #36038: Auto Keying warning message is clamped in Japanese
Sv. Lockal [Sat, 6 Jul 2013 20:42:24 +0000 (20:42 +0000)]
Fix #36038: Auto Keying warning message is clamped in Japanese

7 years agofix [#36022] inconsistent naming for new images
Campbell Barton [Sat, 6 Jul 2013 08:10:41 +0000 (08:10 +0000)]
fix [#36022] inconsistent naming for new images

7 years agofix for crash deleting the world when viewport preview is used.
Campbell Barton [Sat, 6 Jul 2013 07:34:38 +0000 (07:34 +0000)]
fix for crash deleting the world when viewport preview is used.

7 years agofix [#36027] Close gap shifts clip leaves keyframes behind
Campbell Barton [Sat, 6 Jul 2013 07:21:08 +0000 (07:21 +0000)]
fix [#36027] Close gap shifts clip leaves keyframes behind

7 years agoremove dummy menu which WM_OT_context_menu_enum needed, use popup menu directly instead.
Campbell Barton [Sat, 6 Jul 2013 03:04:48 +0000 (03:04 +0000)]
remove dummy menu which WM_OT_context_menu_enum needed, use popup menu directly instead.

7 years agofix for writing past array end with loop filling.
Campbell Barton [Sat, 6 Jul 2013 02:20:39 +0000 (02:20 +0000)]
fix for writing past array end with loop filling.

7 years agoonly make dynamic paint tag normals as dirty if it moves vertices.
Campbell Barton [Sat, 6 Jul 2013 01:42:45 +0000 (01:42 +0000)]
only make dynamic paint tag normals as dirty if it moves vertices.

7 years agoChanged default setting for transfer weights to Group:All
Gaia Clary [Fri, 5 Jul 2013 09:34:17 +0000 (09:34 +0000)]
Changed default setting for transfer weights to Group:All

7 years agofix [#35989] bridge tool flip mash
Campbell Barton [Fri, 5 Jul 2013 08:45:42 +0000 (08:45 +0000)]
fix [#35989] bridge tool flip mash
open edge loops were calculating flipping incorrectly.

7 years agofix [#36005] viewport rendering crashes blender
Campbell Barton [Fri, 5 Jul 2013 07:53:22 +0000 (07:53 +0000)]
fix [#36005] viewport rendering crashes blender

7 years agofix [#36014] Individual Origin Translation across Normal Orientation doesn't work...
Campbell Barton [Fri, 5 Jul 2013 05:52:49 +0000 (05:52 +0000)]
fix [#36014] Individual Origin Translation across Normal Orientation doesn't work properly.
makes boundary edges use predictable orientation.

7 years agofix [#35987] bevel gives nan vertices
Campbell Barton [Fri, 5 Jul 2013 00:30:00 +0000 (00:30 +0000)]
fix [#35987] bevel gives nan vertices
The line intersection function bevel uses could give nan intersections.

7 years agocorrect typo in previous commit & minor changes.
Campbell Barton [Fri, 5 Jul 2013 00:13:14 +0000 (00:13 +0000)]
correct typo in previous commit & minor changes.

7 years agofix [#35977] Bake Action doesn't work properly
Campbell Barton [Thu, 4 Jul 2013 23:52:02 +0000 (23:52 +0000)]
fix [#35977] Bake Action doesn't work properly

there are cases where you want to use visual-keying but not remove constraints, also it wasnt obvious that clearing constraints used a different method of keyframing.
So split these into 2 options.

7 years agofix for [#35911] wasn't complete, while weigths would show in editmode, weights that...
Campbell Barton [Thu, 4 Jul 2013 22:24:39 +0000 (22:24 +0000)]
fix for [#35911] wasn't complete, while weigths would show in editmode, weights that were modified by a weight modifier wouldn't.

7 years agoAdded generic function to Sync pose bone with active vgroup. For use in Weight Paint...
Gaia Clary [Thu, 4 Jul 2013 21:49:48 +0000 (21:49 +0000)]
Added generic function to Sync pose bone with active vgroup. For use in Weight Paint and Vertex Paint

7 years agoreplaced OPERATOR_CANCELLED by OPERATOR_FINISHED to get the redo panel for Transfer...
Gaia Clary [Thu, 4 Jul 2013 20:33:52 +0000 (20:33 +0000)]
replaced OPERATOR_CANCELLED by OPERATOR_FINISHED to get the redo panel for Transfer Weights

7 years agoPartial fix for Bug #35695: Freestyle produces extra line across an object with point...
Tamito Kajiyama [Thu, 4 Jul 2013 20:24:22 +0000 (20:24 +0000)]
Partial fix for Bug #35695: Freestyle produces extra line across an object with pointed areas.

The reported problem is a visual artefact (extra lines) generated by
ChainingIterators.pySketchyChainingIterator used for sketchy chaining with the Same Object
option disabled in the Parameter Editor mode.  The issue is caused by an inconsistency in
the internal data structure (i.e., view map).  For now this fatal error condition is addressed
to avoid visually incorrect results.  Another fix will follow to address the cause of the
internal inconsistency.

7 years agoedit on r57996, no need to use for loop.
Campbell Barton [Thu, 4 Jul 2013 20:07:00 +0000 (20:07 +0000)]
edit on r57996, no need to use for loop.

7 years agomissed change needed in r58003, wasn't selecting source group properly.
Campbell Barton [Thu, 4 Jul 2013 19:45:11 +0000 (19:45 +0000)]
missed change needed in r58003, wasn't selecting source group properly.

7 years agochanges to weight paint transfer
Campbell Barton [Thu, 4 Jul 2013 19:34:49 +0000 (19:34 +0000)]
changes to weight paint transfer
- Use the active group of the active (target) object (not the active group of the other, unselected object)
- Ensure the active group doesnt change from the one that was set originally.
- defgroup_find_name was doing redundant lookup on its self.

7 years agoFix #36010: missing 3D view header redraw when assigning shortcut key to
Brecht Van Lommel [Thu, 4 Jul 2013 19:29:04 +0000 (19:29 +0000)]
Fix #36010: missing 3D view header redraw when assigning shortcut key to
mesh automerge.

7 years agocorrect bad use of bool for cursor arg.
Campbell Barton [Thu, 4 Jul 2013 18:58:00 +0000 (18:58 +0000)]
correct bad use of bool for cursor arg.

7 years agoFix #35957: blender internal viewport render did not do correct color management
Brecht Van Lommel [Thu, 4 Jul 2013 18:17:02 +0000 (18:17 +0000)]
Fix #35957: blender internal viewport render did not do correct color management
for image textures.

7 years agoFix non-conditional out-of-bounds memory access in DoubleEdgeMask node
Sv. Lockal [Thu, 4 Jul 2013 17:57:03 +0000 (17:57 +0000)]
Fix non-conditional out-of-bounds memory access in DoubleEdgeMask node

7 years agoFix #35997: add armature > single bone, then change location or rotation would
Brecht Van Lommel [Thu, 4 Jul 2013 14:59:26 +0000 (14:59 +0000)]
Fix #35997: add armature > single bone, then change location or rotation would
move only the origin and not the bone. It doesn't need to use any object
matrices to add the bone, the only reason this worked before is because they
were still unit matrices due to depsgraph not running immediately on add.

7 years agoFix #36001: crashing copying long strings in text buttons.
Brecht Van Lommel [Thu, 4 Jul 2013 14:37:38 +0000 (14:37 +0000)]
Fix #36001: crashing copying long strings in text buttons.

7 years agoRevert revision 57896 to fix Make Local > All with multi user datablocks. It's
Brecht Van Lommel [Thu, 4 Jul 2013 14:11:42 +0000 (14:11 +0000)]
Revert revision 57896 to fix Make Local > All with multi user datablocks. It's
causing problems with link/append, needs some deeper changes but it's too close
to release for that.

7 years agoFix #36006: appending some datablock types (e.g. node groups) did not work, they
Brecht Van Lommel [Thu, 4 Jul 2013 13:03:08 +0000 (13:03 +0000)]
Fix #36006: appending some datablock types (e.g. node groups) did not work, they
were always linked after a recent bugfix.

7 years agoFix #35994: shape key mirror without topology did not properly work after
Brecht Van Lommel [Thu, 4 Jul 2013 11:37:32 +0000 (11:37 +0000)]
Fix #35994: shape key mirror without topology did not properly work after
doing mirror with topology.

7 years agoRemove SDL_VIDEODRIVER=dummy environment variable setting, this may interfere
Brecht Van Lommel [Thu, 4 Jul 2013 11:28:52 +0000 (11:28 +0000)]
Remove SDL_VIDEODRIVER=dummy environment variable setting, this may interfere
with other applications launching SDL applications from Blender.

At the time this was added the game engine joystick code was unnecessarily
initializing the SDL video subsystem, and looking at the SDL source code that's
the only place this environment variable is read. That doesn't happen anymore,
though we do have WITH_GHOST_SDL now. But the environment variable is set after
GHOST has been initialized, otherwise this code would have actually broken that.

7 years agorename poll functions from r57986, also no need to count the list to check if its...
Campbell Barton [Thu, 4 Jul 2013 09:31:33 +0000 (09:31 +0000)]
rename poll functions from r57986, also no need to count the list to check if its empty.

7 years agorigidbody: Code clenup
Sergej Reich [Thu, 4 Jul 2013 08:52:27 +0000 (08:52 +0000)]
rigidbody: Code clenup

Remove duplicate null check.

7 years agorigidbody: Remove constraint when removing one of it's objects
Sergej Reich [Thu, 4 Jul 2013 08:52:24 +0000 (08:52 +0000)]
rigidbody: Remove constraint when removing one of it's objects

This is not the nicest behaviour but trying to keep both bullet and
blender side objects in sync breaks in this case.
There might be a better soluion but this avoids crashes for now.

Fixes: [#35995] Delete crash on specific scene (Physics)
7 years agoMoved 'vgroups exist' check into operator poll functions of weight tools
Gaia Clary [Thu, 4 Jul 2013 08:47:42 +0000 (08:47 +0000)]
Moved 'vgroups exist' check into operator poll functions of weight tools

7 years agofix [#35998] Crash when trying rename Driver in Outliner
Campbell Barton [Thu, 4 Jul 2013 04:57:04 +0000 (04:57 +0000)]
fix [#35998] Crash when trying rename Driver in Outliner
remove unused script define

7 years agostop adding groups from changing the active group with weight transfer, add BKE_defgr...
Campbell Barton [Thu, 4 Jul 2013 03:56:18 +0000 (03:56 +0000)]
stop adding groups from changing the active group with weight transfer, add BKE_defgroup_new function.

7 years agofix [#35984] no way to know if a datablock is in editmode
Campbell Barton [Wed, 3 Jul 2013 22:57:00 +0000 (22:57 +0000)]
fix [#35984] no way to know if a datablock is in editmode

the report explains the issue in detail, but basically you couldn't know if a mesh was in editmode without checking all the objects that use it.
add `is_editmode` readonly property for all datatypes which support editmode.

also make rna fail to build on implicit function declarations.

7 years agofixes/edits to wright transfer
Campbell Barton [Wed, 3 Jul 2013 21:29:30 +0000 (21:29 +0000)]
fixes/edits to wright transfer
- poll function now checks for a mesh.
- other selected lattices would crash, check for meshes there too.
- better reporting when transfer fails.
- remove feature to sync with active bone after transfer, other tools don't do this (we could make into a generic function if its needed).

7 years agoremove checks for active object in the weight panel, this is incorrect for weight...
Campbell Barton [Wed, 3 Jul 2013 21:07:41 +0000 (21:07 +0000)]
remove checks for active object in the weight panel, this is incorrect for weight transfer and we better rely on operators poll functions.

7 years agoFix bevel crash bug 35990. Sometimes no face to interpolate from.
Howard Trickey [Wed, 3 Jul 2013 20:52:31 +0000 (20:52 +0000)]
Fix bevel crash bug 35990. Sometimes no face to interpolate from.

7 years agoFix #35992: crash using make links > animation data between empty and mesh object.
Brecht Van Lommel [Wed, 3 Jul 2013 20:37:09 +0000 (20:37 +0000)]
Fix #35992: crash using make links > animation data between empty and mesh object.

7 years agoFix #35991: show warning message to when trying to edit driven values in number buttons.
Brecht Van Lommel [Wed, 3 Jul 2013 20:37:07 +0000 (20:37 +0000)]
Fix #35991: show warning message to when trying to edit driven values in number buttons.

7 years agoFix Weight Paint(Weight-Transfer): active vgroup does not match active bone when...
Gaia Clary [Wed, 3 Jul 2013 20:31:38 +0000 (20:31 +0000)]
Fix Weight Paint(Weight-Transfer): active vgroup does not match active bone when new vgroups where created during transfer

7 years agoFix #35935: make links > groups, which copies group membership between objects,
Brecht Van Lommel [Wed, 3 Jul 2013 17:16:24 +0000 (17:16 +0000)]
Fix #35935: make links > groups, which copies group membership between objects,
would also copy object dupligroups (next item in the menu).

7 years agoFix #35933: setting shortcut keys in object mode menu didn't work correct.
Brecht Van Lommel [Wed, 3 Jul 2013 17:11:33 +0000 (17:11 +0000)]
Fix #35933: setting shortcut keys in object mode menu didn't work correct.

7 years agoFix #35986: "Full sample AA not supported without 3d rendering" message was
Brecht Van Lommel [Wed, 3 Jul 2013 17:02:09 +0000 (17:02 +0000)]
Fix #35986: "Full sample AA not supported without 3d rendering" message was
displayed even with antialiasing disabled.

7 years agoWeight Paint: Enable Transfer Weights tool for Obejcts with no Vertex Groups
Gaia Clary [Wed, 3 Jul 2013 15:57:30 +0000 (15:57 +0000)]
Weight Paint: Enable Transfer Weights tool for Obejcts with no Vertex Groups

7 years agoFix deadlock in coordinate wrapping operation with zero dimension
Sergey Sharybin [Wed, 3 Jul 2013 15:33:14 +0000 (15:33 +0000)]
Fix deadlock in coordinate wrapping operation with zero dimension

7 years agoFix crash when getting active ID from a node tree with missing groups
Sergey Sharybin [Wed, 3 Jul 2013 15:33:11 +0000 (15:33 +0000)]
Fix crash when getting active ID from a node tree with missing groups

7 years agoFix #35974: smoke flow force field icon missing in add menu.
Brecht Van Lommel [Wed, 3 Jul 2013 12:22:46 +0000 (12:22 +0000)]
Fix #35974: smoke flow force field icon missing in add menu.

7 years agofix [#35975] "Select Linked" = "Select All" in Weight Paint mode?
Campbell Barton [Wed, 3 Jul 2013 09:53:06 +0000 (09:53 +0000)]
fix [#35975] "Select Linked" = "Select All" in Weight Paint mode?
looks like this was broken since bmesh merge.

7 years agoupdate doxygen congfig and tweaks to warnings when running doxygen.
Campbell Barton [Wed, 3 Jul 2013 04:47:50 +0000 (04:47 +0000)]
update doxygen congfig and tweaks to warnings when running doxygen.

7 years agoreduce imports on startup
Campbell Barton [Wed, 3 Jul 2013 01:20:32 +0000 (01:20 +0000)]
reduce imports on startup

7 years agofix for own error in 57226, broke subsurf-uv
Campbell Barton [Tue, 2 Jul 2013 21:47:42 +0000 (21:47 +0000)]
fix for own error in 57226, broke subsurf-uv

7 years agoFix cycles world ray visibility not working correct with multiple importance
Brecht Van Lommel [Tue, 2 Jul 2013 21:03:16 +0000 (21:03 +0000)]
Fix cycles world ray visibility not working correct with multiple importance

7 years agostyle cleanup
Campbell Barton [Tue, 2 Jul 2013 20:36:52 +0000 (20:36 +0000)]
style cleanup

7 years agoFix #35966: remesh modifier + particle use modifier stack option did not work
Brecht Van Lommel [Tue, 2 Jul 2013 19:17:34 +0000 (19:17 +0000)]
Fix #35966: remesh modifier + particle use modifier stack option did not work
well together.

7 years agoFix #35964: viewport render not updating with linking materials with ctrl+L.
Brecht Van Lommel [Tue, 2 Jul 2013 17:21:40 +0000 (17:21 +0000)]
Fix #35964: viewport render not updating with linking materials with ctrl+L.

7 years agoFix #35958: texture timeout with value 0 not preserved when saving user preferences.
Brecht Van Lommel [Tue, 2 Jul 2013 16:02:56 +0000 (16:02 +0000)]
Fix #35958: texture timeout with value 0 not preserved when saving user preferences.

7 years agoFix #35944: adding keyframes or drivers on image sequences offset did not work
Brecht Van Lommel [Tue, 2 Jul 2013 15:56:32 +0000 (15:56 +0000)]
Fix #35944: adding keyframes or drivers on image sequences offset did not work
for cycles image texture node.

7 years agoFix Bevel bug #34321, making bevel keep UVs contiguous when possible.
Howard Trickey [Tue, 2 Jul 2013 13:18:56 +0000 (13:18 +0000)]
Fix Bevel bug #34321, making bevel keep UVs contiguous when possible.

7 years agoFix #35954: missing cycles viewport render update when changing the object
Brecht Van Lommel [Tue, 2 Jul 2013 12:52:37 +0000 (12:52 +0000)]
Fix #35954: missing cycles viewport render update when changing the object
or material pass index.

7 years agoremove nan copyrights from code added since blender become opensource (copy paste...
Campbell Barton [Tue, 2 Jul 2013 10:14:59 +0000 (10:14 +0000)]
remove nan copyrights from code added since blender become opensource (copy paste errors), also remove BKE_script.h

7 years agoadd missing gpl headers
Campbell Barton [Tue, 2 Jul 2013 09:47:22 +0000 (09:47 +0000)]
add missing gpl headers

7 years agofix for error reading defaults from custom properties, would read out of bounds memory.
Campbell Barton [Tue, 2 Jul 2013 08:06:45 +0000 (08:06 +0000)]
fix for error reading defaults from custom properties, would read out of bounds memory.
recent change to animsys r57904 exposed this error in some sintel files.

7 years agofix for crash in demo-mode, caused by r51702
Campbell Barton [Tue, 2 Jul 2013 05:54:28 +0000 (05:54 +0000)]
fix for crash in demo-mode, caused by r51702

7 years agoremove unused defines
Campbell Barton [Tue, 2 Jul 2013 05:14:18 +0000 (05:14 +0000)]
remove unused defines

7 years agobump up openmp limit for release,
Campbell Barton [Tue, 2 Jul 2013 04:34:39 +0000 (04:34 +0000)]
bump up openmp limit for release,
also remove 'Vertex ' prefix for items in the vertex menu.

7 years agofix [#35939] [Edit - Vertex mode] [Select]-[Mirror] did not returns right result.
Campbell Barton [Mon, 1 Jul 2013 21:56:59 +0000 (21:56 +0000)]
fix [#35939] [Edit - Vertex mode] [Select]-[Mirror] did not returns right result.

7 years agomove api functions from r57909 into BKE.
Campbell Barton [Mon, 1 Jul 2013 20:27:03 +0000 (20:27 +0000)]
move api functions from r57909 into BKE.

7 years agoRestrict Weight Edit Panel to mesh/lattice Edit and Weight Paint vertex selection...
Gaia Clary [Mon, 1 Jul 2013 19:30:41 +0000 (19:30 +0000)]
Restrict Weight Edit Panel to mesh/lattice Edit and Weight Paint vertex selection mode

7 years agoNLA Bugfix: When clicking on a channel name in the channel list while still in
Joshua Leung [Mon, 1 Jul 2013 14:58:59 +0000 (14:58 +0000)]
NLA Bugfix: When clicking on a channel name in the channel list while still in
tweakmode, this will now result in tweakmode being exited instead of going into
a weird limbo-land where channel selection has changed (but tweakmode is still
active but not drawn)

7 years agoFix incorrect GLSL bump mapping in editmode when the UV coordinates are
Brecht Van Lommel [Mon, 1 Jul 2013 14:49:08 +0000 (14:49 +0000)]
Fix incorrect GLSL bump mapping in editmode when the UV coordinates are
flipped, was not passing sign on to GLSL shader.

7 years agoBugfix [#35744] FCurve select changes on Graph Editor Resize
Joshua Leung [Mon, 1 Jul 2013 14:14:21 +0000 (14:14 +0000)]
Bugfix [#35744] FCurve select changes on Graph Editor Resize

Selection state of F-Curves is lost when resizing the Graph Editor.

The problem was that SIPO_TEMP_NEEDCHANSYNC was getting set in the graph_init()
callback, which gets called everytime the view resizes, and not just the very
first time this happens. However, setting this flag forces the selection state
to the updated/pulled from the scene data.

In the past, it was necessary to set this flag so that we could force F-Curve
colors to get initialised correctly. However, things probably changed at some
point, so this behaviour is no longer needed. At worst now, opening a new graph
editor may not show F-Curve selection correctly synced with the viewport, though
that's easily worked around by reselecting whatever it is in the 3d view.

7 years agoBugfix [#35856] Bones gets scaled chaotically when during NLA Strip Blend In/Out
Joshua Leung [Mon, 1 Jul 2013 13:57:00 +0000 (13:57 +0000)]
Bugfix [#35856] Bones gets scaled chaotically when during NLA Strip Blend In/Out

This was one of the consequences of r.57333 (i.e. influence shouldn't be ignored
on the first strip that animates a channel), as scale should really default to a
base value of 1 (instead of things being blended against 0 as per all other
properties). The end result was that bones were getting scaled to zero here when
the influence of their strip fell to zero.

Now, we use the RNA default values of properties to initialise their initial
values. This may/may not work well in all cases:
1) For properties which don't have the appropriate RNA defaults set, this will
be problematic. But, most properties people are likely to animate here I think
are already set up correctly.
2) It may not always be nice to have values "snapping back" to default values.
In this case, you should still be defining a strip at the bottom of your NLA
stack which defines what the appropriate rest poses *should* be for your shot.

7 years agoBugfix [#35887] Keyframes inserted at wrong time on offsetted NLA Strips when
Joshua Leung [Mon, 1 Jul 2013 13:19:38 +0000 (13:19 +0000)]
Bugfix [#35887] Keyframes inserted at wrong time on offsetted NLA Strips when
using "Auto Keying" + "Insert Available Only"

Patch from Campbell.

The problem was that NLA offset/mapping correction was only done when no
destination action was supplied to insert_keyframe(). In most cases, this is not
a problem, since all normal keyframing goes through keyingset or the insert-
button operators, and these just pass action=NULL (since they're too lazy to
look it up). However, there is one situation where this bug gets triggered (the
specific combination of autokeyframing and "insert available only"), where the
caller of insert_keyframe() actually passed in an action (to prevent it from
creating one itself!).

7 years agoBugfix [#35936] Can't create new vertex group when using Ctrl G menu
Joshua Leung [Mon, 1 Jul 2013 13:02:53 +0000 (13:02 +0000)]
Bugfix [#35936] Can't create new vertex group when using Ctrl G menu

This was caused by r.57812

There were two problems here:
  1) vertex_group_vert_select_unlocked_poll()  had faulty logic which meant that
it always failed when there were no vgroups present yet - the final return
always just fell through
  2) Since the "Assign to New Groups" option was actually implemented using the
same operator as "Assign to Active Group" (just with an extra parameter set), if
the active group was locked, it was not possible to "Assign to New Group" (even
though a new group would not be locked).

7 years agoFix for Make Local -> All not working correct with multy-user datablocks
Sergey Sharybin [Mon, 1 Jul 2013 08:53:45 +0000 (08:53 +0000)]
Fix for Make Local -> All not working correct with multy-user datablocks

Make Local operator uses BKE_library_make_local function if all the
datablocks needs to be made local. And this function was calling
id_clear_lib_data for every datablock, which only clears library
data. But this function doesn't work correct for datablocks which
areshared by multiple users (this is also mentioned in comment
for this function).

This lead to situations when two datablocks shares the same runtime
data leading to crashes later. For example making everythig local in
scales cycles scene from durian ends up in a crash when toggling
rig edit mode.

Solved by using id_make_local instead of id_clear_lib_data, which
will ensure all the data are nicely expanded and made local.

Checked by Brecht, thanks fr the review!

7 years agofix [#35858] there were two bugs here, hidden faces were occluding in vertex selectio...
Campbell Barton [Mon, 1 Jul 2013 08:25:27 +0000 (08:25 +0000)]
fix [#35858] there were two bugs here, hidden faces were occluding in vertex selection mode.

7 years agobridge tool: calculate face normals before triangulating, own error when removing...
Campbell Barton [Mon, 1 Jul 2013 07:15:12 +0000 (07:15 +0000)]
bridge tool: calculate face normals before triangulating, own error when removing normal recalc from the bmesh operator.
also rename `Fill Grid` -> `Grid Fill` to match `Beauty Fill`

7 years agoadd type checking assert in bmesh operator iterator.
Campbell Barton [Mon, 1 Jul 2013 07:12:05 +0000 (07:12 +0000)]
add type checking assert in bmesh operator iterator.

7 years agotweak to commit r57891, dont draw hidden faces/edges in editmode.
Campbell Barton [Mon, 1 Jul 2013 01:25:21 +0000 (01:25 +0000)]
tweak to commit r57891, dont draw hidden faces/edges in editmode.

7 years agofix [#35911] Show weights not working with a weight edit modifier in edit mode
Campbell Barton [Mon, 1 Jul 2013 00:42:44 +0000 (00:42 +0000)]
fix [#35911] Show weights not working with a weight edit modifier in edit mode

7 years agoadd some missing members to opengl debug print, also use a macro to avoid passing...
Campbell Barton [Sun, 30 Jun 2013 23:50:17 +0000 (23:50 +0000)]
add some missing members to opengl debug print, also use a macro to avoid passing each arg twice.

7 years agoopengl debug info, make GPU_state_print() only show values in arrays that are set...
Campbell Barton [Sun, 30 Jun 2013 23:30:21 +0000 (23:30 +0000)]
opengl debug info, make GPU_state_print() only show values in arrays that are set. (was print 32 values every time)

7 years agofix [#35914] Blender crashes when trying to use vertex selection masking on a copy...
Campbell Barton [Sun, 30 Jun 2013 22:04:03 +0000 (22:04 +0000)]
fix [#35914] Blender crashes when trying to use vertex selection masking on a copy directly after using SHIFT+d

7 years agominor change for high res displays, scale fcurve handles and view3d axis size.
Campbell Barton [Sun, 30 Jun 2013 21:41:06 +0000 (21:41 +0000)]
minor change for high res displays, scale fcurve handles and view3d axis size.

7 years agoPatch [#35897] install_deps: add OpenEXR to ldconfig by Gavin Howard, thanks.
Bastien Montagne [Sun, 30 Jun 2013 16:20:59 +0000 (16:20 +0000)]
Patch [#35897] install_deps: add OpenEXR to ldconfig by Gavin Howard, thanks.

7 years agoFix for
Jeroen Bakker [Sun, 30 Jun 2013 13:35:00 +0000 (13:35 +0000)]
Fix for
 * [#35922] RGB Input Node doesn't work properly

7 years agorevert own fix for adding nodes with (DPI != 72), the fix doesn't work for OSX retina...
Campbell Barton [Sun, 30 Jun 2013 11:56:15 +0000 (11:56 +0000)]
revert own fix for adding nodes with (DPI != 72), the fix doesn't work for OSX retina displays.

7 years agoFix more swapped descriptions for mouse X/Y position properties.
Brecht Van Lommel [Sat, 29 Jun 2013 11:02:36 +0000 (11:02 +0000)]
Fix more swapped descriptions for mouse X/Y position properties.

7 years agoFix swapped descriptions for window X/Y position properties.
Brecht Van Lommel [Sat, 29 Jun 2013 10:59:54 +0000 (10:59 +0000)]
Fix swapped descriptions for window X/Y position properties.

7 years agoFix scons/windows build error, missing pthreads include in blenfont for mutex.
Brecht Van Lommel [Sat, 29 Jun 2013 10:52:18 +0000 (10:52 +0000)]
Fix scons/windows build error, missing pthreads include in blenfont for mutex.

7 years agore-arrange '--help' output into more useful sections (added debug, python).
Campbell Barton [Sat, 29 Jun 2013 10:09:15 +0000 (10:09 +0000)]
re-arrange '--help' output into more useful sections (added debug, python).
also minor style cleanup

7 years agofixed a compiler warning message in vs 2008
Gaia Clary [Sat, 29 Jun 2013 08:41:20 +0000 (08:41 +0000)]
fixed a compiler warning message in vs 2008

7 years agofixed Blender crash, but unclear when this situation can happen
Gaia Clary [Sat, 29 Jun 2013 08:38:17 +0000 (08:38 +0000)]
fixed Blender crash, but unclear when this situation can happen

7 years agoreplace LATTICE_PT macro with BKE_lattice_index_from_uvw().
Campbell Barton [Fri, 28 Jun 2013 21:24:38 +0000 (21:24 +0000)]
replace LATTICE_PT macro with BKE_lattice_index_from_uvw().

7 years agofix regression since early 2.5x, there was no way to copy library linked objects.
Campbell Barton [Fri, 28 Jun 2013 19:33:58 +0000 (19:33 +0000)]
fix regression since early 2.5x, there was no way to copy library linked objects.

7 years agofix for crash linking fonts to other objects with linked obdata (link, undo would...
Campbell Barton [Fri, 28 Jun 2013 18:39:39 +0000 (18:39 +0000)]
fix for crash linking fonts to other objects with linked obdata (link, undo would crash).