2003-05-13 Wouter van... - Add po/ to the list of subdirs.
2003-05-13 Wouter van... - Preliminary makefile that just calls msgfmt on po...
2003-05-13 Wouter van... Copy the .blender directory into DESTDIR for bundling...
2003-05-13 Rob Haarsmamoved BKE_utildefines behind __APPLE__ #ifdef.
2003-05-13 Chris WantStatic linking of freetype, libintl from sgi freeware...
2003-05-13 Willian Padovani... * Added 3 missing functions, 2 of them called by blende...
2003-05-12 Stefan Gartnerstore locales, .Blanguage, and .bfont.ttf inside of...
2003-05-12 Stefan Gartnermoved #include <sys/param.h> inside #ifdef __APPLE__
2003-05-12 Rob Haarsmaremoved obsolete files
2003-05-12 Rob Haarsmaadded French and Spanish preliminary translations.
2003-05-12 Rob Haarsmaadded .blenderdir/locale and preliminary translations.
2003-05-12 Stefan Gartneradded function to get the full path to the application...
2003-05-12 Rob Haarsmamodified so .Blanguages and .bfont get loaded from...
2003-05-12 Wouter van... - Destroy the glx context _before_ the X window.
2003-05-12 Stefan Gartneradded some more include paths to CPPFLAGS...
2003-05-12 Stefan Gartneradded -I../../blenlib to CPPFLAGS
2003-05-12 Rob Haarsmaadded routine that checks for LOCALE/message directory.
2003-05-11 Rob Haarsmamodified userprefs layout.
2003-05-11 Chris Want"Animation Mixer" is now "NLA Editor"
2003-05-11 Simon Clitherowcygwin build now uses Matt Ebb's new blender icon
2003-05-11 Simon Clitherowcygwin build now links with freetype2ST.lib
2003-05-11 Rob Haarsmamodified to load the new .bfont.ttf correct
2003-05-11 Simon ClitherowBlender now links with freetype2ST.lib (MSVC 6)
2003-05-11 Simon Clitherowrenaming vera.ttf to .bfont.ttf (Part 2) :)
2003-05-11 Simon Clitherowrenaming vera.ttf to .bfont.ttf
2003-05-11 Stefan Gartnerchanged default location of gettext libs on OS X
2003-05-11 Stefan Gartnerdisable INTERNATIONAL and WITH_FREETYPE2 on FreeBSD
2003-05-11 Rob Haarsma(win32) you can now safely cancel the avicodec dialog
2003-05-11 Rob Haarsmafixed a (wn32 avi) codec issue when adding an Empty...
2003-05-11 Wouter van... - Removed requests to mail
2003-05-11 Rob Haarsmaapplied Matt Ebb's patch for the infoeditmenu:
2003-05-11 Chris WantFTGL support for irix (I would like to say internationa...
2003-05-10 Stefan Gartnerenable truetype fonts for text objects when building...
2003-05-10 Chris WantSome modifications to get cygwin/msvc compiling/linking
2003-05-10 Wouter van... - Provide upstream urls for the i18n work (gettext...
2003-05-10 Stefan Gartnerdon't link against libiconv on os x
2003-05-10 Rob Haarsmaadded Goofster's mergemenu to the alt-w menu.
2003-05-10 Rob Haarsmamade Blender 2.27 startup with aa fonts on by default.
2003-05-10 Rob Haarsmaadded GNU font Vera.ttf as default font.
2003-05-10 Ton Roosendaal- release now is called 2.27
2003-05-10 Rob Haarsmaadded Matt Ebb's new windowtype button
2003-05-10 Ton Roosendaalupdated version to 2.27.
2003-05-09 Stefan Gartnerstore message catalogs in Resources folder of the appli...
2003-05-09 Rob Haarsmaadded Matt Ebb's icons for the new headerbuttons.
2003-05-09 Rob Haarsmareplaced depricated p2cstr with CopyPascalStringToC...
2003-05-09 Rob Haarsmaminor fix
2003-05-09 Rob HaarsmaOops, forgot to put the codecname label behind ifdefs.
2003-05-09 Rob Haarsmacleaned up language support for a release.
2003-05-09 Rob Haarsmaminor code cleanups
2003-05-09 Rob Haarsmamodified tooltip heights
2003-05-09 Rob Haarsmaadded a labelbutton that displays the selected avi...
2003-05-09 Willian Padovani... * Implement Blender_Redraw(), minor changes in other...
2003-05-08 Willian Padovani... * Finishing renaming of interface.[ch] to EXPP_interfac...
2003-05-08 Rob Haarsmaforgot to commit this one for win/fullscreen
2003-05-08 Rob Haarsmaaa fonts have correct colors in the toolbox now.
2003-05-08 Rob Haarsmaadded 2.27 splash screen, designed by Matt Ebb.
2003-05-08 Frank van Beek- new Blender Installer Icon (thanks Matt)
2003-05-08 Stefan Gartnerfix loading of truetype fonts on linux
2003-05-08 Rob Haarsmaadded a fullscreen button in the top header (windows...
2003-05-08 Rob Haarsmachanged for the new fullscreen button (windows only)
2003-05-08 Rob Haarsmafixed ui_draw_but_TOG3 for correct coloring non-ftgl...
2003-05-08 Willian Padovani... updating change in an included filename
2003-05-08 Willian Padovani... * Added submodule Window, including FileSelector and...
2003-05-07 Rob Haarsmaremoved two paste errors :)
2003-05-07 Rob Haarsmahotkey for changing a mesh to a subsurface and back...
2003-05-07 Chris WantA fix to the release Makefile so that strip happens...
2003-05-07 Rob Haarsmapulldown menus now scale according to textwidths
2003-05-06 Simon ClitherowPost-build step to copy gnu_gettext.dll to bin dir...
2003-05-06 Rob Haarsmafixed some interface font issues.
2003-05-06 Chris WantAutoskinning:
2003-05-05 Stefan Gartnerdisable i18n on linux, second attempt
2003-05-05 Stefan Gartnerdisable i18n support on linux
2003-05-05 Stefan Gartnerenable multilingual support on linux and os x using...
2003-05-05 Rob Haarsmafixed a lot of interface update issues.
2003-05-05 Rob Haarsmaadded fullscreen command line switch on Win32 -W
2003-05-05 Rob Haarsmaadded fullscreen command line switch on Win32 -W
2003-05-04 Rob Haarsmawheee! the all-feared 'bin' directory is here.
2003-05-04 Rob Haarsmamade the preview update correctly when switching the...
2003-05-04 Rob Haarsmareverted to previous version, changes weren't meant...
2003-05-04 Rob Haarsmadrawinfospace function now matches zr's recent changes
2003-05-03 Rob Haarsmaadded two extra uv mapping types to uv menu,
2003-05-03 Rob Haarsmachanged buttontype for the pulldown titles
2003-05-03 Rob HaarsmaMultilingual interface support added.
2003-05-03 Rob HaarsmaMultilingual interface support added.
2003-05-03 Rob HaarsmaMultilingual interface support added.
2003-05-03 Maarten GribnauRemoved old project builder project files.
2003-05-02 Kent MeinUpdated the scatter program to fix some warnings.
2003-05-02 Kent MeinFirst whack at getting FREETYPE2 stuff added to the
2003-05-02 Stefan Gartnerfun with quicktime:
2003-05-02 Rob Haarsmafixed a slowdown in the 3D window with multiple objects.
2003-05-01 Kent Meindos2unixed relivant stuff in the interndir.
2003-05-01 Kent MeinThe stuff in release/plugins/include was duplcated in
2003-05-01 Kent MeinFixed prototype for drawinfospace (from the new space.c)
2003-05-01 Rob HaarsmaMatt Ebb's new windows Blender icons (Nice!)
2003-05-01 Rob HaarsmaMatt Ebb's new installer icon (hopefully wincvs does...
2003-05-01 Rob HaarsmaMatt Ebb finished the userprefs window layout
2003-04-30 Kent MeinAdded IMB_gamwarp and IMB_interlace (and the interlace...
2003-04-30 Kent MeinMoved the compiling plugins to after the binary is...
2003-04-30 Kent MeinUpdated the macosX error message for plugins so it...
2003-04-30 Ton RoosendaalLAST of the c code comment translations... hooray!