2016-01-16 Campbell BartonCleanup: stdbool no longer optional, remove checks
2016-01-16 Campbell BartonCleanup: use enum constant for DNA comparison
2016-01-16 Campbell BartonBlender Internal: subframe render support
2016-01-16 Campbell BartonCleanup: style
2016-01-16 Lukas StocknerFix T47181: Blender OSL script node crash (OSL 1.6.9)
2016-01-15 Dalai FelintoCycles-Bake: Custom Baking passes
2016-01-15 Bastien MontagneFix T47185: Wrong items order with template_icon_view.
2016-01-15 Sergey SharybinChanges around update normals from PBVH to CDDM
2016-01-15 Sergey SharybinTracking: Make plane track sliding aware of closest...
2016-01-15 Sergey SharybinTracking: Split tracking_ops into smaller files
2016-01-15 Sergey SharybinTracking: Cleanup, use more strict code style
2016-01-15 Campbell BartonCleanup: used pre-defined atoms in ghost
2016-01-15 Sergey SharybinTracking: Use sliding zone which is closer to the mouse
2016-01-15 Campbell BartonFix T31063: X11 window resize fails on PPC
2016-01-14 Campbell BartonFix crash w/ scripts run from the command line that...
2016-01-14 Campbell BartonDNA: partial revert of long removal
2016-01-14 Campbell BartonFix T47168: Project image looses float precision
2016-01-14 Campbell BartonDoc: more detailed ImBuf.rect/rect_float comments
2016-01-14 Campbell BartonCleanup: warning, whitespace
2016-01-14 Campbell BartonImprove multi-paint tip
2016-01-14 Bastien MontagneUsual fixes and tweaks for UI messages.
2016-01-14 Bastien MontagneFix broken i18n messages extracting script with new...
2016-01-14 Sergey SharybinCycles: One more attempt to fix issue mentioned in...
2016-01-14 Sergey SharybinCycles: Fix typo in the debug panel commit
2016-01-14 Sergey SharybinCycles: Fix string compiler warnings after recent changes
2016-01-14 Sergey SharybinCycles: Cleanup, spelling and indentation
2016-01-14 Thomas DingesCycles: Remove the experimental CUDA kernel.
2016-01-14 Sergey SharybinCompositor: Add option to extend image bounds when...
2016-01-14 Sergey SharybinLibmv: Solve strict compiler warnings in stubs
2016-01-14 Quentin WengerAdd compression modes for TIFF images
2016-01-14 Sergey SharybinCycles: Tweak inline policy for some functions
2016-01-14 Sergey SharybinCycles: Reduce scope of some defines set in CMakeLists
2016-01-14 Campbell BartonFix typo in image editor grease pencil panel
2016-01-14 Campbell BartonFix image save ignoring options
2016-01-14 Sergey SharybinCMake: Silence messages about unordered map and shared...
2016-01-14 Sergey SharybinCMake: Fix typo in CUDA dynload commit
2016-01-14 Sergey SharybinCMake: Add additional search path for OpenSubdiv
2016-01-14 Sergey Sharybininstall_deps: Cleanup, delete trailing whitespace
2016-01-14 Sergey SharybinCMake: De-duplicate checks around unordered maps and...
2016-01-14 Sergey SharybinCycles: Add option to directly link against CUDA libraries
2016-01-14 Campbell BartonWeight Painting: Respect locks w/ auto-normalize
2016-01-14 Campbell BartonFix weight paint normalizing w/ locked groups
2016-01-14 Campbell BartonFix incorrect weight normalize w/ locks
2016-01-14 Campbell BartonCorrect NULL checks in recent weight-paint fix
2016-01-14 Campbell BartonCleanup: use const qualifier in makesdna
2016-01-14 Campbell BartonCleanup: use BM_mesh_* prefix for BMesh functions
2016-01-14 Campbell BartonUI: show error when pasting fails
2016-01-13 Campbell BartonFix T47170: Sculpt w/ constructive modifier crash
2016-01-13 Campbell BartonAdd object & pose-mode select more/less menus
2016-01-13 Campbell BartonAdd object mode select more/less
2016-01-13 Alexander RomanovBI "Real Sky" option works incorrectly for environment...
2016-01-13 Sergey SharybinUse const qualifier in do_sky_tex
2016-01-13 Campbell BartonRemove outdated assert
2016-01-13 Campbell BartonPolyfill2d: improve sweep clipping logic
2016-01-12 Bastien MontagneFinal OMP -> BLI_task commit for sculpt code.
2016-01-12 Campbell BartonBMesh: select next can now step over existing selection
2016-01-12 Campbell BartonAdd bmesh.select_history.discard
2016-01-12 Campbell BartonFix os.path.is_subdir w/ trailing slash
2016-01-12 Sergey SharybinCycles: Use proper primitive for the motion subsurface...
2016-01-12 Sergey SharybinCycles: Use special debug panel to fine-tune debug...
2016-01-12 Bastien MontagneFix T47164: [Scene.raycast] - True result when it shoul...
2016-01-11 Campbell BartonSupport for copy/paste groups
2016-01-11 Sergey SharybinCycles: Always inline triangle precalc for CUDA devices
2016-01-11 Sergey SharybinCycles: Fix for SSS objects being black when combined...
2016-01-11 Bastien MontagneFix T47147: small particles incorrectly rendered as...
2016-01-11 Bastien MontagneFix tip about hair grid display (was copy/paste from...
2016-01-11 Bastien MontagneCleanup: use Linux line ends!!!
2016-01-11 Bastien MontagneFix T47148: Hair grid dos not work.
2016-01-11 Campbell BartonUpdate add-on descriptions
2016-01-11 Campbell BartonUI: Move checkbox for toggling addons to the LHS
2016-01-11 Bastien MontagneBah, forgot to increase boost magic number...
2016-01-11 Bastien Montagneinstall_deps: add wave to boost built modules, seems...
2016-01-11 Bastien Montagneinstall_deps: fix typo preventing installation of libsn...
2016-01-11 Campbell BartonFix T47158: Labels w/ icons use button text color
2016-01-11 Campbell BartonError in last commit (assumed mirror existed)
2016-01-11 Campbell BartonFix T47152: Normalize fails w/ mirror group
2016-01-11 Campbell BartonFix T47154: Sequencer add/subtract ignored alpha
2016-01-11 Campbell BartonFix error in white-balance w/ float buffer
2016-01-11 Campbell BartonFix memory & file-handle leak w/ custom data write
2016-01-11 Joshua LeungFix T47101 - Grease Pencil eraser doesn't work when...
2016-01-11 Campbell BartonReport errno string when writing files fails
2016-01-11 Campbell BartonCleanup: use const image-format arg
2016-01-11 Campbell BartonWM: show file selector errors in header
2016-01-11 Campbell BartonFix GL regression from D1645
2016-01-10 Campbell BartonDNA: remove 'long' type
2016-01-10 Campbell BartonDNA: print errors to stderr
2016-01-10 Campbell BartonCleanup: warnings (misleading-indentation)
2016-01-10 Thomas DingesCycles: Add utility funcs to UI code, to check GPU...
2016-01-10 Brecht Van... OpenGL Smoke: fix color issue, and clarify meaning...
2016-01-10 Kévin DietrichSmoke: fix for missing viewport color update.
2016-01-10 Bastien MontagneSome minor fixes from coverity reports.
2016-01-10 Kévin DietrichOpenGL: port smoke drawing code to GLSL.
2016-01-09 Lukas StocknerCycles: Fix Uninitialized Value compiler warning in...
2016-01-09 Lukas StocknerCycles: Read Wave texture profile in the XML parser
2016-01-09 Lukas StocknerCycles: Adding Hilbert Spiral as a tile order for rendering
2016-01-09 Campbell BartonDNA: remove endian switching long checks
2016-01-09 Campbell BartonCleanup: style, gpu module
2016-01-09 Campbell BartonByte swap doubles on file read
2016-01-09 Campbell BartonPyAPI: Redraw notifier when debug value changes
2016-01-09 Campbell BartonCleanup: warning/spelling